Vol. 17 No. 4, Winter 2012-2013 (#68)

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Devin McKinney: Ghost World
interviewed by Dylan Hicks
Tim Nolan: Poems Are Everywhere
interviewed by Elizabeth Burns
E. J. Levy: What E. J. Levy And I Talk About When We Talk About Love
interviewed by Derek Askey

Danilo Kiš : The Ethics Of Aesthetics Of Ethics by Trevor Laurence Jockims
Bern Porter Remembered by Richard Kostelanetz
Mnartists.org Presents: Nice Fish: An Interview With Louis Jenkins & Mark Rylance by Connie Waneck
The New Life     by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner:
Penumbra     Serena Chopra     by Erin M. Bertram
Sink Your Teeth Into The Light    Joshua Michael Stewart     by Amy Henry


Dublinesque    Enrique Vila-Matas     by John Pistelli

Exile    Jakob Ejersbo     by Poul Houe

The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving    Jonathan Evison     by Amy Henry

A Hologram For The King    Dave Eggers     by Joshua Willey

Dora: A Headcase    Lydia Yuknavitch     by Madelon Sprengnether

The World Without You    Joshua Henkin     by Claire Shefchik

Daniel Fights A Hurricane    Shane Jones     by Robert Martin

Revelation    Colin Winnette     by Joshua Philip Cook

The World Through The Eyes Of Angels    Mahmoud Saeed     by Spencer Dew

This Beautiful Place    Tankred Dorst & Ursula Ehler     by Allie Curry

Favorite Monster    Sharma Shields     by Peter Grandbois

Falcons On The Floor    Justin Sirois     by Mark Wallace

Mumbai Noir    Altaf Tyrewala, ed.     by Graziano Krätli

A Voyage To The Island Of The Articoles    André Maurois     by Ryder W. Miller

What Happened To Sophie Wilder    Christopher R. Beha     by Matthew Duffus

The Devil In The Flesh    Raymond Radiquet     by Greg Bachar


Hip Hop Apsara    Anne Elizabeth Moore    by Greg Baldino

Robert Duncan: Aambassador From Venus    Lisa Jarnot & A Poet’s Mind: Collected Interviews With Robert Dunchan, 1960–1985    Christopher Wagstaff, Ed.     by Patrick James Dunagan

Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story: A Life Of David Foster Wallace    D. T. Max     by David Wiley

Why Does The World Exist? An Existential Detective Story    Jim Holt     by James Naiden

Horizon’s Lens My Time On The Turning World    Elizabeth Dodd     by Justin Wadland

Winter Journal    Paul Auster by Amy Henry

Something Like The Gods A Cultural History Of The Athlete From Achilles To Lebron    Stephen Amidon    by Scott F. Parker

On Being Ill With Notes From Sick Rooms by Julia Stephen    Virginia Woolf     by Charisse Gendron


Bewilderment    David Ferry    by Raphael Allison

In Time’s Rift    Ernst Meister    by Martin Balgach

Continuous Frieze Bordering Red    Michelle Naka Pierce    by Cindra Halm

Shortly Thereafter    Colin D. Halloran    by Barret Warner

Engine Empire    Cathy Park Hong    by Rachel Trousdale

Road Scatter    Sandra Meek    by Lightsey Darst

Transfer Fat    Aase Berg    by Megan Milks

What It Is Like    Charles North    by Terence Diggory


The Graphic Canon: Volumes 1 & 2    Russ Kick, Ed.    by Paul Buhle

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