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Reviewer Submissions

Guidelines for submitting your review to Rain Taxi

Rain Taxi publishes work by writers in all stages of their careers. Our quarterly magazine provides a place for the spirited exchange of ideas about books, particularly those overlooked by mainstream review media. While Rain Taxi focuses on current releases, it also devotes space to the discussion of older works that continue to resonate. Interviews, essays, and "Widely Unavailable" (reviews of out-of-print books) are also regular features of the magazine.

Our print issues usually appear in March, June, September, and December. An accompanying Online Edition with additional, original material is published shortly after each print issue.  Submissions are accepted year-round, except for the months of June and December. Please note also that we do not accept submissions of original poetry or fiction.

Before submitting a review to Rain Taxi, we ask that you please carefully review our guidelines.

Ethical and Editorial Guidelines


How to Submit

1. We encourage you to submit by email. Send your review submissions to info@raintaxi.com. Please submit your review as a Microsoft Word or RTF attachment, or pasted into the body of your email. If sending via snail mail, please use our postal address, and include a SASE or email address for response:

Rain Taxi
PO Box 3840
Minneapolis, MN 55403

2. Please include a cover letter or email that indicates you: a) are submitting an original piece that has neither been published nor is under consideration elsewhere; b) are familiar with Rain Taxi through its print magazine or Online Edition; c) have read and agree with our ethical and editorial guidelines. Please disclose any relationships or communications with the author or publisher.

3. We encourage you to include in your cover letter a note about your background, reading interests, favorite authors, and other publications (if any).

4. If submitting a review, send something approximately 500 words in length, and please indicate how you obtained the book you have selected. Please include book title, author, publisher, and price as well as page numbers for all quotations. (If submitting an interview or essay, please provide any background information that may help us evaluate it.) Writers who have previously published reviews in newspapers or magazines and would like to be considered for an assignment may send three samples instead of newly written work.

5. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. We normally respond within one month. Please do not send submissions during the months of December and June.

Publisher and Author Submissions

How to submit a book for review consideration

Winner of the 2000 Alternative Press Award for Best Arts and Literature Coverage, the quarterly Rain Taxi Review of Books provides a place for the spirited exchange of ideas about books, particularly those overlooked by mainstream review media.

Submitting Books for Review:

Rain Taxi considers books in the categories of poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, art, and graphic novels. We do not review books in other areas (e.g., gardening, business, self-help, etc.) unless there is a significant literary connection. We DO occasionally review children's and young adult books, audio books, and chapbooks.

Please understand that we can review only a small percentage of the books we receive. We appreciate the opportunity to consider work from a variety of publishers, and all books are considered fairly. As a quarterly publication, we often take several months to consider a book; please do not send follow-up queries. We will notify you if your title is selected for review, and we always send tearsheets or links upon publication.

Also note that we DO NOT accept electronic files of any kind—only printed books (finished books or bound galleys) are accepted for consideration.

Publishers or authors who would like to have a new release considered for review are welcome to submit review copies and any relevant press information to our mailing address:

Rain Taxi
PO Box 3840
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Submitting Chapbooks for Review:

Rain Taxi’s commitment to covering work that is often ignored in the mainstream presses extends to chapbooks! For consideration of review, please submit two copies of each title you wish to submit to the address below:

Rain Taxi Review of Books
Attn: Chapbook Corner
PO Box 3840
Minneapolis MN 55403

We understand that many chapbooks come in very limited runs, but since a large part of their appeal is often in the design, we absolutely cannot accept submissions in electronic, manuscript, or galley format—we will only consider physical copies.

Please also note that Rain Taxi’s own chapbook series does not accept unsolicited manuscripts at any time.