Vol. 17 No. 2, Summer 2012 (#66)

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Tom Bissell Gets Down To Business
interviewed by Scott F. Parker
Tony Rauch: Escaping the Rules of Genre
interviewed by Laura Winton

Quilted Hay, or How to Write the World’s Worst Novels
by Louis Phillips
The Word: What the Hell Is It?
essay by Allan Kornblum
mnartists.org Reads Dylan Hicks
by Jay Orff
The New Life    by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner    by Steven Teref

featuring The World Will Deny It For You    Janaka Stucky



Immobility    Brian Evenson    reviewed by Shane Joaquin Jimenez

The Secret of Evil    Roberto Bolaño    reviewed by Joshua Willey

Mostly Redneck    Rusty Barnes     reviewed by Robert Martin

The Odds     Stewart O’Nan    reviewed by Sean Doyle

Thrown into Nature    Milen Ruskov    reviewed by Steven Wingate

Child Wonder    Roy Jacobsen    reviewed by Amy Henry

The Last Warner Woman    Kei Miller     reviewed by Michelle Wallin

Short Tails    Yuriy Tarnawsky    reviewed by Martin Nakell

The Great Lover    Michael Cisco     reviewed by David Rice

Zipper Mouth     Laurie Weeks    reviewed by Sarah Mintz

American Masculine    Shann Ray    reviewed by Rachel Bara

Country of the Bad Wolfes    James Carlos Blake    reviewed by Kristin Thiel

Crash & Tell    Lori Baker    reviewed by Megan Coyle

Lost Memory of Skin    Russell Banks    reviewed by Douglas Messerli

Stay Awake    Dan Chaon    reviewed by Benjamin Woodard


Tortured Artists: From Picasso And Monroe To Warhol And Winehouse, The Twisted Secrets Of The World’s Most Creative Minds    Christopher Zara    reviewed by Jacob M. Appel

The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard    Ron Padgett, ed.    reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

Wonderful Investigations: Essays, Meditations, Tales    Dan Beachy-Quick     reviewed by Justin Wadland

Travel: A Literary History    Peter Whitfield     reviewed by John Toren

The Grand Canyon Reader    Lance Newman, ed.     reviewed by Ryder W. Miller

The Sexual History of London: From Roman Londinium To The Swinging City—Lust, Vice, And Desire Across The Ages    Catharine Arnold    reviewed by Malcolm Forbes

Berlin Stories    Robert Walser    reviewed by Rebecca Gans

Grantland No. 1    Bill Simmons, ed.    reviewed by Robert Martin

Visual Culture: 2nd Edition, Fully Revised And Updated    Richard Howells & Joaquim Negreiros, eds.     reviewed by Brooke Horvath

The Art of the Secret World of Arrietty    Hiromasa Yonebayashi    reviewed by Kelly Everding

The Tender Hour of the Night: Paris In The ’50s, New York In The ’60s: A Memoir Of Publishing’s Golden Age    Richard Seaver     reviewed by Paul McRandle

The Virtues of Our Vices: A Modest Defense Of Gossip, Rudeness, And Other Bad Habits    Emrys Westacott     reviewed by James Naiden

In Other Worlds: Sf And The Human Imagination    Margaret Atwood    reviewed by Ursula Wood

The Doors: A Lifetime Of Listening To Five Mean Years    Greil Marcus    reviewed by Mark Gustafson

Against the Workshop: Provocations, Polemics, Controversies    Anis Shivani    reviewed by Roger Sedarat


Songs and Stories of the Ghouls    Alice Notley    reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

Ascension    giovanni singleton    reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson

Burning City: Poems of the Metropolitan Modernity    Jed Rasula & Tim Conley, eds.     reviewed by John Bradley

Uncertainties    Robert Kelly     reviewed by Jordan Reynolds

The Book of a Thousand Eyes    Lyn Hejinian     reviewed by Victoria Brockmeier

Citizen    Aaron Shurin    reviewed by John Bradley

Weather    Dave Lucas     reviewed by Kyle Churney

Murder Ballad    Jane Springer     reviewed by Lynnell Edwards

A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: new (soma)tics    CAConrad    reviewed by Abraham Avnisan

Boneshepherds    Patrick Rosal     reviewed by Graham Sutherland


Are You My Mother?    Alison Bechdel     reviewed by Isaac Butler

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 & Winter 1152    David Petersen     reviewed by Amanda Vail

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