Walter Abell    
  The Collected Dream in Art  
Peter Ackroyd    
  Dressing Up: Transvestism and Drag: The History of an Obsession  
Joseph Addison    
  Selected Essays from The Tatler and The Spectator Steele, Richard (a); Fleischauer, Warren L. (e)
Nathan Adler    
  The Underground Stream: New Lifestyles and the Antinomian Personality  
Theodor Adorno    
  Minima Moralia: Reflections from Damaged Life Jephcott, E.F.N. (t)
St. Thomas Aquinas    
  The Christian Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas Gilson, Etienne (a); Shook C.S.B., L.K. (t)
  Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas Pegis, Anton C. (e)
William Archer    
  America To-Day: Observations and Reflections  
Pietro Aretino    
  Aretino’s Dialogues Rosenthal, Raymond (t)
  The Basic Works of Aristotle McKeon, Richard (e)
  On Poetry and Style Grube, G.M.A. (t)
  The Works of Aristotle Smith, J.A. (e, t); Ross, W.D. (e, t)
John Aubrey    
  Aubrey’s Brief Lives Dick, Oliver Lawson (e)
W.H. Auden    
  A Certain World: A Commonplace Book  
  Dyer’s Hand and Other Essays  
  Forewords and Afterwords Mendelson, Edward (e)
Saint Augustine    
  City of God Gilson, Etienne (s)
  Confessions Pine-Coffin, R.S. (t)
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Marcus Aurelius    
  Meditations Staniforth, Maxwell (t)
William S. and Ceil Baring-Gould    
  Annotated Mother Goose  
Roland Barthes    
  The Pleasure of the Text Miller, Richard (t); Howard, Richard (s)
  S/Z Miller, Richard (t); Howard, Richard (s)
Matsuo Basho    
  The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches Yuasa, Nobuyuki (t)
Ernest Becker    
  The Denial of Death  
Thomas Beer    
  The Mauve Decade  
Gottfried Benn    
  Primal Vision Ashton, E.B. (e)
Henri Bergson    
  Creative Evolution Mitchell, Arthur (t)
  An Introduction to Metaphysics Hulme, T.E. (t)
  Time and Free Will Pogson, F.L. (t)
  The Two Sources of Morality and Religion Audra, R. Ashley (t); Brereton, Cloudesley (t)
George Berkeley    
  Selections from Berkeley with an Introduction and Notes Fraser, Alexander Campbell (e)
Bill Berkson    
  The Sweet Singer of Modernism and Other Art Writings: 1985-2003  
Isaiah Berlin    
  The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History  
  Vico and Herder: Two Studies in the History of Ideas  
Leo Bersani    
  Future for Astyanax: Character and Desire in Literature  
David Arthur Bickimer    
  Christ the Placenta  
Robert Birley    
  Sunk without Trace  
Elizabeth Bishop    
  The Collected Prose Giroux, Robert (e)
H.J. Blackham    
  Six Existentialist Thinkers [Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Jaspers, Marcel, Heidegger, and Sartre]  
Maurice Blanchot    
  The Book to Come Mandell, Charlotte (t)
  The Gaze of Orpheus Davis, Lydia (t); Sitney, P. Adams (e); Hartman, Geoffrey (s)
Alexander Blok    
  The Spirit of Music Freiman, I. (t)
Harold Bloom    
  Agon: Towards a Theory of Revisionism  
  The Breaking of the Vessels  
  How to Read and Why  
  Kabbalah and Criticism  
Mary Blume    
  A French Affair: The Paris Beat, 1965-1998 Searle, Ronald (i)
Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux    
  Selected Criticism Dilworth, Ernest (t)
George Borrow    
  The Zincali: An Account of the Gypsies in Spain  
James Boswell    
  Boswell’s Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson: Private Papers of James Boswell from Malahide Castle Pottle, Frederick A. (e); Bennett, Charles H. (e)
  Journal of a Tour to Corsica; Memoirs of Pascal Paoli Roberts, S.C. (e)
John Boswell    
  Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality  
Richard Bovet    
C.M. Bowra    
  Ancient Greek Literature  
  The Heritage of Symbolism  
F.H. Bradley    
  The Principles of Logic  
Fernand Braudel    
  Capitalism and Material Life, 1400-1800 Kochan, Miriam (t)
  The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II [2 volumes] Reynolds, Sian (t)
  The Structures of Everyday Life: Civilization and Capitalism, Fifteenth to Eighteenth Century, Volume I Reynolds, Sian (t)
Geoffrey Brereton    
  A Short History of French Literature  
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin    
  The Physiology of Taste: or, Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy Fisher, M.F.K. (t); Sauvage, Sylvain (i)
Stephen Brook    
  The Oxford Book of Dreams Brook, Stephen (e)
Rupert Brooke    
  Letters from America James, Henry (s)
Alistair Brotchie    
  A Book of Surrealist Games Gooding, Mel (e)
Norman O. Brown    
  Hermes the Thief: The Evolution of a Myth  
  Life against Death: The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History  
  Some Sayings of Buddha Woodward, F.L. (t)
Sir E.A. Wallace Budge    
  The Book of the Dead Budge, Sir E.A. Wallace (e, t)
Jacob Burckhardt    
  The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Middlemore, S.G.C. (t)
Edmund Burke    
  The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke: Volume I  
Kenneth Burke    
  Terms for Order Hyman, Stanley Edgar (e)
Robert Burton    
  The Anatomy of Melancholy Gass, William H. (s)
Douglas Bush    
  English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century, 1600-1660  
John Cage    
  Composition in Retrospect  
  A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings by John Cage  
L. Alph. Cahagnet    
  The Celestial Telegraph: or, Secrets of the Life to Come Revealed through Magnetism []  
Emile Cammaerts    
  The Poetry of Nonsense  
Thomas Carlyle    
  The French Revolution: A History  
  Sartor Resartus; On Heroes, Hero-Worship  
Edward Carpenter    
  Love’s Coming-of-Age: A Series of Papers on the Relations of the Sexes  
Catherine of Siena    
  Catherine of Siena: The Dialogue Noffke, Suzanne (t)
Algernon Cecil    
  A House in Bryanston Square  
Paul Celan    
  Collected Prose Waldrop, Rosmarie (t)
  The Faience Violin Dole, Helen B. (t)
J.E. Cirlot    
  A Dictionary of Symbols Sage, Jack (t)
Edward Clodd    
  Tom Tit Tot: An Essay on Savage Philosophy in Folk Tale  
Arthur Hugh Clough    
  The Poems and Prose Remains of Arthur Hugh Clough [2 volumes]  
Samuel Taylor Coleridge    
  Biographia Literaria Watson, George (e)
  Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit  
  Analects Pound, Ezra (t)
  Analects Soothill, W.E. (t)
  The Great Digest; The Unwobbling Pivot Pound, Ezra (t)
  Ta Hio: The Great Learning of Confucius Pound, Ezra (t)
Roger Connah    
  K/K: A Couple of Finns and Some Donald Ducks  
  Slogan Makkonen, Tuija (a)
Cyril Connolly    
  The Condemned Playground: Essays, 1927-1994  
Friedrich Baron Corvo    
  A History of Borgias  
Malcolm Cowley    
  The View from 80  
Ernest Crawley    
  The Mystic Rose Besterman, Theodore (e)
John D’Agata    
  Halls of Fame  
Antonio Damasio    
  The Feeling of What Happens  
Dante Alighieri    
  Literature in the Vernacular Purcell, Sally (t)
Charles Darwin    
  The Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle Gibbings, Robert (i); De Beer, Gavin (s)
Guy Davenport    
  The Hunter Gracchus and Other Papers on Literature and Art  
Malcolm de Chazal    
  Plastic Sense Auden, W.H. (s)
Thomas de Quincey    
  Recollections of the Lakes and the Lake Poets Wright, David (e)
  Selected Essays of Thomas de Quincey [3 volumes] Masson, David (e)
  Selected Writings of Thomas de Quincey van Doren Stern, Philip (e)
Giorgio de Santillana    
  Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time von Dechend, Hertha (a)
Christopher de Vinck    
  Songs of Innocence and Experience  
Giovanni della Casa    
  Galateo, or Book of Manners Pine-Coffin, R.S. (t)
Edwin Denby    
  Two Conversations with Edwin Denby  
Jacques Derrida    
  Spurs: Nietzsche’s Styles Harlow, Barbara (t)
John Dewey    
  The Philosophy of John Dewey: The Lived Experience McDermott, John J. (e)
  The Philosophy of John Dewey: The Structure of Experience McDermott, John J. (e)
Charles Dickens    
  Dickens on America and the Americans Slater, Michael (e)
John Donne    
  Devotions upon Emergent Occasions Raspa, Anthony (e)
  Sermons on the Psalms and Gospels Simpson, Evelyn M. (e)
Willie Drye    
  Storm of the Century: The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935  
Abbe J.A. Dubois    
  Hindu Manners, Customs, and Ceremonies Beauchamp, Henry K. (t)
J.W. Dunne    
  Nothing Dies  
Jacques Ehrmann    
  Structuralism [in Yale French Studies 36-37, October 1966] Ehrmann, Jacques (e)
Lillian Eichler    
  Etiquette Problems in Pictures  
Ralph Waldo Emerson    
  The Complete Essays and Other Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson Atkinson, Brooks (e)
  Emerson in His Journals Porte, Joel (e)
  The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson  
  Essays: First and Second Series Porte, Joel (e); Crase, Douglas (s)
William Empson    
  Using Biography  
  The Discourses and Manual Matheson, P.E. (t)
  The Stoic and Epicurean Philosophers Epicurus (a); Lucretius (a); Marcus Aurelius (a); Oates, Whitney J. (e)
  Letters, Principle Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings Geer, Russel M. (t)
Desiderius Erasmus    
  The Praise of Folly van Loom, Hendrik Villem (s)
Christopher Evans    
  Landscapes of the Night: How and Why We Dream Evans, Peter (e)
J. Henri Fabre    
  The Life of the Spider Teixeira de Mattos, Alexander (t); Maeterlinck, Maurice (s)
Herve Ferrage    
  Filippe Jaccottet, le pari de l’inactuel  
E.M. Forster    
  Abinger Harvest  
  Aspects of the Novel  
Michel Foucault    
  Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth Rabinow, Paul (e); Hurley, Robert (t)
Francis of Assisi    
  The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi Alger, Abby Langdon (t)
Sir James George Frazer    
  The Golden Bough  
Sigmund Freud    
  Beyond the Pleasure Principle  
  Civilization and Its Discontents  
  A Young Girl’s Diary Freud, Sigmund (s)
William H. Gass    
  Habitations of the Word  
Brewster Ghiselin    
  The Creative Process Ghiselin, Brewster (e)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe    
  Italian Journey: 1786-1788 Auden, W.H. (t); Elizabeth Mayer (t)
Harley Granville-Barker    
  Prefaces to Shakespeare  
Robert Graves    
  The Greek Myths: Volumes 1 and 2  
  The Long Week End: A Social History of Great Britain, 1918-1939 Hodge, Alan (a)
  The Reader over Your Shoulder Hodge, Alan (a)
Martin Green    
  Children of the Sun: A Narrative of "Decadence" in England after 1918  
Geoffrey Grigson    
  The Romantics: An Anthology Grigson, Geoffrey (e)
Georg Groddeck    
  The World of Man  
Georg Groddeck    
  The Unknown Self  
Rene Grousset    
  The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire  
Richard Hakluyt    
  The Principal Voyages of the English Nation: Volume 7 Rhys, Ernest (e); Masefield, John (s)
Bruce Edward Hall    
  Diamond Street  
Robert Harbison    
  Deliberate Regression  
R.M. Hare    
  The Language of Morals  
Joan C. Harvey    
  If I Am So Successful, Why Do I Feel Like a Fake?  
Nathaniel Hawthorne    
  Our Old Home, and English Note-Books: Volumes 1 and 2  
William Hazlitt    
  The Camelot Series  
  Selected Essays  
Lafcadio Hearn    
  Japan: An Interpretation  
  A Japanese Miscellany  
Martin Heidegger    
  Being and Time  
  The Histories  
Matt Heron    
  The Voyage of Aquarius Heron, Jeannine (a); Heron, Matthew (a); Heron, Melissa (a)
Werner Herzog    
  Heart of Glass Greenberg, Alan (a, text and photos); Achternbusch, Herbert (a, scenario)
Walter Hilton    
  The Stairway of Perfection  
Stewart H. Holbrook    
  The Age of the Moguls  
Marie-Helene Huet    
  Monstrous Imagination  
Robert Hughes    
  The Fatal Shore  
Christmas Humphreys    
  Zen Buddhism  
Aldous Huxley    
  The Perennial Philosophy  
[I Ching]    
  The Book of Change Blowfeld, John (a)
  Change: Eight Lectures on the I Ching Wilhelm, Hellmut (a)
  The Eleventh Wing: An Exposition of the Dynamics of I Ching for Now Dhiegh, Khigh Alx (a)
  I Ching Coin Prediction Liu, Da (a)
  I Ching: Book of Changes  
  Lectures on the I Ching: Constancy and Change Wilhelm, Richard (a)
Holbrook Jackson    
  The Eighteen Nineties  
Henry James    
  The American Scene  
  A Little Tour in France  
P.D. James    
  The Ancient Gods  
William James    
  As William James Said  
  Memories and Studies  
  The Philosophy of William James  
  The Principles of Psychology  
  The Selected Letters of William James Hardwick, Elizabeth (e, s)
  Selected Papers on Philosophy  
  The Works of William James: A Pluralistic Universe  
Karl Jaspers    
  The Great Philosophers Arendt, Hannah (e)
Ricky Jay    
  Jay’s Journal of Anomalies  
Jean Paul    
  Jean Paul: A Reader  
Samuel Johnson    
  Johnson’s Dictionary  
  Lives of the English Poets: Volume 1  
Campbell Joseph    
  The Hero with a Thousand Faces  
  The Koran Interpreted Arberry, John (t)
  On the Kabbalah and Its Symbolism Scholem, Gershom G. (a)
  The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah Schaya, Leo (a)
  The Wisdom of the Kabbalah Runes, Dagobert D. (s)
  The Holy Kabbalah Waite, A.E. (a); Rexroth, Kenneth (s)
Franz Kafka    
  Letters to Milena  
Charles Kaiser    
  The Gay Metropolis: 1940-1996  
Malla Kalyana    
  Ananga Ranga; The Symposium Plato (a); Burton, Sir Richard (t); Arbuthnot, F.F. (t); Jowett, Benjamin (t)
Immanuel Kant    
  Critique of Aesthetic Judgment  
  Critique of Pure Reason  
John Keats    
  The Letters of John Keats  
Richard Kenin    
  Return to Albion  
  Essays in Idleness: The Tsurezuregusa of Kenko  
Soren Kierkegaard    
  Armed Neutrality and an Open Letter  
  Concluding Unscientific Postscript  
  Fear and Trembling  
  The Journals  
  Philosophical Fragments, or a Fragment of Philosophy  
  The Prayers of Kierkegaard  
  Selections from the Writings of Kierkegaard Hollander, Lee M. (t)
Alexander Klein    
  Grand Deception: The World’s Most Spectacular and Successful Hoaxes, Impostures, Ruses, and Frauds Klein, Alexander (e)
Kenneth Koch    
  Wishes, Lies, and Dreams  
Gina Kolata    
  Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It  
Wayne Kostenbaum    
Lawrence Kramer    
  Music and Poetry: The Nineteenth Century and After  
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross    
  Questions and Answers on Death and Dying  
Hans Kung    
  Does God Exist?  
  On Being a Christian  
  That the World May Believe  
Stephen Kurtz    
  The Art of Unknowing: Dimensions of Openness in Analytic Therapy  
Jacques Lacan    
  Ecrits: A Selection  
Myrick Land    
  The Fine Art of Literary Mayhem: A Lively Account of Famous Writers and Their Feuds  
Walter Savage Landor    
  Classical Conversations: Being Imaginary Conversations among Greek, Roman, and Modern Personages of Classic Consequence in the History of Human Culture  
  Pentameron: Citation and Examination of William Shakespeare  
Philip Larkin    
  Selected Letters of Philip Larkin: 1940-1985  
Richmond Lattimore    
  Acts and Letters of the Apostles Lattimore, Richmond (t)
D.H. Lawrence    
  Fantasia of the Unconscious, and Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious  
  The Selected Letters of D.H. Lawrence Trilling, Diana (e)
Vernon Lee [Violet Paget]    
  The Ballet of the Nations  
  Handling of Words  
  Limbo and Other Essays  
  Music and Its Lovers  
  The Sentimental Traveller  
  A Vernon Lee Anthology Willis, Irene Cooper (e)
  Vital Lies: Volume 2  
David Lehman    
  The Big Question  
  The Line Forms Here  
  The Last Avant-Garde  
Michael Leiris    
  Rules of the Game Davis, Lydia (t)
Giacomo Leopardi    
  Pensieri Di Piero, W.S. (t)
Primo Levi    
  Survival in Auschwitz  
Claude Levi-Strauss    
  The Savage Mind  
Herbert R. Liedke    
  Literary Criticism and Romantic Theory in the Work of Achim von Armin  
Lieh Tzu    
  Taoist Teachings from the Book of Lieh Tzu  
Roger Little    
  The Shaping of Modern French Poetry  
Stanley Loomis    
  Paris in the Terror  
Lu Chi    
  The Art of Letters: Lu Chi’s "Wen Fu," A.D. 302  
  On the Nature of the Universe  
Meher Baba    
  Discourses Meher, Baba (a)
  Three Talks on Meher Baba Brabazon, Francis (a)
Edward MacCurdy    
  The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci MacCurdy, Edward (e, s)
Niccolo Machiavelli    
  Three Renaissance Classics: The Prince, Utopia, the Courtier More, Thomas (a); Castiglione, Baldassare (a); Milligan, Burton A. (t)
Louis MacNeice    
Osip Mandelstam    
  Osip Mandelstam: Selected Essays Monas, Sidney (t)
Katherine Mansfield    
  Journal of Katherine Mansfield  
Marcus Aurelius    
  The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius  
Andrew Marvell    
  Andrew Marvell: The Critical Heritage Donno, Elizabeth Story (e)
James McCourt    
  Queer Street  
William McElwee    
  England’s Precedents  
  A Short History of England  
H.L. Mencken    
  The American Credo Nathan, George Jean (a)
  The American Language [with Supplements 1 and 2]  
Maurice Merleau-Ponty    
  The Prose of the World  
Henri Michaux    
  A Barbarian in Asia  
Jules Michelet    
  Satanism and Witchcraft  
John Michell    
  Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions  
Michel de Montaigne    
  Essays of Michel de Montaigne [Handbook and Volumes 1 and 2]  
Marianne Moore    
  The Complete Prose of Marianne Moore  
Odette de Mourgues    
  Metaphysical, Baroque, and Precieux Poetry  
Edwin Muir    
  We Moderns  
F. Max Muller    
  Collected Works  
Lewis Mumford    
  The Golden Day  
Beth Nelson    
  George Crabbe and the Progress of Eighteenth-Century Narrative Verse  
Gerard de Nerval    
  Journey to the Orient  
P.H. Newby    
  The Novel: 1945-1950  
Friedrich Nietzsche    
  Joyful Wisdom  
  Nietzsche in Outline and Aphorism Orage, A.R. (a)
  A Nietzsche Reader Hollingdale, R.J. (e, t)
  The Philosophy of Nietzsche Wright, Willard Huntington (s)
F.S.C. Northrop    
  The Meeting of East and West  
Robert Nozick    
  The Examined Life  
R.B. Nye    
  A History of the United States: Volume 1, Birth of the U.S.A. Morpurgo, J.E. (a)
Geoffrey O’Brien    
  The Phantoum Empire  
Kakuzo Okakura    
  Book of Tea  
Iona Opie    
  The Lure and Language of Schoolchildren Opie, Peter (a)
Jose Ortega y Gasset    
  On Love  
  The Revolt of the Masses  
David Ossman    
  The Sullen Art  
P.D. Ouspensky    
  Tertium Organum: A Key to the Enigmas of the World  
Ron Padgett    
  Blood Work: Selected Prose  
Elaine Pagels    
  The Gnostic Gospels  
Arnold Palmer    
  Movable Feasts  
Vasilis Papageorgiou    
  Euripides’ Medea and Cosmetics  
Blaise Pascal    
  Pascal’s Pensees Eliot, T.S. (s); Trotter, W.F. (t)
  The Provincial Letters  
Boris Pasternak    
  Letters to Georgian Friends Magarshack, David (t, s)
Walter Pater    
  Appreciations with an Essay on Style  
  Gaston de Latour  
  Greek Studies  
  Miscellaneous Studies  
  Pater’s Portraits Monsman, Gerald Cornelius (a)
  Plato and Platonism  
  Selected Writings of Walter Pater Bloom, Harold (e)
  Walter Pater Benson, Arthur C. (a)
Cesare Pavese    
  Selected Letters, 1924-1950 Murch, A.E. (e, t, s)
Bob Perelman    
  The Marginalization of Poetry  
Jed Perl    
  Eyewitness: Reports from an Art World in Crisis  
  Gallery Going: Four Seasons in the Art World  
Marjorie Perloff    
  The Futurist Moment  
Hester Lynch Piozzi    
  Observations and Reflections Made in the Course of a Journey Through France, Italy, and Germany  
Richard Plant    
  The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War against Homosexuals  
  Dialogues of Plato  
  Phaedrus, Ion, Gorgias, and Symposium, with Passages from The Republic and Laws  
  Plato’s Progress Ryle, Gilbert (a)
  Protagoras and Meno  
  The Republic  
  The Symposium  
  Natural History  
Ezra Pound    
  Ezra Pound and Japan: Letters and Essays  
  Literary Essays of Ezra Pound Eliot, T.S. (e)
  The Translations of Ezra Pound  
William H. Prescott    
  History of the Conquest of Mexico, and History of the Conquest of Peru  
Marcel Proust    
  The Maxims of Marcel Proust  
  On Reading  
  Pleasures and Regrets  
  The Golden Verses of Pythagoras D’Olivet, Fabre (a, t)
Esther Casier Quinn    
  The Quest of Seth: For the Oil of Life  
Rose Quong    
  Chinese Written Characters: Their Wit and Wisdom  
Eino Railo    
  The Haunted Castle: A Study of the Elements of English Romanticism  
Carl Rakosi    
  The Collected Prose of Carl Rakosi  
Paul C. Ray    
  The Surrealist Movement in England  
Graham Reed    
  The Psychology of Anomalous Experience  
Captain Mayne Reid    
  Odd People: Being a Popular Description of Singular Races of Man  
H.A. Reinhold    
  Soul Afire: Revelations of the Mystics Reinhold, H.A. (e)
Joan Retallack    
  The Poethical Wager  
Jean Rhys    
  Smile, Please: An Unfinished Autobiography  
Joanna Richardson    
  The Courtesans: The Demi-Monde in Nineteenth-Century France  
Rainer Maria Rilke    
  Letters to a Young Poet  
  The Notebook of Malte Laurids Brigge  
  Selected Works, Volume 1: Prose  
Graham Robb    
  Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century  
J.G. Robertson    
  A History of German Literature  
Cornwell B. Rogers    
  The Spirit of Revolution in 1789  
Richard Rolle    
  The Fire of Love and the Mending of Life  
Israel Rosenfield    
  The Strange, Familiar, and Forgotten: An Anatomy of Consciousness  
Jean Jacques Rousseau    
  The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau  
Raymond Roussel    
  How I Wrote Certain of My Books Winkfield, Trevor (e); Ashbery, John (s)
Neil L. Rudenstine    
  Pointing Our Thoughts: Reflections on Harvard and Higher Education, 1991-2001  
Raymond Rudorff    
  The Belle Epoque: Paris in the Nineties  
John Ruskin    
  Deucalion, King of the Golden River, Dame Wiggins of Lee Eagle’s Nest  
  Modern Painters: Volume V  
C.A. Sainte-Beube    
  Causeries du Lundi  
L.F. Salzman    
  English Life in the Middle Ages  
Robert Scholes    
  Structuralism in Literature  
Delmore Schwartz    
  Ego Is Always at the Wheel: Bagatelles  
Karl de Schweinitz    
  Growing Up: The Story of How We Become Alive, Are Born, and Grow Up  
Kurt Seligmann    
  The History of Magic  
Janet Shirley    
  A Parisian Journal: 1405-1449  
Colin Simpson    
  The Cleveland Street Affair Chester, Lewis (a); Leitch, David (a)
Edith Sitwell    
  A Book of the Winter Sitwell, Edith (e)
Sacheverelle Sitwell    
  Canons of Giant Art: Twenty Torsos in Heroic Landscapes  
  The Hunters and the Hunted  
  Old-Fashioned Flowers  
Robin Skelton    
  The Practice of Poetry  
Susan Sontag    
  Against Interpretation  
Juliana Spahr    
  A Poetics of Criticism Spahr, Juliana (e); Wallace, Mark (e); Prevallet, Kristin (e); Rehm, Pam (e)
Rebecca L. Spang    
  The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture  
Albert Speer    
  Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs by Albert Speer  
Oswald Spengler    
  The Decline of the West [abridged edition]  
Gertrude Stein    
  Paris France  
  Wars I Have Seen  
Marie-Henri Beyle Stendhal    
  The Life of Henri Brulard  
  Private Diaries of Stendhal  
Wallace Stevens    
  The Necessary Angel  
Susan Stewart    
  On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature Gigantic Souvenir Collection  
Henry Reed Stiles    
  Bundling: Its Origin, Progress, and Decline in America  
Lytton Strachey    
  Books and Characters  
  Characters and Commentaries  
  Portraits in Miniature and Other Essays  
  Queen Victoria  
D.T. Suzuki    
  Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism  
  Essays in Zen Buddhism  
Emanuel Swedenborg    
  The Apocalypse Revealed: Wherein Are Disclosed the Arcana Therefore Told, Which Have Hitherto Remained Concealed  
Arthur Symons    
  The Romantic Movement in English Poetry  
  Studies in the Elizabethan Drama  
  The Symbolist Movement in Literature  
  Tacitus on Britain and Germany Mattingly, H. (t)
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  Divine Milieu  
  Evolution: The Theory of Teilhard de Chardin Delfgaauw, Bernard (a)
  The Future of Man  
  The Heart of Matter  
  Letters from My Friend Leroy, Pierre (e, s); Lukas, Mary (t)
  Man’s Place in Nature  
  The Phenomenon of Man  
  Toward the Future  
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Rita Thalmann    
  Crystal Night: 9-10 November 1938 Feinermann, Emmanuel (a)
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  The Icknield Way  
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  Voyage of the Damned Witts, Max Morgan (a)
Bill Thompson    
James Thomson    
  James Thomson (B.V.): A Critical Study Walker, Imogene B. (a)
  James Thomson (B.V.): Beyond "The City" Schaefer, William David (a)
Henry D. Thoreau    
  Summer: From the Journal of Henry David Thoreau Blake, H.G.O. (e)
  Walden and Other Writings Atkinson, Brooks (e)
  Winter: From the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau Blake, H.G.O. (e)
  The Peloponnesian War  
John Train    
  Even More Remarkable Names Train, John (e); Le-Tan, Pierre (i)
  How to Name Your Baby Train, John (e)
  Most Remarkable Names Train, John (e); Le-Tan, Pierre (i)
  Remarkable Relatives Train, John (e)
Anthony Trollope    
  North America  
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  Domestic Manners of the Americans Hervieu, Auguste (i)
Ki no Tsurayuki    
  The Tosa Diary Porter, William N. (t)
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  Mystics of the Church  
Paul Valery    
  The Art of Poetry Eliot, T.S. (s); Folliot, Denise (t)
  Idee Fixe  
Vincent van Gogh    
  The Letters of Vincent van Gogh Roskill, Mark (e)
Helen Vendler    
  Invisible Listeners: Lyric Intimacy in Herbert, Whitman, and Ashbery  
Giambattista Vico    
  The New Science of Giambattista Vico  
D.P. Walker    
  The Decline of Hell: Seventeenth-Century Discussions of Eternal Torment  
Horace Walpole    
  The Selected Letters of Horace Walpole Lewis, W.S. (e)
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  Paris under the Occupation  
John Waters    
  Shock Value  
Simone Weil    
  Gravity and Grace  
  Letter to a Priest  
Stanley Weintraub    
  The London Yankees: Portraits of American Writers and Artists in England, 1894-1914  
Denton Welch    
  The Journals of Denton Welch De-la-Noye, Michael (e)
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  How People Change  
James McNeill Whistler    
  The Gentle Art of Making Enemies  
Edmund White    
  Our Paris: Sketches from Memory  
Alfred North Whitehead    
  Adventures of Ideas  
  Process and Reality  
Oscar Wilde    
  The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: Criticism and Reviews, Volume 12  
  De Profundis Holland, Vyvyan (e)
William Carlos Williams    
  Selected Essays  
F.P. Wilson    
  The English Drama: 1485-1585  
Ludwig Wittgenstein    
  Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics  
Rudolf Wittkower    
  Born under Saturn: The Character and Conduct of Artists: A Documented History from Antiquity to the French Revolution Wittkower, Margot (a)
Virginia Woolf    
  The Common Reader  
  The Death of the Moth  
  The Second Common Reader  
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  Hard Travel to Sacred Places  
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  The Theatre of Embarrassment  
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  A Vision  
Adam Zagajewski    
  Two Cities: On Exile, History, and the Imagination  
Heinrich Zimmer    
  Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization Campbell, Joseph (e)
Various / Anonymous / Miscellanous    
  The Dial: Arts and Letters in the 1920s: An Anthology of Writings from the Dial Magazine Brown, Gaye L. (e)
  Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan Omori, Annie Shepley (t); Doi, Kochi (t)
  French Wit and Wisdom: Being Sayings of Rochefoucauld, Balzac, Chamfort, Joubert, Voltaire, Sand, De Stal, De Valois, and Stendhal Kredel, Fritz (i)
  New Directions 9 Laughlin, James (e)
  The Newgate Calender: Comprising Interesting Memoirs of the Most Notorious Characters Who Have Been Convicted of Outrages on the Laws of England, with Speeches, Confessions, and Last Exclamations of Sufferers Savage, Henry (s)
  Tantra of the Great Liberation Avalon, Arthur (t)