Vol. 9 No. 2, Summer 2004 (#34)

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Barbara Guest

Clearing the Ordinary from the Room     interviewed by Sarah Rosenthal


The Films and Words of Stan Brakhage

Telling Time: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker edited by Bruce McPherson
by Brakhage: an anthology: films of Stan Brakhage (DVD)

by Christopher Luna

Remembering Janet Frame

by Tim Keane

Jack London's The Sea Wolf   turns 100

by Ryder W. Miller

Dick Higgins and Something Else Press

by Steve Clay


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Last Laugh: Ohio Impromptu by Louis Phillips



Francisco Goya: A Life     Evan S. Connell     by John Toren

Essays of Elia     Charles Lamb     by Thomas Haley

American Humor     Constance Rourke     by Rick Canning

Love and Madness     Martin Levy     by Kris Lawson

Paths to Contemporary French Literature     John Taylor     by Raphael Rubinstein

At War     Flann O'Brien     by Andrew Palmer

Artists in Times of War     Howard Zinn     by Kevin Carollo

Grace Under Pressure     Barbara Newman     by Cindra Halm

Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century     Graham Robb     by Summer Block

World Graphic Design     Geoffrey Caban     by John Toren

Insurrection     Kevin Danaher & Jason Mark     by Robert Ovetz

Dante in Love     Harriet Rubin     by David Wiley

Candyfreak     Steve Almond     by Peter Ritter

The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt     Milton Babbitt     by Richard Kostelanetz

Rockwell Kent: the Art of the Bookplate     Don Roberts     by Nathan Greenwood Thompson

The Wave in the Mind     Ursula K. LeGuin     by Alan DeNiro

Black Mountain Days     Michael Rumaker     by Raphael C. Allison

A Frieze of Girls     Allan Seager     by Kristin Thiel


The Madonna of Excelsior & She Plays with Darkness     Zakes Mda     by Christopher J. Lee

Odd Corners     William Hjortsberg     by Alan DeNiro

The Anxiety of Everyday Objects     Aurelie Sheehan     by Alicia L. Conroy

Foam of the Daze     Boris Vian     by Doug Pond

Memoirs of a Midget     Walter de la Mare     by Susann Cokal

Streets That Smell of Dying Roses     Prakash Kona     by Sun Yung Shin

Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather & Snow in August     Gao Xingjian     by Lucas Klein

Ordinary Wolves     Seth Kantner     by Tricia Cornell

Human Parts     Orly Castel-Bloom     by Elaine Starkman

Juju     Judy Moffett     by Kathleen Andersen

Dreams and Stones     Magdalena Tulli     by Laird Hunt

You Have To Be Careful in the Land of the Free     James Kelman     by Carolyn Kuebler

A Bed of Nails     Ron Tanner     by Pedro Ponce

Since You Ask     Louise Wareham     by Jennifer Przybylski

Mountain R     Jacques Jouet     by Scott Bryan Wilson

Sabbath Creek     Judson Mitcham     by Alex Starace

The Island of Lost Souls     Kevin Killian     by Justin Maxwell

The Swallows of Kabul & Morituri     Yasmina Khadra     by Kevin Carollo


Destruction or Love     Vicente Aleixandre     by George Kalamaras

Swoon     Victoria Redel     by Will Clemens

Calixto     Robert Desnos     by Tom Sanfilip

Nets     Jen Bervin     by Noah Eli Gordon

The Self-Dismembered Man     Guillaume Apollinaire     by Nick Moudry

Bright Turquoise Umbrella     Hermine Meinhard     by Margo Stever

Black Dog Songs     Lisa Jarnot     by Susie Meserve

Poems of the Masters     translated by Red Pine     by John Bradley

Goldbeater's Skin     G. C. Waldrep     by Neil Kozlowicz

The Monster Lives of Boys and Girls     Eleni Sikelianos     by India Radfar

Notebooks 1956-1978     Danielle Collobert     by Karl Krause

The Frequencies     Noah Eli Gordon     by Airen McNally

Incretion     Brian Strang     by Andrew Joron

A Green Light     Matthew Rohrer     by Mark Tursi

Private Lemonade     John Godfrey     by Nick Moudry


Buddha Volumes 1 & 2     Osamu Tezuka     by Stepan Chapman

In Me Own Words     Graham Roumieu     by Kelly Everding

Jack Staff     Paul Grist     by Rudi Dornemann

Never Ending Summer     Allison Cole     by Jennifer Przybylski

It's a Bird...     Steven T. Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen     by Geoffrey Gatza

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