Kobo Abe    
  The Ark Sakura  
Walter Abish    
  How German Is It  
Kathy Acker    
  The Childlike Life of the Black Tarantula  
Peter Ackroyd    
  English Music  
  The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde  
Henry Adams    
  Novels Mont Saint Michel Education  
George Ade    
  Forty Modern Fables  
  In Babel  
  In Pastures New  
  More Fables  
  The Permanent Ade Kelly, Fred C. (e)
  The Slim Princess  
Tom Ahern    
  The Petrus Borel Stories  
  The Wanderer Delisle, Francois (t)
Felipe Alfau    
Marcel Allain    
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  Winesburg, Ohio  
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  Pride and Prejudice  
Paul Auster    
  The New York Trilogy  
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  The Crazy Green of Second Avenue  
  The Mirror Creek  
  Sadness at Leaving  
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  The Deadly Percheron  
Djuna Barnes    
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  Come Back, Dr. Caligari  
  The Dead Father  
  Sixty Stories  
  Snow White  
  Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts  
L. Frank Baum    
  Journeys through Oz  
Samuel Beckett    
William Beckford    
  The Episodes of Vathek  
  Three Gothic Novels: The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole; Vathek by William Beckford; The Vampyre by John Polidori; and a fragment of a novel by Lord Byron Bleiler, E.F. (e); Walpole, Horace (a); Polidori, John (a); Byron, Lord George Gordon (a)
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  A Russian Doll and Other Stories Levine, Suzanne Jill (t)
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Maurice Blanchot    
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Elizabeth Bowen    
  The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen  
  The Demon Lover  
  The Heat of the Day  
  The Hotel  
  The House in Paris  
  The Last September  
  Look at All Those Roses  
  Pictures and Conversations  
Jane Bowles    
  Emmy Moore’s Journal [in Paris Review 56, Spring 1973]  
Kay Boyle    
  Gentlemen, I Address You Privately  
Scott Bradfield    
  Dream of the Wolf  
Richard Bridgman    
  Gertrude Stein in Pieces  
Hermann Broch    
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Emily Bronte    
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Christine Brooke-Rose    
Mikhail Bulgakov    
  A Country Doctor’s Notebook Glenny, Michael (t)
  The White Guard Glenny, Michael (t)
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  The Way of All Flesh  
Mary Butts    
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  The Classical Novels  
  The Crystal Cabinet  
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  Deosil [ts]  
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  The Macedonian  
  Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra  
  Several Occasions  
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Truman Capote    
  A Tree of Night  
Lewis Carroll    
  The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll  
Frederick Ted Castle    
Willa Cather    
  The Professor’s House  
Anton Chekhov    
  The Island Terpak, Luba and Michael (t)
  Lady with Lap Dog and Other Stories Magarshack, David (t)
  Late-Blooming Flowers and Other Stories Chertok, I.C (t).; Gardener, Jean (t)
  Peasants and Other Stories Wilson, Edmund (e)
  Witch and Other Stories Garnett, Constance (t)
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  Kingdom Come  
T.E.B. Clarke    
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Jean Cocteau    
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  Darkness and Day  
  Elders and Betters  
  A Family and a Fortune  
  A God and His Gifts  
  A Heritage and Its History  
  A House and Its Head  
  The Last and the First  
  Men and Wives  
  Menservant and Maidservant  
  More Women Than Men  
  Mother and Son  
  Parents and Children  
  Pastors and Masters  
  The Present and the Past  
  Two Worlds and Their Ways  
Cyril Connolly    
  The Rockpool  
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Julio Cortazar    
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Machado de Assis    
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  As I Lay Dying  
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  Go She Must!  
  Lady into Fox  
  A Man in the Zoo  
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  The First Winter of My Married Life  
  In the Heart of the Heart of the Country  
William Gerhardie    
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  Crump’s Terms  
  Hulme’s Investigations into the Bogart Script  
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  Cold Comfort Farm  
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  Lafcadio’s Adventures  
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  Burnt House to Paw Paw  
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  New Grub Street  
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Julien Gracq    
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  The System of Landor’s Cottage  
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Henry Green    
  Party Going  
Brothers Grimm    
  Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales Campbell, Joseph (s)
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  Diary of a Nobody  
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  Sleepless Nights  
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  The Mayor of Casterbridge  
Wilson Harris    
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  The Guyana Quartet  
  The Secret Ladder  
  The Tree of the Sun  
John Hawkes    
  Death, Sleep, and the Traveler  
  The Passion Artist  
Nathaniel Hawthorne    
  Tales and Sketches  
Julie Hecht    
  Do the Windows Open?  
Alan Hollinghurst    
  The Swimming Pool Library  
Paul Horgan    
  The Fault of Angels  
Fanny Howe    
  Famous Questions  
Anthony Howell    
  In the Company of Others  
Richard Hughes    
  The Innocent Voyage  
Aldous Huxley    
  After Many a Summer Dies the Swan  
  Point Counterpoint  
Christopher Isherwood    
  The Berlin Stories  
  Prater Violet  
Kazuo Ishiguro    
  An Artist of the Floating World  
Arturo Islas    
  The Raingod  
Michael Ives    
  The External Combustion Engine  
J.P. Jacobsen    
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  The Altar of the Dead; The Beast in the Jungle; The Birthplace; and Other Tales  
  The Ambassadors  
  The American Novels and Stories of Henry James Matthiessen, F.O. (e)
  The American  
  The Awkward Age  
  The Bostonians  
  Daisy Miller; An International Episode  
  The Europeans; The Spoils of Poynton; The Sacred Fount  
  Finer Grain  
  The Golden Bowl  
  The Jolly Corner and Other Tales  
  The Other House  
  A Passionate Pilgrim and Other Tales  
  Portrait of a Lady  
  The Princess Casamassima  
  The Sacred Fount  
  The Spoils of Poynton  
  The Tragic Muse  
  Washington Square  
  Watch and Ward  
  The Wings of the Dove  
M.R. James    
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Randall Jarrell    
  Pictures from an Institution  
Alfred Jarry    
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  The Best Short Stories of Ring Lardner  
  Haircut and Other Stories  
  How to Write Short Stories  
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  The Plumed Serpent  
Lazarillo de Tormes [anonymous life of]    
  The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes Merwin, W.S. (t)
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  The Enchanted Woods  
  The Snake Lady and Other Stories  
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Wyndham Lewis    
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Arthur Machen    
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  The House of Souls  
  Tales of Horror and the Supernatural  
Henry Mackenzie    
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  Sir Roger de Coverley - Papers from the Spectator, by Joseph Addison; The Vicar of Wakefield, by Oliver Goldsmith; The Man of Feeling, by Henry Mackenzie Addison, Joseph (a); Goldsmith, Oliver (a)
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Harry Mathews    
  20 Lines a Day  
  The American Experience  
  The Conversions  
  Country Cooking and Other Stories  
  The Orchard  
  Singular Pleasures  
  The Sinking of the Adradek Stadium and Other Stories  
  The Way Home  
Francois Mauriac    
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James McCourt    
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  Women and Men  
Jean McGarry    
  The Courage of Girls  
William McPhearson    
  Testing the Current  
Herman Melville    
  The Shorter Novels of Herman Melville  
  Typee; Omoo; Mardi  
  Uncollected Prose  
George Meredith    
  Diana of the Crossways  
  Evan Harrington  
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  King, Queen, Knave  
  Look at the Harlequins!  
  The Stories of Nabokov  
Martin Nakell    
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Michael Nelson    
  A Room in Chelsea Square  
Frances Newman    
  Dead Lovers Are Faithful Lovers  
  Henry von Ofterdingen Hilty, Palmer (t)
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  At Swim-Two-Birds  
  The Hard Life  
  The Poor Mouth  
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Flannery O’Connor    
  Collected Works  
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  Wise Blood; The Violent Bear It Away; Everything That Rises Must Converge Fitzgerald, Sally (s)
Kenzaburo Oe    
  A Personal Matter  
Montague O’Reilly    
  Who Has Been Tampering with These Pianos?  
George Orwell    
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Dazai Osamu    
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Painter, William    
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  Complete Novels  
Georges Perec    
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Auguste Plinth    
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William Plomer    
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Edgar Allan Poe    
Jan Potocki    
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  A Dance to the Music of Time  
  The Fisher King  
  From a View to a Death  
  O, How the Wheel Becomes It!  
  What’s Become of Waring?  
Dawn Powell    
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  A Time to Be Born  
John Cowper Powys    
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  A Glass of Blessings  
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  The Sweet Dove Died  
  An Unsuitable Attachment  
Thomas Pynchon    
  Gravity’s Rainbow  
Raymond Queneau    
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Thomas Raucat    
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Charles Reade    
  The Cloister and the Hearth  
Jeremy Reed    
  Inhabiting Shadows  
Jean Rhys    
  After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie  
  Tigers Are Better Looking  
  Wide Sargasso Sea  
Henry Handel Richardson    
  The Fortunes of Richard Mahony Lewis, Sinclair (s)
Donald Richie    
  Companions of the Holiday  
  A View from the Chuo Line and Other Stories  
Rainer Maria Rilke    
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Mary Robison    
  Believe Them  
  Why Did I Ever  
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  Witches’ Sabbath Howard, Richard (t)
Vita Sackville-West    
  Seducers in Ecuador  
Saki (H.H. Munro)    
  The Works of "Saki"  
Aksel Sandemose    
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  Fireman Flower  
  The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories  
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James Schuyler    
  What’s for Dinner?  
Bruno Schulz    
  The Street of Crocodiles Wieniewska, Celina (t)
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  In Dreams Begin Responsibilities and Other Stories Atlas, James (e); Howe, Irving (s)
  Successful Love and Other Stories  
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  Old Mortality; Black Dwarf; Legend of Montrose; The Surgeon’s Daughter  
W.G. Sebald    
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  Vertigo Hulse, Michael (t)
Sophie Rostopchine de Segur    
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M.E. Shchedrin    
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  Body Blows  
Tobias Smollett    
  Humphry Clinker  
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Gilbert Sorrentino    
  Rose Theatre  
Louise de Stael    
  Corinne or Italy Hill, Isabel (t)
Gertrude Stein    
  The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas  
  Composition as Explanation  
  Everybody’s Autobiography  
  Fernhurst, Q.E.D., and Other Early Writings  
  The First Reader and Three Plays Rose, Francis (i)
  Geography and Place  
  How to Write  
  Lucy Church Amiably  
  The Making of Americans  
  Mrs. Reynolds  
  A Novel of Thank You  
  Selected Operas and Plays of Gertrude Stein Brinnin, John Malcolm (e)
  Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein van Vechten, Carl (e)
  Stanzas in Meditation  
  Three Lives  
  The World is Round  
  Writings and Lectures, 1909-1945 Meyerowitz, Patricia (e)
  The Charterhouse of Parma Scott Moncrieff, C.K. (t)
Laurence Sterne    
  Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy  
  Memoirs of Mr. Laurence Sterne; The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy; A Sentimental Journey; Selected Sermons and Letters Grant, Douglas (e)
Robert Louis Stevenson    
  Prince Otto  
Patricia Storace    
  Dinner with Persephone  
Julia Strachey    
  Cheerful Weather for the Wedding  
  The Man on the Pier  
Botho Strauss    
  Living Glimmering Lying Theobald, Roslyn (t)
Howard Overing Sturgis    
  Belchamber Hopkins, Gerard (s)
Italo Svevo    
  As a Man Grows Older de Zoete, Beryl (t)
  Confessions of Zeno de Zoete, Beryl (t)
Sir Philip Sydney    
  The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia Evans, Maurice (e)
  The Old Arcadia Duncan-Jones, Katherine (e)
Junichiro Tanizaki    
  The Key Hibbett, Howard (t)
  The Makioka Sisters Seidensticker, Edward G. (t)
James Tate    
  Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee  
  Lucky Darryl Knott, Bill (a)
William Makepeace Thackerary    
  The Book of Snobs  
  Denis Duval; The Wolves and the Lamb; Lovel and the Widower; Roundabout Papers  
  The Rose and the Ring Credle, Fritz (i)
Jim Thompson    
  Savage Night  
Lynne Tillman    
  This Is Not It  
Leo Tolstoy    
  Anna Karenina Garnett, Constance (t)
  Nine Stories, 1855-63 Maude, Louise (t); Maude, Aylmer (t)
  Six Short Masterpieces by Tolstoy Wettlin, Margaret (t)
  War and Peace Garnett, Constance (t)
Charles Hansen Towne    
  Autumn Loiterers Fogerty, Thomas (i)
Anthony Trollope    
  Barchester Towers; The Warden  
  Can You Forgive Her?  
  Doctor Thorne; The Warden  
  The Eustace Diamonds  
  Framley Parsonage  
  The Small House at Allington  
Ivan Turgenev    
  Fathers and Children  
  On the Eve Gardiner, Gilbert (t)
Frederic Tuten    
  The Adventures of Mao on the Long March  
Mark Twain    
  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  
  Candide Butt, John (t)
Heimito von Doderer    
  The Demons Winston, Richard and Clara (t)
  The Waterfalls of Slunj Wilkins, Eithne (t); Kaiser, Ernst (t)
  The Writing of Heimito von Doderer [in Chicago Review XXVI.2, 1974] Kling, Vincent (t)
Robert Walser    
  Jacob von Gunten Middleton, Christopher (t)
  Le Commis [trans. into French from German] Lortholary, Bernard (t)
  Les Enfant Tanner [trans. into French from German] Launay, Jean (t)
  Les Redactions de Fritz Kocher [trans. into French from German] Launay, Jean (t)
  Masquerade and Other Stories Bernofsky, Susan (t); Gass, William H. (s)
  Review of Contemporary Fiction: Robert Walser Number [Spring 1992, XII.1]  
  The Robber Bernofsky, Susan (t)
  Robert Walser Rediscovered Harman, Mark (e); Arndt, Walter (t)
  Selected Stories Middleton, Christopher (t); Sontag, Susan (s)
  Sur Quelques-uns et sur lui-meme [trans into french from German] Schneider, Jean-Claude (t)
Sylvia Townsend Warner    
  Lolly Willowes; or, The Loving Huntsman  
  Mr. Fortune’s Maggot  
  Summer Will Show  
Rex Warner    
  The Wild Goose Chase  
Evelyn Waugh    
  Decline and Fall  
  A Handful of Dust  
Sir George Webbe Dasent    
  The Story of Burnt Njal Webbe Dasent, Sir George (t)
Denton Welch    
  Maiden Voyage  
George Anthony Weller    
  Not to Eat, Not for Love  
Nathanael West    
  The Day of the Locust and His Other Novels  
David Wevill    
  Casual Ties  
Edith Wharton    
  The House of Mirth  
Joy Williams    
  Breaking and Entering  
  Taking Care  
William Carlos Williams    
  Make Light of It  
William S. Wilson    
  Why I Don’t Write Like Franz Kafka  
Trevor Winkfield    
  The Adventures [in Aggie Weston’s #8, Summer 1975]  
  In the Scissors’ Courtyard  
Richard Winters    
Thomas Wolfe    
  Of Time and the River  
Virginia Woolf    
  Jacob’s Room  
  Mrs. Dalloway  
  Night and Day  
  To the Lighthouse  
Rudolph Wurlitzer    
David Young    
  Agent Provocateur  
Eugene Zamiatin    
  We Zilboorg, Gregory (t)
Various / Anonymous / Miscellanous    
  Aladdin and Other Tales from the Thousand and One Nights Dawood, N.J. (t)
  Cupful of Tears, Sixteen Victorian Novelettes Seymour-Smith, Martin (e)
  Fairy Tales by Perrault, de Villeneuve, de Caylus, de Lubert, de Beaumont, etc. etc. Planche, J.R. (t)
  Hadrian the Seventh  
  The Mabinogion Gantz, Jeffrey (t)
  Minor British Novelists Hoyt, Charles Alva (e)
  More English Fairy Tales Jacobs, Joseph (t); Batten, John D. (i)
  Nibelungenlied Hatto, A.T. (t)
  Njal’s Saga Magnusson, Magnus (t); Palsson, Hermann (t)
  Novels of Mystery from the Victorian Age Richardson, Maurice (e)
  Open City: Seven Writers in Postwar Rome Weaver, William (e)
  Stories for Childhood, Original and Selected Mrs. Colman (e)
  Sturlunga Saga McGrew, Julia (t)