Walter Abish    
  Duel Site  
Yehuda Amichai    
  Yehuda Amichai: A Life of Poetry, 1948-1994 Harshav, Benjamin (t); Harshav, Barbara (t)
A.R. Ammons    
  A Coast of Trees  
  The Really Short Poems of A.R. Ammons  
  The Selected Poems: Expanded Edition  
  The Snow Poems  
  Sphere: The Form of a Motion  
  Tape for the Turn of the Year  
Melih Cevdet Anday    
  On the Nomad Sea Menemencioglu, Nermin (t); Halman, Talat S. (t)
Richard Anders    
  The Footprints of One Who Has Not Stepped Forth Joron, Andrew (t)
Jack Anderson    
  Toward the Liberation of the Left Hand  
Jon Anderson    
  Death and Friends  
  In Sepia  
  Looking for Jonathan  
  The Milky Way  
Bruce Andrews    
Ralph Angel    
  Anxious Latitudes  
  Twice Removed  
David Antin    
Guillaume Apollinaire    
  The Heresiarch and Co. Hall, Remy Inglis (t)
  Selected Writings Shattuck, Roger (t, e)
Ludovico Ariosto    
  Orlando Furioso  
Rae Armantrout    
  Veil Silliman, Ron (s)
Matthew Arnold    
  The Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold  
  Selected Poems  
L.S. Asekoff    
  North Star  
John Ash    
  The Branching Stairs  
  Burnt Pages  
  The Goodbyes  
W.H. Auden    
  The Age of Anxiety  
  Collected Longer Poems  
  The Collected Poetry of W.H. Auden  
  Collected Shorter Poems, 1927-1957  
  The English Auden  
  Letters from Iceland MacNeice, Louis (a)
  Selected Poems  
Philip James Bailey    
Ed Barrett    
  Breezy Point  
  Theory of Transportation  
  Rub Out  
  Common Preludes  
Charles Baudelaire    
  Oeuvres completes  
Konrad Bayer    
  Selected Works  
Joshua Beckman    
Thomas Lovell Beddoes    
  The Poetical Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes [Volumes I and II]  
  Selected Poems  
  Selected Poems of Hood, Praed, and Beddoes Hood, Thomas (a); Praed, Winthrop Macworth (a)
  Selected Poetry Higgens, Judith (e); Bradshaw, Michael (e)
  The Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes Donner, H.W. (e)
Bill Berkson    
Charles Bernstein    
  The Absent Father in Dumbo  
  Controlling Interests  
  With Strings  
Anselm Berrigan    
  Integrity and Dramatic Life  
Ted Berrigan    
  The Sonnets  
Aloysius Bertrand    
  Flemish School, Old Paris, and Night and Its Spells  
Lisa Beskin    
  My Work among the Faithful  
John Betjeman    
  John Betjeman’s Collected Poems  
  Summoned by Bells  
Elizabeth Bishop    
  The Complete Poems  
Star Black    
  Double Time  
William Blake    
  Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake  
  Songs of Innocence  
Maud Bodkin    
  Archetypal Patterns in Poetry: Psychological Studies of Imagination  
Ebbe Borregaard    
  [Title is written in "false Runes." First line: "some stories of the beauty wapiti." The White Rabbit Press, January 1958.]  
Terence C. Boylan    
  Poems and Songs  
Joe Brainard    
  I Remember  
  New Work  
Andre Breton    
  Earthlight Zavatsky, Bill (t); Rogow, Zack (t)
John Malcolm Brinnan    
  No Arch, No Triumph  
Robert Browning    
  The Ring and the Book  
  Robert Browning’s Poetry  
Michael Brownstein    
  Strange Days Ahead  
Michael Burkard    
  My Secret Boat  
George Gordon, Lord Byron    
  Byron’s Poetical Works  
Thomas Campion    
  A Book of Airs: As Written to be Sung to the Lute and Viol  
Carmina Burana [Latin Songs]    
  Selections from the Carmina Burana Parlett, David (t)
Anne Carson    
  Men in the Off Hours  
  The Poems of Catallus Whigham, Peter (t)
C.P. Cavafy    
  The Complete Poems of Cavafy Auden, W.H. (s); Dalven, Rae (t)
Paul Celan    
  Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan Felsteiner, John (t)
Joseph Ceravolo    
  Transmigration Solo  
Miles Champion    
  Three Bell Zero  
Thomas Chatterton    
  Thomas Chatterton Lindop, Grevel (e)
Geoffrey Chaucer    
  The Book of Troilus and Criseyde  
Malcolm de Chazal    
  Sens-Plastique Weiss, Irving (t)
John Clare    
  19th-Century British Minor Poets Auden, W.H. (e)
  An Anthology of Pure Poetry Moore, George (e)
  Clare: The Critical Heritage Storey, Mark (e)
  The Early Poems of John Clare: 1804-1822 [Volumes I and II] Robinson, Eric (e); Powell, David (e)
  John Clare Robinson, Eric (e); Powell, David (e)
  John Clare’s Autobiographical Writings Robinson, Eric (e); Lawrence, John (i)
  The Letters of John Clare Tibble, J.W. (e); Tibble, Anne (e)
  The Poems of John Clare [Volumes I and II] Tibble, J.W. (e)
  The Poetry of John Clare Storey, Mark (e)
  The Prose of John Clare Tibble, J.W. (e); Tibble, Anne (e)
  Selected Poems Reeves, James (e)
  Selected Poetry Summerfield, Geoffrey (e)
  The Shepherd’s Calendar Robinson, Eric (e); Summerfield, Geoffrey (e); Gentleman, David (i)
Jeff Clark    
  The Little Door Slides Back  
  Music and Suicide  
Killarney Clary    
  By Me, By Any, Can and Can’t Be Done  
Peter Cole    
  Hymns and Qualms  
Hartley Coleridge    
  Poems by Hartley Coleridge, with a Memoir of His Life by His Brother [Volumes 1 and 2]  
Roger Connah    
  Welcome to the Hotel Architecture  
Clark Coolidge    
  Alien Tatters  
  American Ones  
  Baffling Means Guston, Philip (i)
  Bomb Waldrop, Keith (i)
  Clark Coolidge  
  The Crystal Text  
  Keys to the Caverns  
  Mine: The One That Enters the Stories  
  On the Nameways  
  On The Pumice of Morons Fagin, Larry (a)
  Quartz Hearts  
  Smithsonian Depositions and Subject to a Film  
William Corbett    
  Back and Forth  
  Collected Poems  
Charles Cotton    
  Poems from the Works of Charles Cotton Fraser, Claud Lovat (e, i)
Malcolm Cowley    
  Blue Juniata: A Life  
William Cowper    
George Crabbe    
  The Poems of George Crabbe  
Hart Crane    
  The Complete Poems and Selected Letters and Prose of Hart Crane  
  The Collected Poems of Hart Crane  
Adelaide Crapsey    
Richard Crashaw    
  The Poems, English, Latin, and Greek of Richard Crashaw  
Robert Creeley    
  The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley: 1945-1975  
  Selected Poems  
  Thirty Things Creeley, Bobbie (i)
James Cummins    
  Portrait in a Spoon  
Dante Alighieri    
  The Divine Comedy Grosz, George (i); Carlyle, John Aitken (t); Wicksteed, Philip Henry (t)
George Darley    
  The Complete Poetical Works of George Darley  
Agrippa d’Aubigne    
Ayrev Davis    
  Last Poems  
Christopher Davis    
  The Tyrant of the Past and the Slave of the Future  
Giorgio de Chirico    
Edwin Denby    
  Collected Poems  
  Edwin’s Tao: A Translation of Lao Tze’s Tao Teh Ching  
  Snoring in New York  
Tory Dent    
  HIV, Mon Amour  
Denis Devlin    
  Collected Poems Mays, J.C.C. (e)
  Collected Poems Coffey, Brian (e)
  Lough Derg and Other Poems  
  Selected Poems Tate, Allen (s); Warren, Robert Penn (s)
Christopher Dewdney    
  Spring Trances in the Control Emerald Night and the Cenozoic Asylum  
Emily Dickinson    
  The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson  
Joseph Donahue    
  Before Creation  
  Clouds at Night  
  In This Paradise: Terra Lucida XXI-XL  
  Incidental Eclipse  
  Terra Lucida LX  
  World Well Broken  
John Donne    
  Complete Poems of John Donne  
Charles M. Doughty    
  The Dawn in Britain  
Michael Drayton    
  Poems of Michael Drayton [Volumes 1 and 2]  
John Dryden    
  The Poems of John Dryden  
William Dunbar    
Jacques Dupin    
  Fits and Starts Auster, Paul (t)
Martin Earl    
  Books, Haydenesque, Rain [in Denver Quarterly XXXIV.2, Summer 1999]  
T.S. Eliot    
  The Waste Land and Other Poems  
Ralph Waldo Emerson    
  Collected Poems and Translations  
William Empson    
  Collected Poems of William Empson  
Donald Fanger    
  The Creation of Nikolai Gogol  
Serge Fauchereau    
  Quelques dechants iberiques  
  Writes Lanc, Emile (i)
David Ferry    
  Of No Country I Know  
Dudley Fitts    
  One Hundred Poems from the Palatine Anthology in English Paraphrase  
Robert Fitzgerald    
  In the Rose of Time  
Mark Ford    
  Soft Sift  
Dominique Fourcade    
  Everything Happens Doris, Stacy (t)
Jean Fremon    
  Le livre d’or des salons [with a note in Ashbery’s hand regarding JF]  
Northrop Frye    
  The Secular Scripture: A Study of the Structure of Romance  
Alan Fuchs    
  Alan Fuchs and Deborah Evans Evans, Deborah (a)
Helen Gardner    
  In Defence of the Imagination  
Jean Garrigue    
  Country without Maps  
  The Ego and the Centaur  
  New and Selected Poems  
Jean Genet    
  Treasures of the Night Finch, Steven (t); Sullivan, Bill (i)
Stefan George    
  Poems North Valhope, Carol (t); Morwitz, Ernst (t)
Amy Gerstler    
  Bitter Angel  
Allen Ginsberg    
  Death and Fame: Last Poems, 1993-1997  
  The Fall of America: Poems of These States, 1965-1971  
  First Blues: Rags, Ballads, and Harmonium Songs, 1971-74  
  Howl and Other Poems Williams, William Carlos (s)
  Kaddish and Other Poems 1958-1960  
  Planet News 1961-1967  
Michael Glover    
  Amidst All This Debris  
John Godfrey    
  Dabble: Poems 1966-1980  
  Push the Mule  
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe    
  Goethe’s Faust: Parts 1 and 2 MacNeice, Louis (t)
Paul Goodman    
  Collected Poems  
Noah Eli Gordon    
  The Frequencies  
Yoshimasu Gozo    
  A Thousand Steps...and More: Selected Poems and Prose 1964-1984  
Guido Gozzano    
  Colloquies and Selected Letters Nichols, J.G. (t)
Jorie Graham    
Robert Graves    
  Poems 1938-1945  
Fulke Greville    
  Selected Poems of Fulke Greville Gunn, Thom (e)
Allen Grossman    
  Of the Great House: A Book of Poems  
Barbara Guest    
  If So, Tell Me  
Edgar A. Guest    
  A Heap O’Livin’  
Thom Gunn    
  Games of Chance Thein, John (i)
  Cold Mountain Watson, Burton (t)
Lee Harwood    
  The Sinking Colony  
Arlo Haskell    
Steve Healey    
Seamus Heaney    
  Seeing Things  
Lyn Hejinian    
  A Border Comedy  
David Henderson    
  Felix of the Silent Forest  
Robert Henryson    
Zbigniew Herbert    
  Barbarian in the Garden March, Michael (t); Anders, Jaroslaw (t)
Robert Herrick    
  The Poems of Robert Herrick  
Nazim Hikmet    
  Things I Didn’t Know I Loved Blasing, Randy (t); Konuk, Mutlu (t)
Hugo von Hofmannsthal    
  Poems and Verse Plays Eliot, T.S. (s); Hamburger, Michael (e)
Ludvig Holberg    
  Peder Paars Stromsoe, Bergliot (t)
Johann Christian Friedrich Holderlin    
  Holderlin Hamburger, Michael (a, t)
  Hymns and Fragments Sieburth, Richard (t)
  Hyperion and Selected Poems Hamburger, Michael (t); Sieburth, Richard (t); Middleton, Christopher (t); Trask, Willard R. (t); Santner, Eric L. (e)
  Poems and Fragments Hamburger, Michael (t)
  Chapman’s Homer [Volumes 1 and 2] Chapman, George (t); Nicoll, Allardyce (e)
  Cowper’s Homer: The Iliad [Volumes 1 and 2] Cowper, William (t)
  The Iliad Fagles, Robert (t)
  The Odyssey Fitzgerald, Robert (t)
Gerard Manley Hopkins    
  Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins Gardner, W.H. (e)
  The Epistles of Horace Ferry, David (t)
Fanny Howe    
  The Deep North  
  Selected Poems  
Susan Howe    
Anthony Howell    
Jean Ingelow    
  The Poetical Works of Jean Ingelow  
Mark Irwin    
  Quick, Now, Always  
J.L. Jacobs    
  Leaves in Her Shoe  
David Janik    
  New Bicycles  
Lisa Jarnot    
  Some Other Kind of Mission  
Randall Jarrell    
  Poetry and the Age  
  Selected Poems  
Nick Jones    
  Well-Known Where Nobody Knows Anything  
Donald Justice    
  Selected Poems  
Kalevala [Anon.: Finnish epic]    
  The Kalevala Bosley, Keith (t); Lord, Albert B. (s)
Hisao Kanaseki    
  The Ghost of a Cow  
Sam Kashner    
  Don Quixote in America  
Vincent Katz    
  Boulevard Transportation Burckhardt, Rudy (i)
John Keats    
  The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose of John Keats Briggs, Harold Edgar (e)
Claudia Keelan    
Weldon Kees    
  The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees Justice, Donald (e)
Robert Kelly    
  The Garden of Distances Mahlknecht, Brigitte (i)
  Mont Blanc  
  Red Actions: Selected Poems, 1960-1993  
Miyazawa Kenji    
  A Future of Ice: Poems and Stories of a Japanese Buddhist Sato, Hiroaki (t)
Jack Kimball    
John Kinsella    
  Alterity: Poems without Tom Raworth  
  The Benefaction: Vicissitudes on Interior  
  Poems, 1980-1994  
August Kleinzhaler    
  Green Sees Things and Waves  
  Live from Hong Kong Nile Club  
  Storm over Hackensack  
Bill Knott    
  For Anne and Other Poems  
  Poems, 1963-1988  
Kenneth Koch    
  Days and Nights  
  The Duplications  
  The Gold Standard: A Book of Plays  
  Hotel Lambosa  
  Interlocking Lives Katz, Alex (i)
  New Addresses  
  On the Edge  
  One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays  
  Poems from 1952 and 1953  
  Seasons on Earth  
  When the Sun Tries to Go On  
John Koethe    
  The Constructor  
Wayne Kostenbaum    
  The Milk of Inquiry  
Dean Kostos    
  The Sentence that Ends with a Comma  
Alberto de Lacerda    
  77 Poems Waley, Arthur (t)
Justin Lacour    
  Mr. Gravity’s Blue Holiday  
Michael Lally    
  Hollywood Magic  
  It’s Not Nostalgia  
Walter Savage Landor    
  Poems by Walter Savage Landor Grigson, Geoffrey (e)
William Langland    
  The Vision of Piers Ploughman Wells, Henry W. (t)
Philip Larkin    
  The Whitson Weddings  
Peter Laughesen    
  Behind the Screen  
Ann Lauterbach    
  Before Recollection  
  From Nothing to Say  
  If in Time: Selected Poems, 1975-2000  
  Many Times, But Then  
Comte de Lautreamont (Isidor Ducasse)    
  Maldoror (Les Chants de Maldoror) Wernham, Guy (t)
  Oeuvres completes Juin, Hubert (e)
David Lehman    
  Valentine Place  
Simon Lichman    
  Snatched Days  
James Liddy    
  Gold Set Dancing  
Frank Lissauer    
  A Journal: And Other Poems  
Robert Lowell    
  The Dolphin  
  For the Union Dead  
  Life Studies, and For the Union Dead  
Louis MacNeice    
  Autumn Journal  
Michael Malinowitz    
  The Search For; A Separation of the States [in Daimon 13, Summer 1979]  
Stephane Mallarme    
  Poems Fry, Roger (t)
  Recueil de "Nursery Rhymes" Barbier, Carl Paul (e)
  Selected Poetry and Prose Caws, Mary Ann (e)
Pierre Martory    
  Every Question But One Ashbery, John (t)
  The Landscape Is Behind the Door Ashbery, John (t)
  Veilleur de Jours  
Harry Mathews    
  Day Shifts  
  The Planisphere  
  Selected Declarations of Dependence Katz, Alex (i)
  Un chronogramme pour 1997  
William McGonagall    
  The Great McGonagall: Poetical Pearls from the Pen of William McGonagall  
  Poetic Gems Selected from the Works of William McGonagall  
Mark McMorris    
John McNally    
  Exes for Eyes  
George Meredith    
  Modern Love  
James Merrill    
  Divine Comedies  
  A Scattering of Salts  
Stuart Merrill    
  The White Tomb: Selected Writings  
Czeslaw Milosz    
  The Witness of Poetry  
Marianne Moore    
  Collected Poems  
  The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore  
  The Fables of La Fontaine La Fontaine, Jean de (a); Moore, Marianne (t)
  Like a Bulwark  
  O to Be a Dragon  
  Tell Me, Tell Me: Granite, Steeld Other Topics  
Nicholas Moore    
  Lacrimae Rerum  
A.F. Moritz    
  Houseboat on the Styx  
  Rest on the Flight into Egypt  
  The Tradition  
Edwin Muir    
  The Labyrinth  
Joan Murray    
  Poems by Joan Murray, 1917-1942  
Marcia Nardi    
Gerard de Nerval    
  Oeuvres completes  
Charles North    
  The Nearness of the Way You Look Tonight  
  New and Selected Poems  
Alice Notley    
  The Descent of Alette  
Geoffrey O’Brien    
  A Book of Maps  
  A View of Buildings and Water  
Dennis O’Driscoll    
  Long Story Short  
Makoto Ooka    
  Beneath the Sleepless Tossing of the Planets Beichman, Janine (t); Tanikawa, Shuntaro (s)
  The Poetry and Poetics of Ancient Japan Fitzsimmons, Thomas (t)
  A String around Autumn: Selected Poems, 1952-1980 Keene, Donald (s); Fitzsimmons, Thomas (t); Takako, Lento (t); Onuma, Tadayoshi (t)
Gregory Orr    
  Gathering the Bones Together  
  Metamorphoses Melville, A.D. (t)
Stephen Owen    
  Remembrances: The Experience of the Past in Classical Chinese Literature  
Michael Palmer    
Mary du Passage    
  4 Squares Declare 5 Sorrentino, Gilbert (s)
Steven Paul    
Octavio Paz    
  Children of the Mire: Modern Poetry from Romanticism to the Avant-Garde Phillips, Rachel (t)
Sandro Penna    
  This Strange Joy: Selected Poems of Sandro Penna di Piero, W.S. (t)
Bob Perelman    
  Captive Audience  
  The Future of Memory  
  Ten to One: Selected Poems  
St.-John Perse    
  Rains Devlin, Denis (t)
  Petrarch’s Lyric Poems Durling, Robert M. (t)
Carl Phillips    
  The Tether  
Francis Ponge    
Alexander Pope    
  The Pleasures of Pope Quennell, Peter (e)
Cole Porter    
  103 Lyrics of Cole Porter Lounsberry, Fred (e)
F.T. Prince    
  Poems by F.T. Prince  
  Soldiers Bathing  
J.H. Prynne    
  Kitchen Poems  
  The Oval Window  
H. Phelps Putnam    
  The Collected Poems of H. Phelps Putnam Walker, Charles R. (e); Wilson, Edmund (s)
Salvatore Quasimodo    
  The Selected Writings of Salvatore Quasimodo Mandelbaum, Allen (e, t)
Ray Ragosta    
  Opposite Ends  
Heather Ramsdell    
  Lost Wax Tate, James (National Poetry Series judge)
John Crowe Ransom    
  Selected Poems by John Crowe Ransom  
Jed Rasula    
  Tabula Rasula  
Stephen Ratcliffe    
  Spaces in the Light Said to Be Where One/ Comes From  
Tom Raworth    
  Clean and Well-Lit: Selected Poems, 1987-1995  
  Tottering State  
Joan Retallack    
  Errata 5uite  
  How to Do Things with Words  
Donald Revell    
  Pennyweight Windows: New and Selected Poems  
  Revival House  
Peter Richards    
  Nude Siren  
Eugene Richie    
  Place du Carousel Wasserman, Rosanne (a); Andziulis, Antanas (i)
Joseph Edward Richie    
  The Red Olive  
Laura Riding Jackson    
  Collected Poems  
  The Enemy Self: Poetry and Criticism of Laura Riding Adams, Barbara (a); Kenner, Hugh (s)
  Everybody’s Letters Riding, Laura (e)
  First Awakenings: The Early Poems Friedmann, Elizabeth (e); Clark, Alan J. (e); Nye, Robert (e)
  Laura Riding Jackson, 1901-1991: A Portfolio [in Chelsea 52, 1991] Raiziss, Sonia (e)
  Lives of Wives  
  A Pamphlet against Anthologies Graves, Robert (a)
  The Poems of Laura Riding  
  Progress of Stories  
  A Selection of the Poems of Laura Riding Nye, Robert (e)
  A Survey of Modernist Poetry Graves, Robert (a)
  A Trojan Ending  
  The Word "Woman" Friedmann, Elizabeth (e); Clark, Alan J. (e)
Rainer Maria Rilke    
  Duino Elegies Snow, Edward (t)
  Duino Elegies Spender, Stephen (t); Leishman, J.B. (t, s)
  The Lay of Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke Phillips, Leslie (t); Schimanski, Stephan (t)
  New Poems Snow, Edward (t)
  Sonnets to Orpheus Norton, M.D. Herter (t)
Arthur Rimbaud    
  The Child’s World in Rimbaud’s Illuminations [in Accent XII.3, Summer 1952] Fowlie, Wallace (a)
  Illuminations: Coloured Plates Osmond, Nick (e)
  Le lieu et la formule Borer, Alain (e)
  Prose Poems from the Illuminations Varese, Louise (t)
  Prose Poems from the Illuminations of Arthur Rimbaud Rootham, Helen (t)
Theodore Roethke    
  The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke  
Raymond Roussel    
  Comment lire Raymond Roussel: Cryptanalyse Kerbellec, Philippe G. (a); Besnier, Patrick (s)
  How I Wrote Certain of My Books Winkfield, Trevor (t); Koch, Kenneth (t); Ashbery, John (a)
  Impressions of Africa Foord, Lindy (t); Heppenstall, Rayner (t)
  La Vue  
  Les Noces Bazantay, Pierre (e); Le Brun, Annie (s)
  l’Etoile au Front  
  Locus Solus  
  Locus Solus Cuningham, Rupert Copland (t)
  Nouvelles impressions d’Afrique, L’ame de Victor Hugo  
  Oeuvres: La vue, Poemes inedits Besnier, Patrick (e)
  Raymond Roussel and the Republic of Dreams Ford, Mark (a); Ashbery, John (s)
  Raymond Roussel: Au cannibale affable Kerbellec, Philippe G. (a)
Martin Rowson    
  The Waste Land  
Peter Sacks    
  O Wheel  
Tomaz Salamun    
  Feast Simic, Charles (e); Hirsch, Edward (s)
Stephen Sandy    
  Black Box  
Stephen Sartarelli    
  Grievances and Other Poems  
  Runaway Woods  
Leslie Scalapino    
  New Time  
  The Return of Painting  
  The Return of Painting, The Pearl, and Orion: A Trilogy  
David Schloss    
  Sex Lives of the Poor and Obscure  
Michael Schmidt    
  Desert of the Lions  
  The Dresden Gate  
David Schubert    
  Initial A  
  Works and Days  
Joshua Schuster    
  Project Experience: Museums, Archives, Monuments, Bureaus  
James Schuyler    
  The Crystal Lithium  
  Early in ’71  
  A Few Days  
  Freely Espousing  
  The Home Book  
  Hymn to Life  
  The Morning of the Poem  
  Selected Poems  
Delmore Schwartz    
  Last and Lost Poems Phillips, Roberts (e)
  Selected Poems: Summer Knowledge  
Victor Segalen    
  Steles Taylor, Michael (t)
David Shapiro    
  After a Lost Original  
  House (Blown Apart)  
Charles Simic    
  Dime-Store Alchemy: The Art of Joseph Cornell  
Edith Sitwell    
  Poems New and Old  
John Skelton    
  John Skelton: A Selection from His Poems de Sola Pinto, Vivian (e)
Gary Snyder    
  Myths and Texts  
Piotr Sommer    
  Things to Translate and Other Poems  
George Stanley    
  At Andy’s  
  Opening Day  
  A Tall, Serious Girl  
Wallace Stevens    
  Parts of a World  
  Transport to Summer  
Ruth Stone    
Mark Strand    
  The Monument  
  Selected Poems  
  The Weather of Words: Poetic Invention  
Tung-p’o Su    
  Selected Poems of Su Tung-p’o Watson, Burton (t)
Jules Supervielle    
  The Shell and the Ear Boulton, Marjorie (t)
Cole Swensen    
Algernon Charles Swinburne    
  Swinburne’s Collected Poetical Works [Volumes 1 and 2]  
Arthur Symons    
  Selected Writings Holdsworth, Roger (e)
Mutsuo Takahashi    
  Poems of a Penisist Sato, Hiroaki (t); Burton, Watson (s)
Shuntaro Tanikawa    
  Selected Poems Elliott, William I. (t); Kawamura, Kazuo (t)
James Tate    
  Constant Defender  
  Distance from Loved Ones  
  Hottentot Ossuary  
  The Lost Epic of Arthur Davidson Ficke Wier, Dara (a)
  Lost River  
  Memoir of the Hawk  
  The Oblivion-Ha  
  Police Story  
  Return to the City of White Donkeys  
  Shepherds of Mist  
Alfred Lord Tennyson    
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