• A Wild Vitality: An Interview with Jerome Sala

    Poet Jerome Sala discusses satirizing the corporate content machine, his Chicago art and performance influences, looking for culture in the branding of everyday objects, and his new collection How Much. Interviewed by Jim Feast

  • Archival Woman: An Interview with Sarah Heady

    In her new book Comfort, Sarah Heady offers a refreshing new history of American women and the world surrounding them; the result illuminates not only the past, but our own tremulous moment. Interviewed by Greg Bem

  • Stop, Look, and Listen: An Interview with Rae Armantrout

    by David Moscovich There is much written on the life and work of poet Rae Armantrout, including her own memoir True (Atelos, 1998). It was through this book that I thirsted to ask about her Evangelical background, and how a such a meticulous poetics of what Gordon Lish would call “quiddity” could emerge from the […]

Poetry Reviews

  • Water Has Many Colors

    Kiriti SenguptaIllustrated by Rochishnu SanyalHawakal Publishers by Malashri Lal Water, that formless, colorless, life-sustaining essence that pervades our being—how does one inscribe it in poetry? In his new collection, Kiriti Sengupta answers in a series of meditations that flow with an enchanting fluidity. The poems dwell on eternal themes such as home, belonging, relationships, and […]

  • How to Communicate

    John Lee ClarkW. W. Norton & Company ($29.95) by Stephanie Burt                           If you’re a poet—and if you work hard and make attentive, patient discoveries—you can expand the range of what a poem can do by finding new forms, new sets of moves that your language can make. If you’ve had unusual experience—lived an unusual, […]

  • Two New Translations of Max Jacob's Poetry

    The Central LaboratoryMax JacobTranslated by Alexander DickowWakefield Press ($22.95) The Dice CupMax JacobTranslated by Ian SeedWakefield Press ($19.95) by Patrick James Dunagan     With only relatively brief selections of work readily available to Anglophone readers, the French poet Max Jacob, who died of pneumonia in a Nazi internment camp in 1944, has nonetheless long held an […]