Arabia Deserta [Volumes 1 and 2] C.M. Doughty Lawrence, T.E. (s)
  Igloo Life    
  Buenos Aires [Robeduard, 1949]    
  Early Adelaide Architecture, 1836-1886   Morgan, E.J.R. (e); Gilbert, S.H. (e)
  Sydney Peter Porter Brake, Brian (i)
  The Art Revival in Austria [The Studio, special summer number, 1906]   Holme, Charles (e)
  Vienna Moderne: 1898-1918 [Cooper-Hewitt exhibition catalog]    
  Welcome to Bahrain James H.D. Belgrave  
Berkshires (see also Massachusetts and New England)      
  Bellefontaine: A Historical Narrative Carole Owen Zuckerman, Amy (i)
  The Berkshire Book Jonathan Sternfield  
  The Berkshire Cottages: A Vanishing Era Carole Owens  
  Lennox and the Berkshire Highlands R. DeWitt Mallary  
California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco      
  Bonanza Inn: America’s First Luxury Hotel Oscar Lewis Hall, Carroll D. (a)
  California: American Guide Series    
  Case Study Houses: 1945-1962 Esther McCoy  
  The Chamber of Commerce Handbook for San Francisco Frank Morton Todd  
  The City Observed: Los Angeles Charles Moore Becker, Peter (a); Campbell, Regula (a)
  East Bay Heritage: A Potpourri of Living History Mark A. Wilson  
  Fantasy by the Sea Tom Moran Sewell, Tom (a)
  A Guide to Architecture in Los Angeles and Southern California David Gebhard Winter, Robert (a)
  Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco Bay Official Guide Book    
  Hearst Castle: San Simeon Thomas R. Aidala Bruce, Curtis (i); Hearst Jr, William Randolph (s); Niven, David (s)
  Hometown San Francisco: Sunny Jim, Phat Willy, and Dave Jerry Flamm  
  The Jewel City: Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 Ben Macomber  
  Los Angeles In the Thirties: 1931-1941 David Gebhard von Breton, Harriette (a)
  Oranges and Snowfields: Southern California at the Turn of the Century    
  Panoroma: A Picture-History of Southern California W.W. Robinson  
  Paradise by the Sea: Santa Monica Bay Fred E. Basten  
  Riverside County, California    
  Romantic California Ernest Peixotto  
  The San Francisco Earthquake Gordon Thomas Witts, Max Morgan (a)
  San Francisco since 1872: A Pictorial History of Seven Decades with Photographs and Poems from the Collection of Milton S. Ray Oscar Lewis  
  San Francisco, Oakland, and Other Bay Cities    
  A Shrine to Art: Official Souvenir and Autograph Book of Grauman’s Chinese Theater    
  Southern California through the Camera    
  Souvenir from Los Angeles and Southern California    
  Sunshine and Wealth: Los Angeles in the Twenties and Thirties Bruce Henstell  
  The Tourist’s California Ruth Kedzie Wood  
  Views of Los Angeles Gernot Kuehn  
  Winter Tours to California and Points of Interest on the Pacific Coast, 1911-1912    
  Yesterday’s California Russ Leadabrand Lowenkopf, Shelly (a); Patterson, Bryce (a)
  Interesting People of Newfoundland Fred Adams  
  Province de Quebec: Tourist Accomodations    
  Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Jean-Pierre Andrieux  
  Vancouver’s First Century: A City Album, 1860-1960    
Chicago (see also Illinois)      
  Chicago: A Historical Guide to the Neighborhoods: The Loop and Southside Glen E. Holt Pacyga, Dominic A. (a)
  Lost Chicago David Lowe  
  Old Chicago Houses John Drury  
  Yesterday’s Chicago Herman Kogan Kogan, Rick (a)
Cincinnati (see also Ohio)      
  Clifton: Neighborhood and Community in an Urban Setting Henry D. Shapiro Miller, Zane L. (a)
  Yesterday’s Cincinnati Luke Feck  
  Colorado: A Complete Tourists’ Guide to the Splendors of Colorado, Grandest and Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Scenery in the World    
Connecticut (see also New England)      
  The Connecticut Magazine [XII.1, January-March 1908]    
  Hartford Architecture, Volume 3: North and West Neighborhoods    
Czech Republic      
  Prague [Lonely Planet] Niel Wilson  
  Denmark Sacheverell Sitwell  
  Monumentalkort af Danmark [map]    
Detroit, Michigan      
  This is Detroit, 1701-1951: 250 Years in Pictures    
Europe (see also listings for individual countries)      
  The Gothick North: A Study of Mediaeval Life, Art, and Thought Sacheverell Sitwell  
  The Gourmet’s Guide to Europe Lietuenant Colonel Newnham-Davis  
  Lost Treasures of Europe Henry La Farge  
  Picture Towns of Europe Albert B. Osborne  
Florida (see also Miami)      
  Literary Florida [V.10, September 1948]    
France, including Paris      
  Maison de Paris, 1900 [in Bizarre #27, January-April 1963]    
  Aix-en-Provence Lucienne Colliard-Ripert  
  Americans in Paris: An Anecdotal Street Guide to the Homes and Haunts of Americans from Jefferson to Capote Brian N. Morton  
  The Autumn of Central Paris: The Defeat of Town Planning, 1850-1970 Anthony Sutcliffe  
  Baedeker’s Paris    
  Bagatelle: Histoire Guide Robert Joffet  
  Chateaux of the Loire Vivian Rowe  
  Days near Paris Augustus J.C. Hare  
  Du Village d’Auteuil au Plus Grand Paris Fernand-Laurent  
  Elegantes Parisiennes au temps de Marcel Proust, 1890-1916 [catalog from the Costume Museum]    
  Expatriate Paris: A Cultural and Literary Guide to Paris of the 1920s Arlen J. Hansen  
  Fontainebleau et la Foret: Les Guides Bleus Illustres    
  Galignini’s New Paris Guide    
  General Souvenir Guide-Book of Versailles Raymond Denaes  
  The Green Guide: Brittany    
  Guide de Versailles: Mysterieux    
  Guide des Plaisirs a Paris    
  La Colline de Chaillot Louis Madeline  
  La France Gastronimique: Paris II (du VIII au XX arrondissement)    
  La Parisienne: Les elegantes, les celebrites, et les petits femmes, 1880-1914 Andre Barret  
  La Revolution [Volumes I and II] Francois Furet Richet, Denis (a)
  La Vie a Paris Jacques Wilhelm  
  Le Canal Royal de la Province de Languedoc: 1667-1790    
  Le Chateau de Bagatelle    
  Le Chemin de Fer Metropolitain de Paris    
  Le Guide du Gourmand a Paris    
  Le Vice a Paris Pierre Delcourt  
  Les Cris de Paris    
  Les Pavillons: French Pavilions of the Eighteenth Century Cyril Connolly Zerbe, Jerome (a)
  L’Hotel Lauzun Jean Sergent Joublin (i)
  L’Illustration: Paris, 1938 [#4969]    
  Loire Castle Armel de Wismes  
  Mois de la Photo a Paris    
  Normandie Bretagne    
  Parcs et Chateaux de France    
  Paris [Volume I of 2] Augustus J.C. Hare  
  Paris 1900 Franco Borsi Godoli, Ezio (a)
  Paris as Seen and Described by Famous Writers   Singleton, Esther (e, t)
  The Paris Edition: 1927-1934 Waverly Root  
  Paris Herald: The Incredible Newspaper Al Laney  
  Paris Illustre Adolphe Joanne  
  Paris in the Third Reich David Pryce-Jones  
  Paris Pendant la Revolution (1789-1798), ou le Nouveau Paris [Volumes I and II] Sebastien Mercier  
  Paris-Atlas Fernand Bournon  
  The Parks and Gardens of Paris W. Robinson  
  Place des Vosges, Place Royale Lionel Paillocher Grob, Micheline (i)
  Province Ford Madox Ford  
  Saint-Germaine-des-Pres: Carrefour des Lettres et des Arts    
  Soleure Bruno Kehrli Wahli, Robert F. (i)
  Viollet Le Duc: 1814-1879    
  Visages de la Champagne: Horizons de France    
  A Vision of Paris Marcel Proust Atget, Eugene (i)
Germany, including Berlin      
  Autoren im Haus Walter Hollerer  
  Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945 Marie Vassiltchikov  
  Berlin, 1910-1933 Eberhard Roters  
  Berlin: An Architectural History   Clelland, Doug (e)
  Bild Atlas Berlin    
  Deutschland Kurt Hielscher  
  Dresden: Flug in die Vergangenheit    
  Moderne Bauformen [XXVII.10, 1928]    
  Nuremberg Mrs. Arthur G. Bell Bell, Arthur George (i)
  Jewish Community of Thessaloniki    
  Where Shall John Go? XV: Greece [in Horizon XVII.100, April 1948]    
  The World of the Greeks Victor Duruy  
  Budapest Istvan Gyongyosi  
Illinois (see also Chicago)      
  Riverside: A Village in a Park [from the Frederick Law Olmsted Society of Riverside]    
  Selections from the Calcutta Review 18 [July 1895]    
  The Earthly Jerusalem Norman Kotker  
  The Gobi Desert Mildred Cable French, Francesca (a)
  Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths Karen Armstrong  
  Jerusalem: Sacred City of Mankind: A History of Forty Centuries Teddy Kollek Pearlman, Moshe (a)
  Bomarzo: The Monster Park Giovanni Bettini  
  Guida Luigi Patuzzi: Indicatore della Citta di Milano    
  Guide to the City: Ascoli Piceno Luca Luna  
  Guide-Book of Venice    
  Italian Gardens Georgina Masson  
  Italian Villas and Palaces Georgina Masson  
  Le Palais Farnese Jacques Veysset Cocteau, Jean (s)
  Lucania e Calabria: Guida d’Italia del Touring Club Italiano    
  Nuova Piantad di Torino [map]    
  Villa Farnesina alla Lungara, Rome Elsa Gerlini  
  Krakatau, 1883: The Volcanic Eruption and Its Effects Tom Simkin Fiske, Richard S. (a)
  The Great Architecture of Japan Drahomir Illik  
  Japan: A Travel Survival Kit [Lonely Planet] Ian L. McQueen  
  Japan: Photographs, 1854-1905   Worswick, Clark (e)
  Kyoto: Japan’s Ancient Capital Edwin Bayrd  
  Roberts’ Guide to Japanese Museums Laurance P. Roberts  
Louisville, Kentucky      
  Louisville: Architecture and the Urban Environment William Morgan  
  Real Life: Louisville in the Twenties Michael Lesy  
  Au Musee du Luxembourg: Celebrated Paintings Robert Rey  
Massachusetts (see also Berkshires and New England)      
  A New England Town in Early Photographs: 149 Illustrations of Southbridge, Massachusetts, 1878-1930   Gillon Jr., Edmund V. (e)
Miami (see also Florida)      
  Lives of Vizcaya: Annals of a Great House Kathryn Chapman Harwood  
  Miami: Its Past, Present, and Future as a Reliable Mortgage Investment Field    
  Vizcaya: Museum and Gardens, Miami, Florida Doris Bayley Littlefield Brooke, Steven (i)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin      
  Built in Milwaukee: An Architectural View of the City    
  Le Trophee d’Auguste a la Turbie Nino Lamboglia  
  Marrakech et sa Region    
Nashville, Tennessee      
  Nashville: A Short History and Selected Buildings   Graham, Eleanor (e)
  The Netherlands Sacheverell Sitwell  
New England (see also Berkshires, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island)      
  New England Past: Photographs, 1880-1915 Norman Kotker Sugden, Jane (e)
  Republic of Shade: New England and the American Elm Thomas J. Campanella  
New Jersey      
  By the Beautiful Sea: The Rise and High Times of That Great American Resort Atlantic City Charles E. Funnell  
  Morristown’s Forgotten Past: "The Gilded Age," 1890-1929 John W. Rae Rae Jr., John W. (a)
  The New Jersey House Helen Schwartz Morgan Fisher, Margaret (i)
New Mexico      
  El Sanctuario de Chimayo Stephen F. de Borhegye  
New Orleans, Louisiana      
  Souvenir of New Orleans: The City Care Forgot    
New York (see also New York City)      
  1898 Hudson Directory    
  American Paradise: The World of the Hudson River School    
  Beaux-Arts Estates: A Guide to the Architecture of Long Island Liisa Sclare Sclare, Donald (a)
  Buffalo Architecture: A Guide    
  A Catalog for the Environment: Wayne County: The Aesthetic Heritage of a Rural Area: Architecture Worth Saving in New York State Stephen W. Jacobs Plowden, David (i)
  The Catskill Mountains: Vacationland of Scenic Splendor in Living Color    
  Columbia County, New York [in Colonial Homes XII.4, July-August 1986]    
  Frederic Church’s Olana: Architecture and Landscape as Art James Anthony Ryan  
  Genesee Country Scrapbook [from the Rochester Historical Society, III.2, Winter 1953]    
  Happy Birthday Rochester [page-a-day-calendar 2000]    
  The Happy Valley: The Elegant Eighties in Upstate New York Pauline Dakin Taft Dakin, Leonard (i)
  Herkimer’s Flood: A Narrative Summary of Her Greatest Inundation; also a Historical Sketch of the Village    
  The Hudson by Daylight Wallace Bruce  
  The Hudson River and Its Painters John K. Howat  
  The Hudson River Valley: From Saratoga Springs to New York City    
  Hudson River Villas John Zukowsky Stimson, Robbe Pierce (a)
  The Hudson River: 1950-1918: A Photographic Portrait Jeffrey Simpson  
  Kodak Centennial Tribute [on the Eastman Theater, Eastman-Kodak, etc.; in Rochester Review, Summer 1980]    
  Landmarks of Rochester and Monroe County Paul Malo Padelt, Hans (i)
  Letters about the Hudson River and Its Vicinity Written in 1835-1837    
  Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist’s Country Estate Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen  
  New York Walk Book Raymond H. Torrey Place Jr., Frank (a); Dickinson, Robert L. (i)
  The Nineteenth-Century Architecture of Saratoga Springs: Architecture Worth Saving in New York State Stephen S. Prokopoff Siegfried, Joan C. (a); Alper, Joe (i)
  The Oldest Charted City in the United States: Hudson Walking Tour: Colonial Restoration and Old Upper Hudson Mrs. Granvill Hills  
  A Panoramic History of Rochester and Monroe County, New York Blake McKelvey  
  Progress of Public Improvements: A Report to the People of the State of New York Governor Alfred E. Smith  
  Rensselaerville: An Old Village of the Helderbergs [White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs X.4] William A. Keller  
  Resorts of the Catskills    
  The Rochester Directory: For the Year Ending October 1, 1932    
  Rochester: The Flower City    
  Scenic Gems of Saratoga Springs    
  Souvenir of Catskill, New York Old Home Week: October 4, 5, 6, 7, 1908    
  This is Rochester...The Third Ward Today    
  The Tonetti Years at Snedens Landing Isabelle K. Savell  
  Treasures from Rochester [catalog from the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester] Denys Sutton  
  Views of Rochester    
  A Visible Heritage: Columbia County, New York Ruth Piwonka Blackburn, Roderic H. (a)
  Woodstock: An American Art Colony, 1902-1977 [catalog from the Vassar College Art Gallery]    
  Architecture Worth Saving in Rensselaer County, New York Bernd Foerster M. Arch  
  New York: A Guide to the Empire State    
  Albany Architecture   Waite, Diana S. (e); Gold, Gary (i); McCarty, Mark (i)
  The Pan-American at a Glance    
New York City (see also New York)      
  "Manna-Hatin": The Story of New York    
  American Institute of Architects Guide to New York City   White, Norval (e); Willensky, Elliot (e)
  Apartments for the Affluent: A Historical Survey of Buildings in New York Andrew Alpern  
  The Book of New York Robert Shackleton  
  Brooklyn...and How It Got That Way David W. McCullough Kalett, Jim (i)
  The Cathedral of Commerce: Woolworth Building, New York    
  The City of New York: A History Illustrated from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York Jerry E. Patterson Auchincloss, Louis (s)
  The City That Never Was: Two Hundred Years of Fantastic and Fascinating Plans That Might Have Changed the Face of New York City Rebecca Read Shanor  
  Dining in New York Rian James  
  Dining in New York with Rector: A Personal Guide to Good Eating George Rector  
  Dining, Wining, and Dancing in New York Scudder Middleton  
  Fifth Avenue Old and New, 1824-1924 Henry Collins Brown  
  Historical Guide to the City of New York   Bolton, Reginald Pelham (e); Hall, Edward Hagaman (e)
  History Preserved: A Guide to New York City Landmarks and Historic Districts Harmon H. Goldstone Dalrymple, Martha (a)
  In Old New York Thomas A. Janvier  
  King’s Views of New York, 1896-1915; and Brooklyn, 1905 Moses King  
  Literary New York Susan Edmiston Cirino, Linda D. (a)
  Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York Luc Sante  
  Madison Avenue Guide, Then and Now    
  Manhattan Manners: Architecture and Style, 1850-1900 M. Christine Boyer  
  Mansions, Mills, and Main Streets Carole Rifkind Levine, Carol (a)
  Mirrors of New York Benjamin de Casseres  
  New York Paul Morand  
  New York Beautiful Wallace Nutting  
  New York City Wonder Views and Panoramic Scenes    
  New York in MCMXXIII: Compiled in Honor of the 46th Convention of the National Electric Light Association    
  New York in Seven Days Helena Smith Dayton Barratt, Louise Bascom (a)
  New York in the 1930s Samuel Fuller  
  New York Then and Now   Gillon Jr., Edmund V. (i)
  New York, 1880: Architecture and Urbanism in the Gilded Age Robert A.M. Stern Mellins, Thomas (a); Fishman, David (a)
  New York: Photographs, 1850-1950 Benjamin Blom  
  Official Guide Book of the New York World’s Fair, 1939    
  Old Brooklyn Heights: New York’s First Suburb Clay Lancaster  
  Old Chelsea and St. Peter’s Church: The Centennial History of a New York Parish Samuel White Patterson  
  People Mostly: New York in Photographs, 1900-1950 Benjamin Blom  
  The Plaza: 1907-1967 Eve Brown  
  The Real New York Rupert Hughes Mayer, H.Y. (i)
  Rider’s New York City: A Guide-Book for Travelers Fremont Rider  
  Social Register in New York, 1919 [XXXIII.1, November 1918]    
  The Story of New York: An Informal History of the City Susan Elizabeth Lyman  
  Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old New York   Cirker, Hayward (e)
  Turn West on 23rd: A Toast to New York’s Old Chelsea Robert Baral  
  Valentine’s City of New York   Brown, Henry Collins (e)
  Valentine’s Manual of Old New York [#7, New Series, 1923]   Brown, Henry Collins (e)
  Yearbook of the Architectural League of New York and Catalog of the 37th Annual Exhibition    
North Dakota      
  Glimpses of North Dakota    
Nova Scotia      
  The Town That Died: A Chronicle of the Halifax Disaster Michael J. Bird  
Ohio (see also Cincinnati)      
  Toledo: Gateway to the Great Lakes Morgan Barclay Glaab, Charles N. (a); Keyser, Hazen (i); Keyser, Sue (i)
  Toledo’s Old West End [Toledo Museum of Art Museum News X.3, Autumn 1967]   Wittmann, Otto (e)
  Warsaw 1945   Graf, Urs (e)
  Warsaw: A Portrait of the City   Jablonski, Krzysztof (i)
  Warszawa: Stolica Polski    
  Invitation to Portugal Mary Jean Kempner Lynes, Russell (i)
  Lisbon: Insight Guides, Portugal Series   Hill, Alison Friesinger (e)
  Portugal and Madeira Sacheverell Sitwell  
Rhode Island (see also New England)      
  The Great Hurricane and Tidal Wave: Rhode Island, September 21, 1938    
  The House of Special Purpose: An Intimate Portrait of the Last Days of the Russian Imperial Family Charles Sydney Gibbes Trewin, J.C. (e)
  The Russian Empire: A Portrait in Photographs Chloe Obolensky  
  Saint Petersburg: Portrait of an Imperial City Boris Ometev Stuart, John (a)
  Valse des Fleurs: A Day in Saint Petersburg and a Ball at the Winter Palace in 1868 Sacheverell Sitwell  
Seattle, Washington      
  Evening at the Garden of Allah: A Gay Cabaret in Seattle Don Paulson Simpson, Roger (a)
  Guia de Minorca Hoy    
  Les Guides Bleus Illustres: Barcelone, Montserrat-Manresa Marcel N. Schveitzer  
  Old Court Life in Spain [Volumes I and II] Frances Minto Elliot  
  Trim’s Majorca Guide    
  Carl Larsson’s Home Ulf Hard Af Segerstad Granath, Karl-Erik (i)
  Malmo: In Word and Picture Erik Aurell  
  Manor Houses and Castles of Sweden Maita di Niscemi Train, John (s)
  Stockholm Horizons Jeppe Wikstrom  
  Stockholm i Bilder    
  Sverige [from the Swedish Touring Club]    
  A Byzantine Journey John Ash  
United Kingdom, including London      
  Blarney Woollen Mills [map]    
  Cambridge in Brief Ruth Mellanby  
  The Castles of England Frederick Wilkinson  
  The Companion Guide to London David Piper  
  The Country House Guide: Historic House in Private Ownership in England, Wales, and Scotland Robin Fedden Kenworthy-Browne, John (a)
  Dorset Aubrey de Selincourt  
  English Cathedrals Mrs. Schuyler van Rensselaer Pennell, Joseph (i)
  Glendalough and Saint Kevin Lennox Barrow  
  Hawksmoor Kerry Downes  
  Ireland Joe McCarthy  
  Ireland Observed May Veber  
  Leighton House    
  Life in the English Country House Mark Girouard  
  London 1914 [Illustrated Guide Books Series]    
  London, 1900 Alastair Service  
  London’s Lure: An Anthology in Prose and Verse   Melville, Helen (e); Melville, Lewis (e)
  Lost London Hermione Hobhouse  
  MacDonald’s Tourists’ Guide to Scotland    
  Manchester: An Architectural History John J. Parkinson-Bailey  
  The Pink Plaque Guide to London Michael Elliman Roll, Frederick (a)
  The Restaurants of London Eileen Hooton-Smith  
  Springs of Health in Great Britain and France    
  The Story of Ely and Its Cathedral B.E. Dorman  
  Visitor’s London Harold F. Hutchison  
  Walks in London [Volumes I and II] Augustus J.C. Hare  
United States (see also listings for individual states, and cities)      
  Baedeker’s United States: 1893    
  Dictionary for Yankees and Other Uneducated People    
  The Grand American Avenue: 1850-1920   Cigliano, Jan (e); Landau, Sarah Bradford (e)
  The Great American Amusment Parks: A Pictorial History Gary Kyriazi  
  Hometown U.S.A. Stephen W. Sears  
  House Styles in America James C. Massey Maxwell, Shirley (a)
  Ocean to Ocean, or Weekly Excursions to California and the West    
  Travelers Official Railway Guide of the United States and Canada [facsimile edition from June 1868]    
Washington, D.C.      
  Capital Losses: A Cultural History of Washington’s Destroyed Buildings James M. Goode  
  Washington Standard Guide    
  Wisconsin Death Trip Michael Lesy  
  Dubrovnik: Guide "Putnik"   Kulik, Jerko (e)
  The Real Guide: Yugoslavia    
  Sarajevo et ses Environs    
  This Is Yugoslavia A. den Doolaard Oorthuys, Cas (i)
  Zagreb et ses Environs