Vol. 9 No. 4, Winter 2004 (#36)

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Pierre Joris: Nomad and Ash

by Dale Smith

Lucius Shepard: Prolific and Prodigious

by Jeff VanderMeer

Meena Alexander:
flow of air   pulse of water   breath of fire

by Daniela Gioseffi


Trial & Error: Lucasville - Staughton Lynd     by Kevin Carollo

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Last Laugh: If Salvador Dalí Invented the Light Bulb by Louis Phillips



The Sweet Singer of Modernism     Bill Berkson     by Karl Krause

Jane Freilecher     Klaus Kertess     by Eric Lorberer

Just the Thing: Selected Letters of James Schuyler     William Corbett, ed.     by Dobby Gibson

Joe: A Memoir of Joe Brainard     Ron Padgett     by Becky Rosen

George Seferis     Roderick Beaton     by George Kalamaras

The Bear River Massacre and the Making of History     Kass Fleisher     by Chris Pusateri

Sophia Peabody Hawthorne     Patricia Dunlavy Valenti     by Andrea Knutson

The Proust Project     André Aciman, ed.     by Laird Hunt

Chasing The Dragon     Roy Rowan     by John Toren

Digital People     Sidney Perkowitz     by Carrie Mercer

2/15     Connie Koch     by Cheryl Hastings

Film Noir     Alain Silver & James Ursini     by Stacy Brix

Waiting For The End Of The World     Richard Ross     by Carrie Mercer

Self Portrait     Ernesto Che Guevara     by Christopher Luna

Heidegger's Confusion     Paul Edwards     by John Toren

Interior Desecrations     James Lileks     by Carrie Mercer

Swimming With Maya     Eleanor Vincent     by Elaine Starkman

We The Media     Dan Gillmor     by Scott Esposito


Green Wheat     Colette     by Tim Keane

Memoirs of Hecate County     Edmund Wilson     by Raphael C. Allison

Mascara     Ariel Dorfman     by Daniel Borzutzky

The Nambuli Papers     Greg Boyd     by Steven Moore

Moira Orfei in Aigues-Mortes     Wayne Koestenbaum     by Thomas Haley

Old Friends     Stephen Dixon     by Scott Bryan Wilson

Notice     Heather Lewis     by Kathleen Andersen

The Golem's Eye     Jonathan Stroud     by Kelly Everding

Trash Sex Magic     Jennifer Stevenson     by Kristin Thiel

Oracles     Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel     by Kristin Thiel

So Long Been Dreaming     Nalo Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan, eds.     by Rudi Dornemann

Novelties & Souvenirs     John Crowley     by Ryder Miller

Life    Gwyneth Jones     by Kristin Livdahl

Visa For Avalon     Bryher     by Charisse Gendron

Phantom Pain     Arnon Grunberg     by Aaron Kunin

The Trail We Leave     Rubén Palma     by Kristin Thiel

Heir To The Glimmering World     Cynthia Ozick     by David Wiley

Snow     Orhan Pamuk     by Steven Gillis

Colman     Monica Furlong     by Cindra Halm

New and Collected Stories     Alan Sillitoe     by Peter Ritter


The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and Other Poems     Pablo Picasso     by Jen Besemer

The Fall of Heartless Horse     Martha Kinney     by Rick Moody

Dead Man & Company     Marie Redonnet Kelly     by Mark Tursi

Not Even Then     Brian Blanchfield     by Jean-Paul Pecqueur

In A Landscape of Having To Repeat     Martha Ronk     by Valerie Valentine

Leopold's Maneuvers     Cortney Davis     by Joel Weishaus

Up To Speed     Rae Armantrout     by Francis Raven

Half-Lit Houses     Tina Chang     by Tim Keane

248 mgs., a panic picnic     Susan Landers     by Charisse Gendron

The Ardors     Kathleen Peirce     by Nathan Greenwood Thompson

Controvertibles    Quan Barry     by Maureen Picard Robins


Locas     Jaime Hernandez     by Raymond McDaniel

Scandalous     J. Torres & Scott Chandler     by John F. Barber

The Originals     Dave Gibbons     by John Eisler

The Hedge Knight     George R. R. Martin, et al.     by Zander Cannon

In The Shadow of No Towers     Art Spiegelman     by Todd Robert Petersen

The Red Snake     Hideshi Hino     by Stepan Chapman

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