Vol. 16 No. 2, Summer 2011 (#62)

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Sigrid Nunez
Under the Same Roof
interviewed by Jess deCourcy Hinds

Gary Snyder
A Roundtable Discussion
in which Snyder fields questions from the local Minnesota Literati

Shin Yu Pai
Poetry as Parallel Matter
interviewed by Craig Santos Perez


Life Lessons from Literary Dads
by Erin E. Schmidt

Mnartists.org presents: The Zine Apothecary
by Sarah Peters

Cover artwork "Little cottage in the wood" by Euf Lindeboom


Chapbook Corner: The Lake Has No Saint by Stacey Waite
     reviewed by Erin M. Bertram

Wordially Yours    by Scott Helmes and Big Time Attic



Calendar of Regrets    Lance Olsen     by Michael Jauchen

Lord of Misrule    Jaimy Gordon    by Douglas Messerli

Netsuke    Rikki Ducornet    by Mark Gustafson

The Free World    David Bezmozgis    by Tori Schacht

Death-in-a-Box    Alta Ifland     by Peter Grandbois

3 Dead Princes    Danbert Nobacon     by Niels Strandskov

Us    Michael Kimball    by Andy Stewart

The Forbidden Zone    Mary Borden    by Henrietta Goodman

Pacazo    Roy Kesey    by Leora Fridman

Trilogy of Resistance    Antonio Negri     by Justin Maxwell

West of Here    Jonathan Evison    by Robert M. Detman

Arthouse    Jeffrey DeShell    Derek M. Jackson

Open City    Teju Cole    by Laird Hunt

The Universe of Things    Gwyneth Jones     by Matthew Cheney

The Clockwork Man    William Jablonsky    by Ramona Szczerba

Zoo City    Lauren Beukes    by Rudi Dornemann

The Alchemist in the Shadows    Pierre Pevel    by Kris Lawson


Meddle English    Caroline Bergvall    by Cole Swensen

Walking the Dog’s Shadow    Deborah Brown    by Scott F. Parker

Building the Barricade    Anna Swir     by Piotr Gwiazda

One Island    Gretchen Steele Pratt    by Neil Kozlowicz

Sobbing Superpower    Tadeusz Różewicz    by Amy Groshek

Money Shot    Rae Armantrout    by John Herbert Cunningham

Scented Rushes    Nada Gordon    by Vladislav Davidzon

American Fanatics    Dorothy Barresi    by Spencer Dew

Strata    Ewa Chrusciel    by Amy Wright

And if You Don’t Go Crazy I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow    Filip Marinovich    by Ian Bodkin


The Collected Letters of Robinson Jeffers    James Karman, ed.    by Robert Zaller

The Arms of the Infinite    Christopher Barker    by Sharon Mesmer

The H. D. Book    Robert Duncan    by Patrick James Dunagan

Philosophy and Simulation    Manuel DeLanda    by W. C. Bamberger

Tiger, Tiger    Margaux Fragoso    by Yevgeniya Traps

In Quiet Rooms Young Girls Are Writing Poetry    David Rathman    by Mason Riddle

Big Sex Little Death    Susie Bright    by Peter S. Scholtes

My Week at the Blue Angel    Matthew O’Brien    by Jens Tamang

The Lover of a Subversive Is Also a Subversive    Martín Espada    by Zach Czaia

Mother California    Kenneth E. Hartman    by Christopher Zoukis

Arms Wide Open    Patricia Harman    by Barb Teed

Loyalty    Eric Felten    by Will Wlizlo

Fasting for Ramadan    Kazim Ali    by Gary Dukes


The Broadcast    Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon    by John Pistelli

Mister Wonderful    Daniel Clowes    by James R. Fleming

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