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Vol. 11 No. 4, Winter 2006 (#44)

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Jack Hirschman
interviewed by Thomas Rain Crowe

Neil Gaiman
interviewed by Eric Lorberer

Steve Bradbury
interviewed by Shin Yu Pai


Tales of a Citizen
essay by Jessica Knight


Widely Unavailable: The Cup of Fury by Upton Sinclair    
by Richard Kostelanetz

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Chapbook Corner: by Noah Eli Gordon




The Uncomfortable Dead (What's Missing is Missing)     Paco Ignacio Taibo II and Subcomandante Marcos    by Kevin Carollo

The Mudflat Man & The River Boys    Doug Nufer    by Thomas Haley

Boys & Murderers    Hermann Ungar    by Rod Smith

The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril    Paul Malmont    by Kris Lawson

The Sunset Limited    Cormac McCarthy    by Scott Bryan Wilson

Severance    Robert Olen Butler    by Anna Chastain

The Echo Maker    Richard Powers     by Scott Esposito

Ultravioleta    Laura Moriarty    by Andrew Joron

The Littlest Hitler    Ryan Boudinot    by Jeff Robertson Alford

Not Enough Indians    Harry Shearer    by Mike Grove

The Lives of Rocks    Rick Bass    by Matthew Cheney

The Mystery Guest    Grégoire Bouillier    by Laird Hunt

What We Deserved    Steven Schrader    by Alicia Conroy


Advertising Tower: Japanese Modernism and Modernity in the 1920s    William Gardner    by Jon Spayde

Blue Arabesque    Patricia Hampl     by Brigitte Frase

Cockeyed    Ryan Knighton     by Robert Duffer

Academic Freedom After September 11    Beshara Doumant, ed.     by Jen Besemer

A Road Runs Through It: Reviving Wild Places    Thomas Reed Peterson, ed.     by Eliza Murphy

A Small Moment of Great Illumination: Searching for Valenitne Greatrakes, the Master Healer    Leonard Pitt     by Dakota Ryan

Bedrock: Writers on the Wonders of Geology    Lauret E. Savoy, Eldridge M. Moores, and Judith E. Moores, eds.     by Kristin Thiel

The Evolutionary Mind: Conversations on Science, Imagination, & Spirit    Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, and Ralph Abraham     by Sarah Fox

The Wisdom of Sun Ra: Sun Ra's Polemical Broadsheets and Streecorner Leaflets    John Crobett, ed.     by Erik Sweet

Surreal Eden: Edward James and Las Pozas    Margaret Hooks     by Laura Winton

Mario Giacomelli: Cose Mai Viste    Mario Giacomelli and Enzo Cucchi     by Elizabeth Culbert


Horse Latitudes & The End of the Poem     Paul Muldoon     by Joyelle McSweeney

The Flowers of Evil    Charles Baudelaire     by Lucas Klein

Lug Your Careless Body Out of the Careful Dusk     Joshua Marie Wilkinson     by John Bradley

The Sleep of Four Cities    Jen Currin     by Miguel Murphy

The Other Side of Landscape: An Anthology of Contemporary Nordic Poetry    Anni Sumari and Nicolaj Stochholm, eds.     by Johannes Göransson

Rainbow Darkness: An Anthology of African American Poetry     Keith Tuma, ed.     by Maria Damon

Erosion's Pull    Maureen Owen     by Elizabeth Robinson


Chicken With Plums     Marjane Satrapi    by William Alexander

We Are On Our Own     Miriam Katin    by Spencer Dew

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