Winter 2019/2020


The Fertile, The Fecund, The Leaky, The Bizarre, THE END: A Discussion of Forms, Labor, the Feminine, and Public Space
A conversation between MC Hyland and Rebecca Lehmann
Two poets discuss the inception and creation of their recent poetry collections.


The Enchanted Ring: A Romance of Chivalry
Philothée O’Neddy
Originally published serially in 1841 under considerable censorship, The Enchanted Ring was a literary trojan horse, infiltrating conservative conventions of genre with progressive ideas. Reviewed by Olchar E. Lindsann


The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin
Geoffrey Hill
An engaging curiosity, The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin was meant to be Geoffrey Hill’s final book of poems, and at the time of his death in 2016 it was left unfinished as he intended. Reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

The Winter Garden Photograph
Reina María Rodríguez
Cuban poet Rodríguez uses photographs from the UNESCO magazine Courier to spark a meditation on desire. Reviewed by John Bradley

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