Vol. 16 No. 1, Spring 2011 (#61)

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Stephen Dixon
What Is All This?
interviewed by Paul Maliszewski

Paul Nelson
Slaughter and After
interviewed by Greg Bem


When the Mountains Waft:
The Impact of “When” on Poetic Process
by Kimberly Burwick

Mnartists.org presents: Appetite for Art
by Betsy Altheimer

Quincy Troupe’s American Gumbo
by Richard Klin

Cover artwork "Bei Dao" by Ann Mikolowski


The New Life by Gary Sullivan

Chapbook Corner: The Man Who Lost His Head by Zach Savich; Parents by Farrah Field; Frances by Emily Kendal Frey
reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon



Fate, Time, and Language    David Foster Wallace    by Scott F. Parker

What Ever Happened to Modernism?    Gabriel Josipovici    by Matthew Cheney

Muthologos    Charles Olson    by Patrick James Dunagan

The Harlem Renaissance Revisited    Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, ed.    by John Pistelli

Scorpions: The Battles and Triumphs of FDR’s Great Supreme Court Justices    Noah Feldman    by Jacob Appel

A Little Party Dress & I Never Dared Hope For You    Christian Bobin    by Steve Bradbury

On Paris    Ernest Hemingway    by Jesse Freedman

The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time    David L. Ulin    by Kevin Smokler

The Animal Part: Human and Other Animals in the Poetic Imagination    Mark Payne    by Stephen Burt

Urn Burial    Sir Thomas Browne    by Laird Hunt

Please Take Me Off the Guest List    Zachary Lipez, Nick Zinner, & Stacy Wakefield    by Michael Fallon

Albert York    William Corbett    by Daniel Picker

Native American Art    Gerald W. R. Ward, ed.    by Heid Erdrich


Night Soul and Other Stories    Joseph McElroy    by Scott Bryan Wilson

Breathing, In Dust    Tim Z. Hernandez    by Peter Grandbois

Cheyenne Madonna    Eddie Chuculate    by Emy Farley

Gryphon    Charles Baxter    by James Naiden

Panopticon    David Bajo    by Will Fertman

I Looked Alive    Gary Lutz    by Justin Courter

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings    Barry Gifford    by Christopher Matthew Jensen

The Petting Zoo    Jim Carroll    by Maria Damon

My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me    Kate Bernheimer, ed.    by Rudi Dornemann

The Bohemians    Anne Gédéon Lafitte, Marquis de Pelleport    by Douglas Messerli

Bartleby, the Sportscaster    Ted Pelton    by John Madera

Merit Badges    Kevin Fenton    by Benjamin Woodard

The Cosmopolitans    Nadia Kalman    by Yevgeniya Traps

Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry    Christine Sneed    by Justin Courter


Monkey Bars    Matthew Lippman    by Scott F. Parker

On Tact, & the Made Up World    Michele Glazer    by Fred Muratori

The Forest of Sure Things    Megan Snyder-Camp    by Marnie Colton

Determination    Kit Robinson    by Tyrone Williams

Floats Horse-Floats or Horse-Flows & The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom    Leslie Scalapino    by John Herbert Cunningham

New Covenant Bound    T. Crunk    by Lynnell Edwards

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know    John Bradley    by Abby Travis

Blood Writing    Sean Sexton    by Lisa Rose Bradford


How To Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less    Sarah Glidden     by Aimee Wolf

The Zabîme Sisters    Aristophane    by David Kennedy-Logan

The Playwright    Eddie Campbell and Daren White    by Greg Baldino

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