Online Edition Winter 2006/2007: Part One

Welcome to the first installment of Rain Taxi's Winter 2006/2007 Online Edition. Click here to see Part Two!


Neil Gaiman

In the complete Rain Taxi interview, the prolific and enchanting fantasist talks with editor Eric Lorberer about publishing, Peanuts, and porn.

Ben Fountain

The author of Brief Encounters With Che Guevara discusses leaving law, getting published, and researching stories in Haiti in an interview with Shin Yu Pai.

Clare Dudman

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer interview the underappreciated Welsh author of 98 Reasons for Being about how she transforms history and science into fiction.



Against the Day
Thomas Pynchon

The virtuoso author turns in a madcap, uneven picaresque—reviewed by Scott Esposito.

The Children's Hospital
Chris Adrian

Eluding the end of the world in a children's hospital-cum-ark, survivors adapt, struggle, fail, and succeed in a humorous and insightful second novel—reviewed by Kelly Everding.

Michael Gardiner

Horror lurks beneath the banal in a exploration of alienation and automation by the Scottish theorist Michael Gardiner—reviewed by Spencer Dew.

The Disappearance
Ilan Stavans

In a collection of two short stories and one novella, the cultural critic fashions uncanny examinations of Latino-Jewish culture—reviewed by Katie Harger.


Twenty-One After Days
Lisa Lubasch

Lubasch's experiments in form and substance make for an attentive, graceful book both to read and to gaze upon—reviewed by Amanda Nadelberg.

Angle of Yaw
Ben Lerner

Lerner's second collection is a quirky, "Benjamin-esque," and philosophically hefty pastiche—reviewed by Joyelle McSweeney.

Portrait of the Artist as a White Pig
Jane Gentry

Think globally, write locally: the Kentuckian poet Gentry uses a personal approach to address broader issues—reviewed by Matthew Duffus.


The Trouble with Diversity
Walter Benn Michaels

Given blurred cultural distictions and in the absence of true biological differences, what does race really mean in America today? Reviewed by Brigitte Frase.

A Faithful Existence
Reading, Memory, and Transcendence
Forrest Gander

A gifted poet and translator shares appreciations, close readings, and meditations, showing how poetry can be an ethical struggle—reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson.

Feeling Like a Kid
Jerry Griswold

The director of the National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature delivers a warm, if old-fashioned, analysis of a broad and varied field—reviewed by Emma Shafer.

Real Sofistikation
Tony Hoagland

The poet's first collection of essays lets the master of metaphor shine in another genre—reviewed by J. MacNeill Miller.


Y: The Last Man

As the series gains momentum towards what's sure to be a stunning finale, we take a look at where this post-apocalyptic road-trip has gone so far—reviewed by Rudi Dornemann.

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