Vol. 13 No. 3, Fall 2008 (#51)

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David Hajdu: Journal of the Plague Years
interviewed by Eric Lorberer

Gordon Ball: A Life Discovering Itself
interviewed by Eric J. Iannelli


Kenneth Goldsmith’s American Trilogy
by Steven Zultanski

      You by Frank Stanford
reviewed by Erik Anderson
      Dream of the Alluvial Field:
an interview with Bill Willett
by J. Peter Moore with photographs by David Nester
      Behind the Blue Yodel
by J. Peter Moore
      It Wasn’t A Dream, It Was A Flood
by Greg Bachar

Cover portrait of Frank Stanford by Ginny Stanford


Widely Unavailable: Uncle Sam, The Monopoly Man    by Richard Kostelanetz
The New Life    by Gary Sullivan
The SPD Bestseller List
Chapbook Corner    by Noah Eli Gordon



Man in the Dark    Paul Auster    by Michael Lindgren

Fall of Frost     Brian Hall    by Susan Buechler

The Frozen Thames    Helen Humphreys    by Ellen Orleans

Beijing Coma    Ma Jian    by Vincent Rossmeier

Say You’re One of Them    Uwem Akpan    by Spencer Dew

Netherland    Joseph O’Neill    by John Lingan

Blankety Blank    D. Harlan Wilson    by Kevin Riordan

Taxi    Khaled Al Khamissi    by David Wiley

A Richer Dust    Amy Boaz    by Kristin Thiel

Absolutely Eden    Bobbie Louise Hawkins    by Mark Terrill


What Moves At The Margin     Toni Morrison    by Charlotte Kelly

A Power Stronger Than Itself    George E. Lewis     by W. C. Bamberger

The 99th Monkey    Eliezer Sobel    by Kelly Everding

Circling Home    John Lane     by Rebecca L. Godwin

The Monster Loves His Labyrinth    Charles Simic     by Mary Akers

A World of Gangs    John M. Hagedorn     by C. Natale Peditto

Chance and Circumstance: Twenty Years with Cage and Cunningham     Carolyn Brown     by Douglas Messerli

Lyric & Spirit     Hank Lazer     by Elizabeth Robinson

The Tree of Meaning    Robert Bringhurst     by W. C. Bamberger


The Ghost Soldiers    James Tate     by Julie Babcock

Night Scenes    Lisa Jarnot     by Joseph Bradshaw

Tau    Philip Lamantia    and     Journey To The End    John Hoffman    by Thomas Rain Crowe

Rimertown: An Atlas    Laura Walker    by Karla Kelsey

Colosseum    Katie Ford    by Jason Ericson

Mommy Must be a Fountain of Feathers    Kim Hyesoon    by Dobby Gibson

Stroke     Sidney Wade    by Vincent Czyz

Quickly Changing River    Meena Alexander    by Daniela Gioseffi

Envelope of Night    Michael Burkard    by Steve Healey

The Chieko Poems     Takamura Kotaro    and    The Modern Fable    Nishiwaki Junzaburo    by George Kalamaras

Textures    Brian Schorn    by Christine Hume


Apocalypse Nerd     Peter Bagge    by David Kennedy-Logan

Funeral of the Heart    Leah Hayes    by Ken Chen

FALL Art Feature: VACUM Attachment

Lawrence Weiner: As Far As The Eye Can See     by Jan Estep

An Interview with Wing Young Huie    by Patricia Briggs

Paul Shambroom: Picturing Power    by Alice Dodge

Walter Pfeiffer: Night and Day    by George Slade

Allan Kaprow: Art As Life    by Joan Rothfuss

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