Vol. 14 No. 3, Fall 2009 (#55)

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Special Event of the Mind
interviewed by Louis E. Bourgeois

Crazy for the Storm
interviewed by Allan Vorda


William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch at 50
by Jonah Raskin

Joe Brainard: The World as Nancy
by Richard Hell

Cover artwork by Joe Brainard


Chapbook Corner reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon
The New Life by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh by Louis Phillips & Robert Milgrom



A Meaningful Life    L. J. Davis    by Colin Fleming

Rose Alley    Jeremy M. Davies    by Vincent Czyz

Berlin    Michael Mirolla    by Daniel Story

Desert    J. M. G. Le Clézio    by Kevin Carollo

Elliott    Tobin Sprout    by Will Clemens

The Thing Around Your Neck    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie    by Kara Mason

The Feline Plague    Maja Novak    by Kristin Thiel

Mrs. Somebody Somebody    Tracy Winn    by Amy Halloran

AM/PM    Amelia Gray    by Monica McFawn

Waste    Eugene Marten    by Jeff Bursey

Dark Places    Gillian Flynn    by Spencer Dew

Genesis    Bernard Beckett    by Bob Hussey


Imperial    William T. Vollmann    by Tim Jacobs

The Posthuman Dada Guide    Andrei Codrescu    by John-Ivan Palmer

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work    Alain de Botton    by Scott F. Parker

The Whole Five Feet    Christopher R. Beha    by Alyssa Pelish

The Program Era    Mark McGurl    by Steve Healey

The Invisible Dragon    Dave Hickey    by Suzann Clemens

Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds    Chad Sweeney, ed.    by Rachel Mennies

The Importance of Being Iceland    Eileen Myles    by Elizabeth Robinson

The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film    Steven M. Sanders, ed.    by Jo Ann Circosta

The Blue Tattoo    Margot Mifflin    by Spencer Dew

Shopping for Porcupine    Seth Kantner    by Krista Eastman

Role Models    Susan Fisher Sterling, et al    by Noelle McCleaf


See Jack    Russell Edson    by Julie Babcock

Paris Spleen    Charles Baudelaire    by Laird Hunt

Breakfast with Thom Gunn    Randall Mann    by Miguel Murphy

Magenta Soul Whip    Lisa Robertson    by Katie Fowley

Little Oceans    Tony Hoagland    by Abby Travis

Use Trouble    Michael S. Harper    by Michael A. Antonucci

New Exercises    Franck André Jamme    by Stephen Burt

The Prison Poems    Miguel Hernández    by George Kalamaras

The Ginkgo Light    Arthur Sze    by John Herbert Cunningham

Censory Impulse    Erica Kaufman    by Divya Victor

Eschaton    Michael Heller    by Robert Zaller

The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest    Barbara Guest    by Tyrone Williams


The Beats    Paul Buhle, ed.    by Ryder W. Miller

Far Arden    Kevin Cannon    by John Eisler

Nocturnal Conspiracies    David B.    by John Pistelli

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