Vol. 10 No. 2, Summer 2005 (#38)

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Bob Hicok: I'm dropping a mouth as we speak

interviewed by Weston Cutter

Philip Lamantia: Shaman of the Surreal

interviewed by Thomas Rain Crowe

William T. Vollmann: Art and Freedom in Time of War

interviewed by Andrew Ervin


Trial & Error: Beyond Desert Walls    Ken Lamberton     by Scott Esposito

Rediscovering Laura (Riding) Jackson     by Lynnell Edwards

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Second Thoughts: Chick Lit Meets Prick Lit    by Kathryn Trueblood



A World Without Time     Palle Yourgrau     by James Ervin

If This Be Treason     Gregory Rabassa     by Lucas Klein

Poe     James M. Hutchisson     by Peter Ritter

Beauford Delaney     Patricia Sue Canterbury     by Susan Buechler

A Sculptor's World     Isamu Noguchi     by Stephen Mohring

Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers & Pirates     Bob Levin     by Gary Sullivan

Chris Marker     Catherine Lupton     by James Ervin

American Hydrant     Sean Crane     by Dan Pettito

Essential Deren     Bruce R. McPherson, ed.     by Rebecca Weaver

Science and the Akashic Field     Ervin Laszlo     by Carrie Mercer

Jonathan Edwards     Philip F. Gura     by Andrea Knutson

People Who Don't Know They're Dead     Gary Leon Hill     by Kelly Everding

The Face of A Naked Lady     Michael Rips     by Allan Vorda

A Hacker Manifesto     McKenzie Wark     by Peter Ritter

The Hopes of Snakes     Lisa Couturier     by Charisse Gendron


Motorman & The Age of Sinatra     David Ohle     by Martin Riker

Home Land     Sam Lipsyte    by Deron Ponce

The First Desire     Nancy Reisman     by David Ploskonka

My Life in CIA     Harry Mathews     by Trey Strecker

Other Electricities     Ander Monson     by Neil Kozlowicz

Bernardo and the Virgin     Silvio Sirias     by Kristin Thiel

Last Call     K. L. Cook     by Dustin Michael

Telegrams of the Soul     Peter Altenberg     by Thomas Wiloch

Lunar Follies     Gilbert Sorrentino     by Andrew Palmer

Nastybook     Barry Yourgrau     by Carrie Mercer

Boy Proof     Cecil Castellucci     by Alan DeNiro

The Witch's Boy     Michael Gruber    by Kelly Everding

The Old Country     Mordicai Gerstein     by Kris Lawson

Shackelton's Stowaway     Victoria McKernan     by Carrie Merver

Palms to the Ground     Amy Stolls    by Cindra Halm

Public Works     Neil Hagerty     by Adam Hall

The Body Parts Shop     Lynda Schor     by Alex Starace

Queen Cocaine     Nuria Amat     by Kristin Thiel

Our Napoleon In Rags     Kirby Gann     by Scott Bryan Wilson

The Genizah at the House of Shepher     Tamar Yellin    by Matthew Cheney

A World For Julius     Bryce Echenique     by Jay Miskowiec

In the Palace of Repose     Holly Phillips     by Rudi Dornermann


Refusing Heaven     Jack Gilbert     by Robert Zaller

Incarnate: Story Material    Thalia Field     by Francis Raven

Often Capital     Jennifer Moxley     by Joyelle McSweeney

Beloved Infidel & Elegy on a Toy Piano    Dean Young     by Jean-Paul Pecqueur

This Is How It Goes     Neil LaBute     by Jessica Bennett

I Never Knew What Time It Was    David Antin     by Raphael C. Allison

Oxbow Kazoo     John Olson     by Noah Eli Gordon

Rhinoceros     Kevin Ducey     by Michael J. Opperman

The Babies    Sabrina Orah Mark     by John Bradley

Indigo Bunting    Bernadette Mayer     by Valerie Valentine

Mystery, So Long     Stephen Dobyns     by Eric Magnuson

Lilyfoil + 3 & Chantry    Elizabeth Treadwell     by Joyelle McSweeney

Poems and Prose     Georg Trakl     by Justin Maxwell


Paul Moves Out     Michel Rabagliati     by Thomas Haley

Epileptic     David B.     by Todd Robert Petersen

Baraka and Black Magic In Morocco     Rick Smith     by John F. Barber

Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2     Tom Root & Andrew Kardon     by Dan Pettito

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