Vol. 14 No. 1, Spring 2009 (#53)

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Lydia Davis
interviewed by Leonard Schwartz

Tao Lin
interviewed by Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle


Cover artwork by Fran Herndon

From the Backlist:
By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept    
Elizabeth Smart
reviewed by Sharon Mesmer

Susan Sontag: An Appreciation
by Yahia Lababidi


The New Life by Gary Sullivan
The Chapbook Corner by Noah Eli Gordon



A Death in the Family    James Agee    reviewed by Douglas Messerli

Night Work    Thomas Glavinic     reviewed by Jeff Bursey

Apologize, Apologize!    Elizabeth Kelly     reviewed by Andi Diehn

Things That Pass for Love    Allison Amend    reviewed by Amy Halloran

Famous Suicides of the Japanese Empire    David Mura     reviewed by Melissa Slachetka

Chupacabra and the Roswell UFO    Rudolfo Anaya
Creepers    Joanne Dahme    reviewed by William Alexander

A Violent Life    Pier Paolo Pasolini     reviewed by Scott Bryan Wilson

The Well-Built City Trilogy    Jeffrey Ford     reviewed by Kelly Everding

Paper Cities    Ekaterina Sedia, ed.     reviewed by Micaela Morrisette

Cyberabad Days    Ian McDonald     reviewed by Kris Lawson

The Manual of Detection    Jedediah Berry     reviewed by Nick Bredie

The Widening     Carol Moldaw     reviewed by Alyssa Pelish

Laundry    Suzane Adam     reviewed by Kristin Thiel

I Go To Some Hollow     Amina Cain     reviewed by Miranda Mellis

All About Lulu    Jonathan Evison     reviewed by Charles Dodd White


Script & Scribble    Kitty Burns Florey    reviewed by Abby Travis

The Poem’s Heartbeat    Alfred Corn     reviewed by John Herbert Cunningham

Electronic Literature    N. Katherine Hayles    reviewed by Michael Filas

Jewishness and the Human Dimension     Jonathan Boyarin     reviewed by W. C. Bamberger

We, the Anarchists!    Stuart Christie     reviewed by Niels Strandskov

Now the Drum of War    Robert Roper    reviewed by Spencer Dew

If I Am Not for Myself    Mike Marqusee     reviewed by Burke Bindbeutel

Return to the Middle Kingdom    Yuan-tsung Chen    reviewed by Lucas Klein

The Cave of the Yellow Dog    Byambasuren Davaa and Lisa Reisch    reviewed by Lisa Fink

Sex and War    Dr. Malcolm Potts and Thomas Hayden    reviewed by Jim Kozubek

Fugitive Days    Bill Ayers    reviewed by Bob Sommer

Narnia and the Fields of Arbol    Matthew Dickerson and David O’Hara    reviewed by Ryder W. Miller

The Same Man    David Lebedoff     reviewed by Jesse Freedman

The Sorcerer’s Tale    Alec Ryrie    reviewed by Kris Lawson


Hearth     Simon Pettet     reviewed by Mark Terrill

Love on the Streets    Sharon Doubiago     reviewed by Charles Potts

Basho: The Complete Haiku    Matsuo Basho     reviewed by Robert Milo Baldwin

Songbook    Umberto Saba     reviewed by John Bradley

The Cosmopolitan    Donna Stonecipher     reviewed by Alyssa Pelish

All-American Poem    Matthew Dickman     reviewed by Sean Patrick Hill

Night Work    C. E. Perry     reviewed by Carrie Meadows

Secret of Breath    Isabelle Baladine Howald     reviewed by John Jacob

Parish Krewes    Micah Ballard     reviewed by Garrett Caples

Refrains/Unworkings     Paul Foster Johnson     reviewed by Martine Bellen

Oneiromance    Kathleen Rooney     reviewed by C. M. McLean

The Sound Mirror    Andrew Joron     reviewed by Joseph Bradshaw


Tamara Drewe    Posy Simmonds     reviewed by David Kennedy-Logan

The Lagoon     Lilli Carré     reviewed by John Pistelli

VACUM Attachment

Failure     Chris Larson     reviewed by Sean Smuda

Cityscapes & Beruit 1991 (2003)    Gabriele Basilico     reviewed by Deborah Karasov

The Last Photographic Heroes    Gilles Mora     reviewed by Callie Clark-Wiren

Unseen Mendieta     Olga Viso     reviewed by Mason Riddle

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