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nonfiction review
Play All: A Bingewatcher’s Notebook
by Clive James
Cultural critic Clive James writes perceptively on some of the most influential and popular television series of the last twenty years. Reviewed by Mark Dunbar

nonfiction review
Augustine: Conversions to Confessions
by Robin Lane Fox
This informative, highly scholarly, and voluminous study of the great Christian thinker of the third century AD is also a history of Augustine’s times. Reviewed by Douglas Messerli

Self Interview in the form of passages from
Islands of the Mad and A Monster's Notes

by Laurie Sheck
In this polyvocal piece, author Laurie Sheck explores the porous, unstable, partly mute, and multiple selves that combine to create a perceived reality to others via the characters of her books.

rain taxi rewind
Nicholson Baker
On this Inauguration Day we rewind to 2004, when we reviewed Nicholson Baker’s controversial novel Checkpoint (Knopf), in which two friends have a spirited dialogue in a Washington D.C. hotel room.

poetry review
100 Chinese Silences
by Timothy Yu
Yu takes on the poetry elite with his parodic poems, prompting a debate about cultural appropriation. Reviewed by John Bradley

fiction review
Native Believer
by Ali Eteraz
Pakistani-Dominican immigrant author Eteraz debates what America is in this brilliant and haunting post-9/11 satire. Reviewed by Julia Stein