Vol. 17 No. 1, Spring 2012 (#65)

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Thomas Frank: Isn’t It A Pity
interviewed by Eric Lorberer and Robert Martin
Paul Maliszewski: Prayer and Parable
interviewed by Amie Barrodale

The Word: Heard It Through The Grapevine
essay by Allan Kornblum
Inspector Salvo Montalbano and The Deep Open-Air Cave That Is Sicily
An Appreciation of Andrea Camilleri
essay by Louis Phillips
Derek Jarman and The Memory Palace Of Life
by Matthew Cheney
mnartists.org Presents: Art On Ice
by Andy Sturdevant

Cover artwork "Steep Ascent" by Gladys Swan

The New Life    by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner    by Erin M. Bertram

featuring There Is Another Poem In Which The News Is Erased and Written by Zachary Harris



The Voice Of The River    Melanie Rae Thon    by E. J. Levy

You Deserve Nothing    Alexander Maksik    by Jeremy Butman

Mrs. Nixon    Ann Beattie    by Ann Bogle

Train Dreams    Denis Johnson     by Joshua Willey

Shadow Traffic    Richard Burgin    by Colin Fleming

Anno Dracula    Kim Newman    by Kris Lawson

Fantastic Women: 18 Tales Of The Surreal and The Sublime From Tin House    Rob Spillman, ed.    by Laird Hunt

Sweet Talk    Stephanie Vaughn    by Jonah C. Sirott

The Angel Makers    Jessica Gregson    by Erika Stevens

Ether    Ben Ehrenreich    by Steve Street

The Double Life Of Alfred Buber    David Schmahmann    by Benjamin Woodard


There’s a Road to Everywhere Except Where You Came From    Bryan Charles    by Robert M. Detman

The Letters Of Samuel Beckett, Volume II, 1941-1956    George Craig, Martha Dow Fehsenfeld, Dan Gunn, Lois More Overbeck, eds.    by John Pistelli

Fire The Bastards!    Jack Green    by Dan Visel

Why Not?: Fifteen Reasons To Live    Ray Robertson    by Scott F. Parker

Is That A Fish In Your Ear?: Translation and The Meaning Of Everything    David Bellos    by Florencia Lauria

Uncreative Writing: Managing Language For The Digital Age    Kenneth Goldsmith     by Allie Curry

I Swear I Saw This: Drawings In Fieldwork Notebooks, Namely My Own    Michael Taussig    by W. C. Bamberger

The Sweetest Thing: A Boxer’s Memoir    Mischa Merz    by Jeff Bursey

Why Read Moby-Dick?    Nathaniel Philbrick    by Ryder W. Miller

Body Of A Dancer    Renée E. D’Aoust    by Jessica Handler

Monsters In America: Our Historical Obsession With The Hideous and The Haunting    W. Scott Poole    by Jeremy Biles


Solar Throat Slashed    Aimé Césaire    by Kevin Carollo

And Tell Tulip The Summer    Allan Graubard    by Valery Oisteanu

Collected Poems    Jack Gilbert    by Kimberly Burwick

On The Border Of Snow and Melt    Georgy Ivanov    by Amy Henry

The Odicy    Cyrus Console    by Julie Babcock

Tres    Roberto Bolaño    by John Bradley

Toxic Flora    Kimiko Hahn    by Sumita Chakraborty

The Uncertainty Principle    Mark Kraushaar    by Mark Liebenow

House Inspections    Carsten René Nielsen    by John Bradley

Moving Day    Ish Klein    by Virginia Konchan

Not Merely Because Of The Unknown That Was Stalking Toward Them    Jenny Boully    by Cindra Halm


African-American Classics    Tom Pomplun and Lance Tooks, Eds.    by Paul Buhle

Blue    Pat Grant    Isaac Butler

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