Vol. 15 No. 1, Spring 2010 (#57)

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Megan Staffel
The Inner and Outer World
interviewed by Want Chyi

Alfredo de Palchi
The Scorpion’s Dark Dance
interviewed by Louis E. Bourgeois


Odin House: A Literary Crossroads in the Middle of Nowhere
by Mark Gustafson

Mnartists.org presents: Paula McCartney’s Bird Watching
by Andy Sturdevant

Cover artwork by Zahi Khamis


The New Life by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner: No Omen by Heather Green and Cold Genius by Aaron Kunin reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon



The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis    Lydia Davis    by Jacob M. Appel

American Salvage    Bonnie Jo Campbell    by Matthew Jakubowski

The Confessions of Edward Day    Valerie Martin    by Dan Petrelli

Memories of the Future    Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky    by Douglas Messerli

Rasskazy    Mikhail Iossel and Jeff Parker, eds.    by Matthew Thrasher

Drowned Boy    Jerry Gabriel    by Jesse Freedman

A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts    N. M. Kelby    by Stephanie Zimmerman

Ransom    David Malouf    by Salvatore Ruggiero

Where I Stay    Andrew Zornoza    by John Madera

Intelligent Design    Denise Little, ed.    by Ryder W. Miller

The Abyss of Human Illusion    Gilbert Sorrentino    by Scott Bryan Wilson


Cold Mountain    Mike Hazard and Deb Wallwork    by Dobby Gibson

Scribe    Norman Finkelstein    by Robert Zaller

Young Rain    Kevin Hart    by John Jacob

Incantations    Ámbar Past, ed.    by Eileen Myles

The Dance of No Hard Feelings    Mark Bibbins    by James Naiden

Taste of Cherry    Kara Candito    by Katie Willingham

The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth    Joshua Marie Wilkinson    by Sean Patrick Hill

Lucifer at the Starlite    Kim Addonizio    by Carrie Meadows

American Fractal    Timothy Green    by Craig Santos Perez

Beloved on the Earth    Jim Perlman, Deborah Cooper, Mara Hart, and Pamela Mittlefehldt, eds.    by John Jacob

Shot    Christine Hume    by Joyelle McSweeney

Morning Haiku    Sonia Sanchez     by Abby Travis

A Mouth in California    Graham Foust    by Sean Patrick Hill


Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan’s Road from Minnesota to the World    Colleen J. Sheehy and Thomas Swiss, eds.     by Scott F. Parker

How To Be Inappropriate    Daniel Nester    by Virginia Konchan

Sexuality and Socialism    Sherry Wolf    by Amy Groshek

Thoughts of Sorts    Georges Perec     by Laird Hunt

I Slept With Joey Ramone    Mickey Leigh with Legs McNeil    by Maria Damon

The Cynical Idealist: A Spiritual Biography of John Lennon    Gary Tillery    by Britt Aamodt

Self-Defense for Radicals    Mickey Z.    by Frank Joseph Smecker

J. Robert Oppenheimer, The Cold War, and the Atomic West    Jon Hunner    by Zac Farber

My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness    Adina Hoffman     by Spencer Dew

Happy    Alex Lemon    by Jenny Dunning

Lanterns on the Prairie: The Blackfeet Photographs of Walter McClintock    Steven L. Grafe, ed.    by Heid Erdrich

Textura: Valencia Street Art    Luz A. Martín    by Mason Riddle


ALEC: The Years Have Pants    Eddie Campbell    by John Pistelli

The Airy Tales    Olga Volozova    by Adam Hall

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