Interviewing the Interviewer: A Conversation with Andy Fitch

by Caleb Beckwith Andy Fitch’s most recent books and projects are Sixty Morning Talks, Sixty Morning Walks, Sixty Morning Wlaks and (with Amaranth Borsuk) As We Know. With Cristiana Baik, he recently assembled the Letter Machine Book of Interviews. He has dialogic books forthcoming from 1913 Press and Nightboat Books. He also edits Essay Press, […]

Volume 21, Number 1, Spring 2016 (#81)

To purchase issue #81 using Paypal, click here. INTERVIEWS Paul Lisicky: Lessons in Survival | by Dylan Hicks Casey Gray: The Big-Box Novel | by Evan Lavender-Smith Valery Oisteanu: Anarchy for a Rainy Day | by Paul McRandle FEATURES MnA presents: In Practice: Sun Yung Shin | by Lightsey Darst Books Remembered | Richard Kostelanetz […]

Daughters of Your Century

Dan Thomas-Glass Furniture Press Books ($15.99) by Chris Martin The poems in Dan Thomas-Glass’ first full-length book are formally agile without ever losing their ethical vigor. Ethics are the central concern of his writing and this concern is magnified through the lens of fatherhood, which he seamlessly, though never quietly, incorporates into his lyrical explorations. […]


Cole Swensen University of California Press ($21.95) by Celia Bland Poetry may be, as Wordsworth opined, “emotion recollected in tranquility,” but a sub-genre of contemporary poetry could be described as “projects executed with efficiency.” Cole Swensen, a major practitioner in this sub-genre, dedicates herself to a certain topic of interest—the creation of the Crystal Palace, […]

Rain Taxi Literary Events

In keeping with its drive to celebrate and support literature, Rain Taxi sponsors (and co-sponsors) live events in the Twin Cities. All events are free unless otherwise noted. If you have any special accommodation needs, please email us at info [at] raintaxi [dot] com. To learn more about our event structure and previous programs, click […]

George Schneeman (1934–2009)

George Schneeman, a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, began painting in 1958 in Italy after graduate work at the University of Minnesota and service in the US Army. Nine years later, he moved to New York City with his wife Katie and engaged in the burgeoning scene around The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church. […]

2005 Rain Taxi Readings

APHRODITE'S BACK: A VALENTINE REVEAL with Harriet Bart, Nor Hall, and Franz Kamin The Southern Theater — February 14th, 2005 Valentine's Day was celebrated in style with a sold-out show blending writing, sculpture, and music by these esteemed Twin Cities artists. Nor Hall presented a scintillating illustrated discursus on eros; Franz Kamin and fellow musicians […]


Alice Notley Penguin ($18) by Dawn Michelle Baude Alice Notley's latest book, Disobedience, is a feisty, irreverent volume that gives the finger to many of the received ideas and unexamined assumptions inscribed in dominant culture. More discursive in many ways than other of Notley's recent books, including the Pulitzer nominee, Mysteries of Small Houses (1998) […]

From Black Mountain College to St. Mark's Church: The Cityscape Poetics of Blackburn, di Prima, and Oppenheimer

by Burt Kimmelman The creation of history—as this activity has been commonly understood since the beginning of the twentieth century—is, at heart, beset by relativism; the past is what the historian makes it out to be. Nowhere is this dynamic more true than in literary history, inasmuch as the initial literary past, in other words […]

The World in Time and Space: Towards a History of Innovative American Poetry in Our Time

Edited by Edward Foster and Joseph Donahue Talisman House ($25.95) by Chris McCreary In The World in Time and Space, Alan Golding's closing essay "New, Newer, and Newest American Poetries" surveys the numerous major anthologies of 20th-century innovative writing that all position themselves, in one way or another, as the true heir to Donald Allen's […]