Vol. 9 No. 1, Spring 2004 (#33)

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John Kinsella

Peripheral Light     by Brian Henry

D. Nurkse

On Moral Complexity     by Daniela Gioseffi

Karen Joy Fowler

on The Jane Austen Book Club     by Gavin J. Grant


The Body Poetic

I've Gazed So Much by C. P. Cavafy & Art and Fear by Paul Virilio
by Kevin Carollo

Part of the Scene

The Prose of A. J. Liebling     by Rick Canning

Ian Tyson and the Tetrad Press

by Steve Clay


Widely Unavailable: August by Gerard Woodward     by Kelly Everding

Trial & Error: three books on the Death Penalty
Kiss of Death by John Bessler, The Death Game by Mike Gray, and ...last meal by Jacquelyn C. Black     by Tricia Cornell

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Last Laugh: Spend Your Vacation at Poet-Land by Louis Phillips



Please Pay Attention Please     Bruce Nauman     by Francis Raven

Monuments to the Lost Cause     Cynthia Mills and Pamela H. Simpson, eds.     by Lynnell Edwards

As Easy As Lying     H. L. Hix     by Neil Kozlowicz

The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov    
Robert J. Bertholf and Albert Gelpi, eds.     by Brent Cunningham

After Theory     Terry Eagleton     by N. N. Hooker

True Notebooks     Mark Salzman     by Sarah Buttenwieser

A Rose For Mary     Casey Sherman     by Kris Lawson

Thank You For Not Reading     Dubravka Ugresic     by Catherine Kasper

Proof     Martin Springborg     by Mark Wojahn

Quizzical Eye    Rondal Partidge     by Stacy Brix

Shadowplay . . . Eterniday     Joseph Cornell     by Allison Slavick

The Mediterranean in History     David Abulafia, ed.     by John Toren

Mencken's America     H. L. Mencken     by Thomas Haley

These United States     John Leonard, ed.     by Hans Weyandt

Judge Not    André Gide     by Laird Hunt

Awakenings     Gabriel Marcel     by Cindra Halm

David, Goliath, and the Beach Cleaning Machine     Barbara Wolcott     by Eliza Murphy

Beluga Days     Nancy Lord     by N. N. Hooker


Sarajevo Marlboro     Miljenko Jergović     by Lucas Klein

The Good Doctor     Damon Galgut     by Christopher J. Lee

By Night in Chile     Roberto Bolaño     by Daniel Borzutzky

Voice of the Fire     Alan Moore     by Rudi Dornemann

Three Novellas     Thomas Bernhard     by Daniel Borzutzky

Bandbox     Thomas Mallon     by Scott Esposito

No One Will See Me Cry    Cristina Rivera-Garza     by Jay Miskowiec

Hash     Torgny Lindgren     by Susann Cokal

Headless     Benjamin Weissman     by Mark Sorkin

One Foot in Eden     Ron Rash     by Alex Starace

The Vox Populi Street Stories     Dallas Wiebe     by Paul Tiessen

The Blond Box     Toby Olson     by Scott Bryan Wilson

I Never Did Tell You Did I?     Susan Smith Nash     by Carolyn Kuebler

How To Breathe Underwater     Julie Orringer     by Michelle Reale

Hideous Beauties     Lance Olsen     by Ryan Smith

Monstrosity     Jeffrey Thomas     by Alan DeNiro

Quicksilver     Neal Stephenson     by Rudi Dornemann

The Salt Roads     Nalo Hopkinson     by Kristin Thiel


Into Stillness     Cheryl Pallant     by Cindra Halm

Rhythm & Booze    Julie Kane     by Charisse Gendron

Metamorphoses     Ovid     by Sarah McCarthy

Borders My Bent Toward     George Kalamaras     by Andrew Joron

Cuttings from the Garden of Little Fears     Lisa Bourbeau

Echoes of Memory     Lucio Mariani     by Robert Zaller

A Painted Elephant     Jill Hartman     by Jefferson Hansen

Poker     Tomaž Šalamun     by John Bradley

The Book of Motion     Tung-Hui Hu     by Mark Tursi

Serious Pink     Sharon Dolin     by Nathan Greenwood Thompson

Reported Missing     Lewis Warsh     by Mark Terrill

Granted     Mary Szybist     by Amy Schroeder

Wild Civility     David Biespiel     by Joseph P. Wood

Structures of Feeling    Hung Q. Tu     by Sun Yung Shin

Somebody Blew Up America    Amiri Baraka     by Christopher Luna


Winsor McCay: Early Works     Winsor McCay     by Stepan Chapman

Mother, Come Home     Paul Hornschemeier     by Jennifer Przybylski

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