Vol. 10 No. 3, Fall 2005 (#39)

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Bob Perelman: Poetry and Play

interviewed by Adam Fieled

Harryette Mullen: Feeding the Gods

interviewed by Grant Jenkins


The Bossy Little Girl: Louise Fitzhugh's Harriet the Spy

    by Aaron Kunin


Second Thoughts: "Review" by Michael Martone

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

The Last Laugh: Republicans and Erectile Dysfunction by Ted Pelton

Fall Art Feature: VACUM Attachment

The Transparent Body    José van Dijck    by Diane Mullin

Eakins Revealed     Henry Adams    by Ann Klefstad

Through the Lens of the City    Mark Rice   by Brynnar Swenson

Self Portrait With Cows Going Home    Sylvia Plachy   by Mark Wojahn

To Think With The Body: an essay on Memorials   by Jakki Spicer

Scully: Body of Light    Brian P. Kennedy, et al.    by Thomas O'Sullivan



Magic for Beginners    Kelly Link     by Laird Hunt

The Painting    Nina Schuyler     by Daniela Hurezanu

A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer    Christine Schutt    by Jules Nyquist

Black Juice    Margo Lanagan    by Jedediah Berry

Sniper    Pavel Hak    by Kevin Carollo

ScriptGenerator    Philippe Vasset    by Kevin Carollo

Welcome to Havana, Señor Hemingway    Alfredo José Estrada    by Kristen Thiel

Choir Boy    Charlie Anders    by Tim Brown

Blinding Light    Paul Theroux    by Allan Vorda

Someone Else  and Holy Smoke    Tonino Benacquista     by Jessica Bennett

Eighty-Sixed    Brian Ames     by Justin Maxwell

Childhood at Oriol Michael Burn     by Andrea Steven

The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil    George Saunders     by Kelly Everding

Calling    Joe Samuel Starnes    by Tim Brown

Lies    William Hoffman     by Kevin Grauke

Trance     Christopher Sorrentino     by Scott Bryan Wilson


Material Witness: the selected letters of Fairfield Porter    Ted Leigh, ed.    by Dobby Gibson

Mucha    Sarah Mucha, ed.    by Ramona Szczerba

In A Queer Place and Time    Judith Halberstam    by Rebecca Weaver

Shooting From The Hip    Patricia Vettel-Becker    by Brian Bergen-Aurand

The Cradle of Humanity    Georges Bataille   by Clayton Eshelman

Civil Disobediences    Anne Waldman & Lisa Birman, eds.    by Mark Terrill

History, Passion, Freedom, Death, and Hope    Kelly Cherry   by Lynnell Edwards

Cinema    Jean-Luc Godard & Youssef Ishaghpour    by Nick Moudry

Biting the Error    Camille Roy & Gail Scott    by Thomas Haley

Coming After    Alice Notley    by Becky Rosen

The Bomb    Gerard J. DeGroot     by Robert Zaller

At Day's Close    A. Roger Ekirch     by Rachel Kushner

The New World Disorder    Tzvetan Todorov     by Spencer Dew

The War Complex    Marianna Torgovnick     by James Ervin

Machete Season    Jean Hatzfeld     by Michael Foreman


Baby    Carla Harryman    by Stephen Burt

Company of Moths    Michael Palmer    by Chris McCreary

Part of the Design    Laura Wright    by Kass Fleisher

Dark Brandon    Brandon Downing     by Joyelle McSweeney

The Paris Poems    Sudie Nostrand     by Michael Lindgren

This Connection of Everyone With Lungs    Juliana Spahr     by Erik Anderson

Return to the City of White Donkeys    James Tate     by Julie Babcock


The Wobblies!    Paul Buhle & Nicle Schulman, Eds.    by Eric Lorberer

Addicted to War    Joel Andreas    by Dan Pettito

The R. Crumb Handbook    R. Crumb & Peter Poplaski    by Patrick Shay

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