Vol. 11 No. 2, Summer 2006 (#42)

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Will Alexander
interviewed by Grant Jenkins

Daniel Handler
interviewed by Kelly Everding
and Eric Lorberer


Cities of the Future
essay by John Olson


Widely Unavailable: Some Poems by Paul Klee translated by Anselm Hollo    
by Erik Sweet

Chapbook Corner: by Noah Eli Gordon

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan




The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar    Gene Andrew Jarrett and Thomas Lewis Morgan, eds.    by Shannon Gibney

Paradise Travel    Jorge Franco    by Matthew Duffus

No End to the Journey    S. Shankar    by Kris Lawson

The First Hurt    Rachel Sherman    by William Bush

Custody of the Eyes    Diamela Eltit    by Mary Sarko

Realm of the Dead    Uchida Hyakken    by Amanda M. Vail

AKA    Jean Lamore    by Jedediah Berry

The Carpet Makers    Andreas Eschbach    by Kelly Everding

Whiskey Nipple    Doug Frelke    by Clifford Garstang

River of Gods    Ian McDonald    by Kris Lawson

Last Week's Apocalypse    Douglas Lain    by Kevin Dole

Visigoth    Gary Amdahl    by William Bush

The Possibility of an Island    Michel Houellebecq    by Eric J. Iannelli

The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show    Ariel Gore    by Joshua Mandelbaum

Have Mercy On Us All    Fred Vargas    by Kevin Carollo

Lord Loss    Darren Shan    by Carrie Mercer

Ingrid and the Wolf    André Alexis    by Carrie Mercer

Spacer and Rat    Margaret Bechard    by Carrie Mercer


Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences    Lawrence Weschler    by Laird Hunt

Else/Where    Janet Abrams and Peter Hall, eds.    by Kevin Fenton

A Temple of Texts    William H. Gass    by Scott Esposito

Upon the Altar of the Nation    Harry S. Stout by Matthew Cheney

J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life    Abraham Pais    by James Ervin

How It Was: a Memoir of Samuel Beckett    Anne Atik    by Christopher Luna

The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag     Edward Field    by Mark Terrill

Where the Southern Cross the Yellow Dog     Louis D. Rubin, Jr.    by Lynnell Edwards

The Two Lolitas     Michael Maar    by Margaret Lazarus Dean

Gang of One     Fan Shen    by Eugenia Chao

Other Routes     edited by Tabish Khair, Martin Leer, Justin D. Edwards, and Hanna Ziadeh    by Spencer Dew

Are You Happy?     Emily Fox Gordon Thomas Haley

Republican Like Me     Harmon Leon    by Nicole Duclos

Ordinary Poverty     William DiFazio     by Jim Feast


The Book for my Brother    Tomaz Salamun     by John Bradley

Quarantine    Brian Henry     by Rusty Morrison

Dear Ghosts    Tess Gallagher     by Christopher J. Jarmick

New York Poems    D.H. Melhem     by Colette Inez

Only This Blue    Betsy Warland     by Kate Eichhorn

Louis Zukofsky: Selected Poems    edited by Charles Bernstein     by Raphael Allison

Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems    Noelle Kocot     by Jean-Paul Pecqueur

After You, Dearest Language    Marisol Limon Martinez     by Joyelle McSweeney

Acts of Love     translated by George Economou     by Robert Zaller

Last Supper of the Senses     Dean Kostos     by Robert Zaller

The Best of My Love    Aaron Kiely     by Jane Sprague

Mahcic     Tomás Riley     by Urayoán Noel


Beat Generation    Jack Kerouac    by Matthew Kelley

The World Fixer    Thomas Bernhard    by Scott Bryan Wilson

Over All The Mountain Tops     Thomas Bernhard    by Scott Bryan Wilson


Pyongyang    Guy Delisle    by John F. Barber

North Country    Shane White    by Eric Lorberer

We All Die Alone    Mark Newgarden    by Gary Sullivan

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