Vol. 17 No. 3, Fall 2012 (#67)

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Neal Stephenson: Some More Remarks
interviewed by Niels Strandskov
Sam Weller and Mort Castle: Live, Forever
interviewed by Greg Baldino
Roger Fanning: The Ways of Heartbreak
interviewed by Paul Maliszewski

mnartists.org presents: Holy Cow! Press at 35 by Ann Klefstad
The Last Laugh    by Louis Phillips
The New Life    by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner    by John Bradley
     featuring Ventifacts    Christine Hume


Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?    Jeanette Winterson     reviewed by Jen Besemer

Resisting Elegy: On Grief And Recovery    Joel Peckham     reviewed by Scott F. Parker

Half In Shade: Family, Photography, And Fate    Judith Kitchen     reviewed by Gabriel Blackwell

Don’t Kill The Birthday Girl: Tales From An Allergic Life    Sandra Beasley     reviewed by Amy Wright

The Outsourced Self: Intimate Life In Market Times    Arlie Russell Hochschild     reviewed by Andrew Cleary

Words Like Loaded Pistols: Rhetoric From Aristotle To Obama    Sam Leith     reviewed by Scott F. Parker

Feodor Dostoevsky: Resurrection From The Underground    René Girard     reviewed by Joshua Paetkau

Steinbeck In Vietnam: Dispatches From The War    John Steinbeck     reviewed by Ryder W. Miller

Conversations With Anne    Anne Bogart     reviewed by Isaac Butler

Reflections On Islamic Art    Ahdaf Soueif, Ed.     reviewed by Brooke Horvath

The Mark Of Abel    Lydia Panas     reviewed by Kelly Everding


Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders    Samuel R. Delany    reviewed by Greg Baldino

Canada    Richard Ford    reviewed by James Naiden

No Animals We Could Name    Ted Sanders    reviewed by Anna Roorda

None of This Is Real    Miranda Mellis    reviewed by Graham Guest

This Is Not Your City    Caitlin Horrocks    reviewed by Joshua Cook

Maleficium    Martine Desjardins    reviewed by Spencer Dew

This New and Poisonous Air    Adam McOmber    reviewed by Charles Dodd White

Jonah Man    Christopher Narozny    reviewed by David Rice

Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!    Gary Phillips and Andrea Gibbons, eds.    reviewed by Niels Strandskov

Enma the Immortal    Fumi Nakamura    reviewed by Amanda Vail

Cuttlefish    Dave Freer    reviewed by Kris Lawson

Bin Laden’s Bald Spot    Brian Doyle    reviewed by Benjamin Woodard

Dirt    David Vann    reviewed by Robert Martin

Children in Reindeer Woods    Kristín Ómarsdóttir     reviewed by Amy Henry


Selected Poems    Vladimir Nabokov    reviewed by David Wiley

Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me    Ghassan Zaqtan    reviewed by Spencer Dew

On the Spectrum of Possible Deaths    Lucia Perillo    reviewed by Edward A. Dougherty

A Book of Exquisite Disasters    Charlene Spearen    reviewed by Warren Woessner

Bursts of Light    William Bronk    reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

Of Flies and Monkeys     Jacques Dupin    reviewed by Alexendar Dickow

Fragile Acts    Allan Peterson    reviewed by Joshua Willey

It Can Be Solved reviewed by Walking    Jennifer Wallace    reviewed by Jane Jortiz-Nakagawa

Victory    Ben Kopel    reviewed by Jordan Reynolds

Place     Jorie Graham     reviewed by Joshua Willey


The Voyeurs    Gabrielle Bell;    Larceny in My Blood    Matthew Parker;    The Next Day    John Porcellino     reviewed by John Eisler

Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland    Harvey Pekar, art by Joseph Remnant     reviewed by Paul Buhle

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