Vol. 11 No. 1, Spring 2006 (#41)

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Tyehimba Jess
interviewed by Andrew Ervin

Stephen Wright
interviewed by Scott Bryan Wilson


Did the Novel Die? (And Would We Know?)
essay by R.M Berry

Considering Chapbooks & Chapbook Corner
by Noah Eli Gordon


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Widely Unavailable: The Prose Poem: An International Anthology edited by Michael Benedikt    by Jon Spayde

Spring Art Feature: VACUM Attachment

Angel's World    Michael Lesy    by Glenn Gordon

Why Write About Art?   essay by Jan Estep

The Accident of Art   Paul Virilio
and The Conspiracy of Art   Jean Baudrillard    by Andrew Knighton

The Weather and a Place To Love   Steven B. Smith    by Alex Starace

I Hope You Are All Happy Now   Nicholas Zinner    by Michael Fallon




Total Chaos    Jean-Claude Izzo   by Kevin Carollo

Atomik Aztex    Sesshu Foster   by Alan DeNiro

Moving Parts    Magdalena Tulli   by Daniela Hurezanu

You Poor Monster    Michael Kun    by Amanda Haldy

A House at the Edge of Tears    Vénus Khoury-Ghata    by Andrew Palmer

Charlie P    Richard Kalich    by Scott Bryan Wilson

Black Marks    Kirsten Dinnall Hoyte    by Tim W. Brown

Hidden Camera    Zoran Zivkovic    by Matthew Cheney

Under Kilimanjaro    Ernest Hemingway    by Ryder W. Miller

The Wake    Margo Glantz    by Kristin Thiel

The Old Child    Jenny Erpendeck    by Douglas Messerli

Human Oddities    Noria Jablonski    by Amy Shearn

Temping    Kirby Olson    by Jim Feast

The Dance Partner    Diane Glancy    by Kristin Thiel

Forgetfulness    Michael Mejia    by Rikki Ducornet

Branwell    Douglas A. Martin    by Erick Mertz

Giovanna's 86 Circles    Paola Corso    by Daniela Gioseffi

The Wild Creatures    Sam D'Alessandro    by Ed Taylor

Terror-Dot-Gov    Harold Jaffe    by Matthew Roberson

The Turning    Tim Winton    by Matthew Duffus


Beatrice's Spell    Belinda Jack    by Kris Lawson

The Knife Man    Wendy Moore    by Michelle Mitchell-Foust

The River of Doubt    Candice Millard    by Allan Vorda

My Confederate Kinfolk    Thulani Davis    by Shannon Gibney

Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty    John Burke & Kaj Halberg    by Carrie Mercer

The Dada Seminars    Leah Dickerman & Matthew S. Witkovsky    by Jen Besemer

Dada    Leah Dickerman    by Eric Lorberer

Ivisible Green    Donald Revell    by Lynnell Edwards

The Downtown Book    edited by Marvin J. Taylor    by Michael Lindgren

Jewish Writing and the Deep Places of the Imagination    Mark Krupnik    by Spencer Dew

The Ongoing Moment    Geoff Dyer    by Scott Esposito


The Elegy on Hats    Stephen Berg    by Clayton Eshleman

Shadowtime    Charles Bernstein    by Richard Deming

Starred Wire    Ange Mlinko    by Rosanne Wasserman

Pieces of Air in the Epic    Brenda Hillman    by Cindra Halm

Doings    Jackson Mac Low    by Christopher Luna

Recumbents    Michel Deguy    by Stuart Kendall

Join the Planets    Reed Bye    by Mark Terrill

Practice, Restraint     Laura Sims    by Aaron McNally

Déjà Vu Diner    Leonard Gontarek    by Adam Fieled

Undanceable    Merrill Gilfillan    by Elizabeth Robinson

Quipu    Arthur Sze    by Richard Deming

The Time at the End of this Writing and 60 lv bo(e)mbs     Paolo Javier    by Joyelle McSweeney


The Making of the Graphic Novel / The Resonator    Prentis Rollins    by John F. Barber

Wimbledon Green    Seth    by Todd Robert Peterson

Lost Dogs    Jeff Lemire    by Todd Robert Peterson

Interiorae #1    Gabriella Giandelli    by Jeff Robertson Alford

Apparat    Warren Ellis, et al.    by Rudi Dornemann

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