Vol. 12 No. 3, Fall 2007 (#47)

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An English Poet in Turkey: John Ash
interviewed by Vincent Czyz

Talking into Being: Michael Hardt
interviewed by Leonard Schwartz


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Chapbook Corner by Noah Eli Gordon

Widely Unavailable: History of Civilization in England by Henry Thomas Buckle     reviewed by Thomas Kalb



Interfictions     edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss    reviewed by Laird Hunt

Out Stealing Horses    Per Petterson    reviewed by Poul Houe

Ladies of the Night    Althea Prince    reviewed by Spencer Dew

In The Colorless Round    Joanna Howard    reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson

Varieties of Disturbance    Lydia Davis    reviewed by Kate Zambreno

The Art of the One Act    edited by Arnold Johnston and Deborah Ann Percy    reviewed by Justin Maxwell

Ululu    Thalia Field    reviewed by Jefferson Hansen

Murmur    Laura Mullen    reviewed by Paula Koneazny

The Dark River    John Twelve Hawks    reviewed by Rod Smith

In Her Absence    Antonio Muñoz Molina    reviewed by Scott Bryan Wilson

Endless Things    John Crowley    reviewed by Annette Gilson

Brave Story    Miyuki Miyabe    reviewed by William Alexander

Attempts at a Life    Danielle Dutton    reviewed by Peter Conners

Male of the Species    Alex Mindt    reviewed by Clifford Garstang

I Carry a Hammer in My Pocket for Occasions Such as These    Anthony Tognazzini    reviewed by Steven Wingate

Living Shadows    John Shirley    reviewed by Alan DeNiro

Goldberg: Variations    Gabriel Josipovici    reviewed by John Pistelli


Intaglio    Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis    reviewed by Steve Fellner

Poems from Guantánamo    edited by Marc Falkoff    reviewed by John Bradley

The Invention of the Kaleidoscope    Paisley Rekdal    reviewed by Miguel Murphy

The Logan Topographies    Alena Hairston    reviewed by Katie Fowley

Hitler’s Mustache    Peter Davis    reviewed by Kevin Carollo

The Second Person    C. Dale Young    reviewed by John Findura

The Ringing Ear    edited by Nikky Finney    reviewed by Lynnell Edwards

Lip Wolf     Laura Solórzano    reviewed by Brian Whitener

Hence This Cradle    Hélène Sanguinetti    reviewed by Lucas Klein

Making the New Lamb Take    Gabriel Fried    reviewed by Spencer Dew

Rise Up    Matthew Rohrer    reviewed by Colin Momeyer

Four from Japan    Kiriu Minashita, Kyong-Mi Park, Ryoko Sekiguchi, Takako Arai    reviewed by Laura Sims

A Book of Prophecies    John Wieners    reviewed by Mark Terrill


Songs of Ourselves    Joan Shelley Rubin     reviewed by Steve Healey

The Meaning of Life     Terry Eagleton     reviewed by Dakota Ryan

The Story is True     Bruce Jackson     reviewed by Jessica Knight

8: All True: Unbelievable    Amy Fusselman     reviewed by Jessica Bennett

Atlas    Gerhard Richter     reviewed by Alice Dodge

Our People, Our Land, Our Images    edited by Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie and Veronica Passalacqua     reviewed by Diane Wilson

Nocturnes    Chris Faust     reviewed by Kevin Fenton

Nancy Cunard    Lois Gordon     reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson

The Walk     William deBuys     reviewed by Eliza Murphy

Cowboy in Caracas    Charles Hardy     reviewed by David Chorlton

She’s Such a Geek!    edited by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders     reviewed by Kristin Livdahl

At Large and At Small    Anne Fadiman     reviewed by Nicole Hamer


The Black Diamond Detective Agency    Eddie Campbell    reviewed by Rebecca Porte

Regards from Serbia    Aleksandar Zograf    reviewed by Eric Lorberer

Run, Bong-gu, Run!    Byun Byung-Jun    reviewed by David A. Beronä

Fall Art Feature: VACUM Attachment

Wack!: Art and the Feminist Revolution     edited by Cornelia H. Butler and Lisa Gabrielle Mark    reviewed by Diane Mullin

Jean-Michel Basquiat     Diego Cortez and Glenn O’Brien    reviewed by Patricia Healy McMeans

Lyonel Feininger: The Loebermann Collection     Ingrid Mössinger and Kerstin Drechsel    reviewed by Kristin Makholm

Wall and Piece     Banksy    reviewed by Sean Smuda

New and Used     Marc Joseph    reviewed by Suzanne Szucs

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