Vol. 13 No. 4, Winter 2008/2009 (#52)

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Harold Jaffe
interviewed by Larry Fondation

James Wood
interviewed by Amy Halloran

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
interviewed by Jessica Hoffmann

State-to-State Poets Exchange: William Waltz
interviewed by Robert Casper & Eric Lorberer


Cover artwork by Dave McKean

20th Anniversary of Sandman!

Shepherding the Sandman:
an interview with Karen Berger
Anniversary Wishes for Neil Gaiman and
by Holly Black, Michael Swanwick, and Daniel Handler
Gaiman Watch:
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Prince of Stories by Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden, & Stephen R. Bissette
The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch by Neil Gaiman & Michael Zulli
The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman


The New Life by Gary Sullivan



Anathem    Neal Stephenson     by Alice Dodge

Apologies Forthcoming     Xujun Eberlein     by Lucas Klein

Motel Girl    Greg Sanders    by Alicia L. Conroy

The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts    Carl Watson     by Tim W. Brown

The Reverend’s Apprentice    David N. Odhiambo    by Spencer Dew

Journals from the Time of the Radar Dog    Pat Lawrence    by Kane X. Faucher

Down and Out on Murder Mile    Tony O’Neill    by Mark Edmund Doten

Yesterday’s Weather    Anne Enright    by Amy Halloran

2666    Roberto Bolaño     by Scott Bryan Wilson

Medea    Euripedes    by William Alexander

The School on Heart’s Content Road    Carolyn Chute     by Jim Kozubek

Remember Love     Jody Lisberger     by Charles Dodd White

The Young Man From Savoy    C-F Ramuz    by Laird Hunt

The Tsar’s Dwarf     Peter H. Fogtdal    by Poul Houe

The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories     Shouhua Qi, ed.    by Janet Brown

The Hunger Games    Suzanne Collins    by Kelly Everding

Pretty Monsters     Kelly Link     by Joseph Martin

Goth: A Novel of Horror    Otsuichi     by William Alexander


Martinique: Snake Charmer    André Breton    by George Kalamaras

The Three of Us     Julia Blackburn     by Nor Hall

Reading Boyishly    Carol Mavor     by Spencer Dew

Landscape of Slavery    Angela D. Mack & Stephen G. Hoffius, eds.     by Deborah Karasov

Spiral Jetta     Erin Jogan   

On Zion’s Mount    Jared Farmer     by Burke Bindbeutel

Backstory in Blue     John Fass Morton     by W. C. Bamberger

The New Psychology of Love    Robert J. Sternberg & Karin Weis, eds.    by Jesse Freedman

Moral Relativism    Steven Lukes     by John Toren

Mixing It Up    Ishmael Reed     by W. C. Bamberger

Can You Ever Forgive Me?    Lee Israel     by Burke Bindbeutel

Born Standing Up    Steve Martin     by Ryan Cleland

681 Lexington Avenue    Elizabeth Von Vogt     by C. Natale Peditto

Moving Targets    Stephen Kessler     by Jonah Raskin


The Romantic Dogs    Roberto Bolaño    by John Bradley

Lilies Without    Laura Kasischke     by Courtney Queeney

The Shadow of Sirius    W. S. Merwin     by Colin Williams

Poems for New Orleans    Edward Sanders     by Darrin Daniel

On Purpose    Nick Laird     by Salvatore Ruggiero

Matching Half    Anne Waldman, Akilah Oliver, & Ambrose Bye    by Mark Terrill

The Border Kingdom    D. Nurkse    by Niina Pollari

Best Thought, Worst Thought    Don Paterson    by John Bradley

Rubber Side Down    José Gouveia, ed.     by Stephan Delbos

Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection     John M. Bennett, ed.    by Jeff Hansen

Age of the Demon Tools    Mark Spitzer    by Joseph P. Wood


Zot! 1987-1991     Scott McCloud    by Stephen Burt

Alan’s War    Emmanuel Guibert    by Niels Stranskov

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