Summer 2022

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Fiction Reviews:

How to Order the Universe
María José Ferrada, trans. Elizabeth Bryer
María José Ferrada’s debut novel unfolds like a litany of palpable sonnets as it follows eight-year-old protagonist M and her father, D, who have teamed up as traveling salespeople in 1970s Chile. Reviewed by Bethany Catlin

Joy Williams
Joy Williams’s writing is famed for being electric on the sentence level, and language itself is often the object of focus in her new novel Harrow, the tale of a lost Lamb in a ravaged country. Reviewed by David Peak

Poetry Reviews:

The Year the City Emptied
Daisy Fried
Baudelaire’s poems call on Daisy Fried to bring them into her own tongue in The Year the City Emptied, a first-class practicum in poetic assimilation from one language and time into another. Reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

I Hope This Finds You Well
Kate Baer

In response to ugly responses to her Instagram blog, Kate Baer turned them into poems, erasing the negativity until hope bloomed on the page.  Reviewed by Nancy Beauregard

Nonfiction Reviews:

The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting
Evanna Lynch

The former “Harry Potter” actor tells her story on her own terms, and in describing her struggles with disordered eating, displays how one's inner voice can control both contempt and celebration of the body. Reviewed by Lindsey Jodts

A Constellation of Ghosts
Laraine Herring

Depicting a journey of mythical, shamanic proportions, Laraine Herring's A Constellation of Ghosts: A Speculative Memoir with Ravens poses a key question: How do we comprehend life when faced with death? Reviewed by Kelly Lydick