Vol. 8 No. 1, Spring 2003 (#29)

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Andrew Vachss

by S. Clayton Moore

Margaret Randall

by Jules Nyquist

Jonathan Williams

by Jeffery Beam


Hard Times in Modern Times:

photography by David Parker and Bernd & Hilla Becher    by Mark Nowak

Bohemian Rhapsody:

The Music and World of Henry Cowell    by Rod Smith

The Poetics of Exile:

Bogomil Gjuzel & Mahmoud Darwish    by Kevin Carollo


Trial & Error: Alcatraz Screw by George H. Gregory    by Joel Turnipseed



The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater     Ralph Eugene Meatyard    by Brett Eugene Ralph

The New Rulers of the World     John Pilger    by Darv Johnson

Mapping Mars     Oliver Morton    by Ryder W. Miller

Strange Matters     Tom Siegfried    by Kim Fortier

The River In Winter     Stanley Crawford    by Allison Slavick

Improbable Journeys     Robin Magowan    by Thomas Haley

Urban Injustice     David Hilfiker    by Bonnie Blader

War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning     Chris Hedges    by Mark Sorkin

Another Day At The Front     Ishmael Reed    by Christopher Luna

Stamp Album     Andrei Sergeev    by Christopher Mattison

The Greenwich Village Reader     June Skinner Sawyers, ed.    by Richard Kostelanetz

Darkroom     Jill Christman    by Felicia Parsons

Early Morning     Kim Stafford    by Lynnell Edwards

Captain Beefheart     Mike Barnes    by Steven Lee Beeber

Mountain Upside Down     John Toren    by Thomas Haley

Nonrequired Reading     Wislawa Szymborska    by Doug Nufer

G-Strings and Sympathy     Katherine Frank    by Meleah Maynard


The White Trilogy    Ken Bruen    by Stephen E. Abbott

Feed    M. T. Anderson    by Gregory Farnum

The Interpreter    Suki Kim    by Pedro Ponce

This Is Not It    Lynne Tillman    by Matt Dube

A Private Sorcery    Lisa Gornick    by Alicia L. Conroy

Dark Property    Brian Evenson   by Forrest Aguirre

Clara     Janice Galloway    by Rebecca Weaver

Instead of Confusion    Stephen-Paul Martin    by Jeff Hansen

Cistern Tawdry    Eckhard Gerdes    by Steve Tomasula

Miniatures    Norah Labiner    by Cindra Halm

Eyesores    Eric Shade    by William M. Bush

Sweet Fire    Pat MacEnulty    by Keith Abbott

The Commissariate of Enlightenment    Ken Kalfus    by Trey Strecker

Verses of Forgiveness    Myriam Antaki    by Adrian Lucia

The Anchor Book of Modern African Stories    Nadezda Obradovic, ed.    by Rudi Dornemann

Where Europe Begins     Yoko Tawada    by Vincent Czyz

In The Electric Eden     Nick Arvin    by Alan Tinkler

The Devil and Daniel Silverman    Theodore Roszak    by Kyla Jones

Schilling     Terrell Guillory    by Xavier Ximenez

Goodnight, Nobody    Michael Knight    by Mark Sorkin

Beat Until Stiff    Claire M. Johnson    by Kris Lawson

The End of Free Love    Susan Steinberg    by Alan Tinkler


Figures and Figurations    Octavio Paz & Marie Jose Paz Breeze John Latta    by Harriet Zinnes

Breeze    John Latta    by Aaron McCollough

Million Poems Journal    Jordan Davis    by Nick Moudry

The Real Moon of Poetry     Tina Brown Celona    by Susie Meserve

Door to Door    Robert Thomas    by Arielle Greenberg

Red Car Goes By    Jack Collom    by Michael Price

As in T As in Tether    David Bromige    by John Olson

Muse    Susan Aizenberg    by Mark Pietrzykowski

The Lobe    Lytle Shaw    by Jeffrey Jullich

The Mother Journal    Susan Cataldo    by Cliff Fyman

A Defense of Poetry    Gabriel Gudding    by Fred Muratori

Rules of the House    Tsering Wangmo Dhompa    by Dan Featherston

Kingdom of the Instant    Rodney Jones    by Will Clemens

Please    Edwin Torres    by Christopher Martin

Houdini     Muriel Rukeyser    by Justin Maxwell

Emma    Howard Zinn    by Peter Ritter


Frightful Fairy Tales    Dame Darcy    by Steven Moore

The House At Maakies Corner    Tony Millionaire    by Stepan Chapman

The Comics Since 1945    Brian Walker    by Eric Lorberer

The Yellow Jar     Patrick Atangan    by Stepan Chapman

Carl Barks: Conversations    Donald Ault, ed.    by Thomas Wiloch

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