Blossoms and Blood

Mark SaFranko Murder Slim Press ($12) by Zack Kopp The title of Mark SaFranko’s new installment of his fictional alter-ego Max Zajack’s biography comes from a snippet of Norwegian author Knut Hamsun’s Victoria: “all love’s ways are strewn with blossoms and blood.” SaFranko’s style is a distillation of that founded by Hamsun in the late […]

Spring 2018

INTERVIEWS: A New Enlightenment: An Interview with Steven Pinker Renowned cognitive scientist Steven Pinker discusses the impetus for his new book, which explores many improvements in the human condition. Interviewed by Allan Vorda and Shawn Vorda Remembering the Magic Year: An interview with Danny Goldberg A music industry titan discusses how he turned his passion […]

Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2018 (#89)

To purchase issue #89 using Paypal, click here. INTERVIEWS: Francis McCue: Living in Remains | interviewed by Jesse Freedman Dan Gerber: Blotting Out the Self | interviewed by Z. G. Tomaszewski FEATURES Billy Childish and Knut Hamsun: Fantastic Biography | by Zack Kopp The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan On First Looking […]

Volume 22, Number 4, Winter 2017 (#88)

Volume 22, Number 4, Winter 2017 (#88) To purchase issue #88 using Paypal, click here. JOHN ASHBERY, 1927–2017: John Ashbery & David Kermani | interviewed by Eric Lorberer Lunch with John | by Thomas Devaney The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan INTERVIEWS: Tatiana Ryckman: Love makes us all equally stupid. | interviewed […]

Fall 2017

INTERVIEWS Discovery in Darkness: An Interview with Samanta Schweblin Argentinian author Samanta Schweblin discusses her influences and her work, including her recently translated short novel, Fever Dream. Interviewed by Allan Vorda and Liliana Avila Created Identities: An Interview with Elvira Navarro Spanish author and avant-gardist Navarro discussed her new novel, soon to be translated in […]

Buckskin Cocaine

Erika T. Wurth Astrophil Press ($15.95) by Zack Kopp Erika T. Wurth’s new collection of short stories depicts the Native film industry in the voices of several participants. With nodes in Albuquerque, Denver, and elsewhere throughout the United States, that scene is fraught by all the same vanity games and decadence as its decrepit parent, […]


Volume 26, Number 1 Spring 2021 (#101) To purchase issue #101 using Paypal, click here. INTERVIEWS Sara Schaff: The Invention of Love | interviewed by Nora Kipnis Natasha D. Lane: Beyond Fantasy | interviewed by Augustine George, Aswin Prasanth, and Aswathi Moncy Joseph Vijay Seshadri: The Art of Play | interviewed by John Wall Barger […]