Vol. 1, No. 3, Summer 1996 (#3)

Honor Moore, J.G. Ballard, Paul Bowles, Anne Waldman and more...


Honor Moore

interviewed by Carolyn Kuebler


First Annual Firecracker Alternative Book Awards

The Letters of Wanda Tinasky by Steven Moore

J. G. Ballard: The Present is a Concrete Playground by Chris Barsanti

Patricia Highsmith: Getting Away with Murder by Allen Hibbard

BOA Editions by Susan Day

Charles Fort: The Real X-Files Reviews by John S. Beckmann



Medieval in LA    Jim Paul   by Steve Pomije

Lines of Fate    Mark Kharitonov    by Rick Henry

The Dead of the House    Hannah Green    by Barbara Bennett

The Lost Scrapbook    Evan Dara   by Trey Strecker

Ribofunk    Paul Di Filippo   by Carol Ann Sima

Crazy Water    Lori Baker   by Laura Shackelford

Monolith    Matt Corry  by Brian Evenson

The Stupefaction    Diane Williams   by Brian Evenson

Read This and Tell Me What It Says   A. Manette Ansay   by C.K. Hubbuch

Toward Amnesia   Sarah Van Arsdale   by Thomas Fagan


Circus Americanus    Ralph Rugoff   by Paul D. Dickinson

Lobster Boy    Paul Rosen    by Brad Zellar

Dersu the Trapper    V. K. Arseniev   by Jack Granath

Dead Meat    Sue Coe    by Carolyn Kuebler


The Front Matter, Dead Souls    Leslie Scalapino   by Charles Alexander

Baptism of Solitude    Paul Bowles   by Eric Lorberer

Declarations of Dependence    Harry Mathews    by Eric Lorberer

Fast Speaking Woman    Anne Waldman   by Eric Lorberer

Sweet Lorain    Bruce Weigl   by Brett Ralph

Vision of a Storm Cloud   William Olsen   by Kelly Everding

Cities and Towns   Arthur Vogelsang   by Josie Rawson

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