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The Stories Choose You:
an interview with Rosa Montero

Critically acclaimed and award-winning Spanish novelist Rosa Montero discussed her newest novel, La Carne, in her art-adorned Madrid apartment. Interviewed by Jorge Armenteros

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nonfiction review

All the Lives I Want:

Essays About My Best Friends Who Happen
To Be Famous Strangers

by Alana Massey
In her debut collection of essays, Massey focuses on troubled, flawed, forgotten, and at times outwardly ridiculed women. Reviewed by Lizzie Klaesges

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comics review

Trump & The Realist Cartoons

These reprints of comics associated with two important twentieth-century American satirists show how they used humor to shine a sometimes harsh light on reality. Reviewed by Steve Matuszak

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poetry review

In Which I Play the Runaway

by Rochelle Hurt
Hurt explores the infinity encapsulated in labels by composing studies of colors and towns with sad names, until they resemble still lives of places blowing in the wind. Reviewed by Rachel Slotnick

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poetry review


by Anna Leahy
Leahy points her poetic lens at a variety of women subjects, each of whom is unique, but also contributes to the group’s chorus of wisdom, sorrow, and beauty. Reviewed Eileen Murphy