Vol. 14 No. 4, Winter 2009/2010 (#56)

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Mr. Curiosity
interviewed by Scott F. Parker


Wallace Shawn: How to Defeat These Thoughts
by Matthew Cheney

The Metafiction of Jonathan Bayliss
by David Rich

Franklin Rosemont: The Revolutionary Autodidact at Play
by Jen Besemer

Cover artwork by Augusta Talbot


Widely Unavailable: Banco by Henri Charriere by Greg Bachar
Chapbook Corner reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon
The New Life by Gary Sullivan



The Original of Laura    Vladimir Nabokov    by David Wiley

On The Winding Stair    Joanna Howard    by Peter Grandbois

Azorno    Inger Christensen    by Douglas Messerli

Yankee Invasion    Ignacio Solares    by Matthew Thrasher

When I Go Into the Water    Lawrence Sutin    by Charles White

Some Place Quite Unknown    Jane Lazarre     by Kristin Thiel

The Others    Seba Al-Herz    by Jaspar Lepak

The Night Counter    Alia Yunis    by Kim Jensen

Invisible    Paul Auster    by Vincent Rossmeier

Red April    Santiago Roncagliolo    by Rav Grewal-Kök

A Thousand Deaths Plus One    Sergio Ramírez   by Robert M. Detman

Call Me Ahab    Anne Finger     by Alyssa Pelish

Black Elvis    Geoffrey Becker    by Jaspar Lepak

Inherent Vice    Thomas Pynchon     by James Naiden

The Complete Stories of J. G. Ballard    J. G. Ballard     by Kevin Carollo

Repeat After Me    Rachel DeWoskin    by Erin Barnhill


Why This World: A Biography Of Clarice Lispector    Benjamin Moser    by Charisse Gendron

Under the Dome: Walks With Paul Celan    Jean Daive    by Mark Terrill

Pocket Pantheon: Figures Of Postwar Philosophy    Alain Badiou     by W.C. Bamberger

Tripping     B.H. Frieman     by Peter Connors

You Are Here: Discovering The Magic Of The Present Moment    Thich Nhat Hanh    by Maria Damon

Subway Art    Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant    by Christopher Luna

The Enemy of All    Daniel Heller-Roazen    by W. C. Bamberger

Eating Animals     Jonathan Safran Foer    by Scott F. Parker

The Letters of Samuel Beckett: 1929 – 1940    Samuel Beckett     by John Pistellli


Ananios of Kleitor    George Economou     by John-Ivan Palmer

Missing Her    Claudia Keelan     by Rebecca Morales

Dark Things & Assembly    Novica Tadic     by John Bradley

A Village Life    Louise Glück    by Adam Fitzgerald

And So    Joel Brouwer    by Frank Giampietro

Out of Silence    Pamela Harrison    by Anne Harding Woodworth

The End of the West    Michael Dickman     by Virginia Konchan

Eunoia    Christian Bök    by Salvatore Ruggiero

Apocalyptic Swing    Gabrielle Calvoccoressi     by Dennis Barone

Bone-Songs and Sanctuaries    Michael Jennings    by Kerry Shawn Keys

The Light At The Edge of Everything    Lisa Zimmerman    by Robert Milo Baldwin


Logicomix    Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos H. Papadimitriou    by Brent Cunningham

Dark Entries    Ian Rankin and Werther Dell’Edera    by Mindy Farabee

The Complete Jack Survives     Jerry Moriarty    by Eric Lorberer

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