Bernadette Mayer New Directions ($16.95) by Todd Pederson Like rutted footpaths, the poems coiling through Bernadette Mayer’s newest collection, Poetry State Forest, steers readers into the scrubby undergrowth. Indeed, Mayer’s poetry is so wildly overrun that the simple business of moving ahead takes discipline and effort—every root and leaf is suspect. Since Mayer often conceals intent […]


Rae Armantrout Wesleyan University Press ($22.95) by Todd Pederson This is the age of hyperbole: fragments of pop culture quarrel for our attentions as conflicting messages land like rain. Amid the contradictions and noisy exaggerations, our suspicions become necessary agencies of preservation. In this commercial world with so little one can trust, reservation is more […]


John Reed, Nathaniel Tarn, and many more... INTERVIEWS The Seven Beauties and Science Fiction: An Interview with Critic Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. Interviewed by Matthew Cheney Professor Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. is one of the most thoughtful and subtle academic critics of science fiction.  Poet and Polemicist: An Interview with Jerome Rothenberg by Sarah Suzor & Review of Poetics […]