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Rain Taxi is funded by the generosity of readers like you. With a long history of national service through the quarterly Rain Taxi Review of Books, as well as community resources like the Twin Cities Literary Calendar and the Twin Cities Book Festival, Rain Taxi plays an important role in both the local and national literary culture. Your donations can keep this culture thriving!

Use the links below to donate with a credit card via Paypal or You can also donate via check or money order to RAIN TAXI, PO BOX 3840, MINNEAPOLIS MN 55403. Rain Taxi is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, so any donation you make is tax-deductible.


Whether youíre a Twin Cities-based supporter or a member of Rain Taxiís nationwide readership, there are multiple ways to contribute. Donors at any level will be acknowledged by name in our year-end issue. Earn additional benefits by donating at the following annual amounts:

$25 LOCAL SUPPORTER: local donors receive benefits like exclusive event invitations, discounts at readings, raffle opportunities, and more!

$40 REVIEW SUPPORTER: youíll receive a one-year subscription to our award-winning print quarterly, Rain Taxi Review of Books.

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$1000 ACCESS SUPPORTER: receive any or all of the above PLUS help make it possible for us to send thousands of free copies of Rain Taxi across the country! CLICK HERE to view the list of locations nationwide that carry Rain Taxi.

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