Vol. 8 No. 3, Fall 2003 (#31)

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Jonathan Franzen: A Difficult Haven

by Trey Strecker

Michael Heller: Lie into Truth

by Peter O'Leary


Modernism in Wisconsin

the Poetry of Lorine Niedecker    by David Huntsperger

No More Apologies

an essay by John Olson


ampersand: an occasional letters page

Widely Unavailable: Nina Federova    by Rebecca Gould

Trial & Error: An Expendable Man: the Near Execution of Earl Washington, Jr. by Margarett Edds    by Kevin Carollo

The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Last Laugh: If Ibsen wrote Hedda Gabler in the 21st Century by Louis Phillips



Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art     Vincent Katz, ed.    by Will Clemens

Icons of Photography: The 19th Century     Freddy Langer, ed.    by Stacy L. Brix

Gregory Corso: Doubting Thomist    Kirby Olson    by Chris Stroffolino

Fake-City Syndrome    Kate Gale and Charles Rammelkamp, eds.    by Thomas Haley

The Lights of Home: A Century Of Latin American Writers In Paris    Jason Weiss    by Jay Miskowiec

C.L.R. James: Letters from London     Nicholas Laughlin, ed.    by Matthew Quest

Forces of Imagination     Barbara Guest    by Noah Eli Gordon

Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book     Jordan Raphael and Tom Spurgeon, eds.    by Stepan Chapman

Empire of Capital    Ellen Meiksins Wood    by Mark Sorkin

The Trials of Phillis Wheatley     Henry Louis Gates, Jr.    by Christopher Luna

Libby, Montana: Asbestos and The Deadly Silence Of An American Corporation    Andrea Peacock    by Eliza Murphy

The Greatest Sedition is Silence     William Rivers Pitt    by Christopher Luna

The Assassinations     James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, eds.    by Jaye Beldo

Women in a Man's World, Crying     Vicki Covington    by Lynnell Edwards

Bolt of Fate     Tom Tucker    by Carrie Mercer

Twenty Days with Julian & Little Bunny by Papa     Nathaniel Hawthorn    by Eric Lorberer

Outside Language     Robert Stewart    by Thomas Haley

Herzog on Herzog     Paul Cronin, ed.    by Karl Krause


West of the Jordan     Laila Halaby    by Kim Jensen

Gazelle    Rikki Ducornet    by Mark Tursi

Kalpa Imperial     Angélica Gorodischer    by Rudi Dornemann

Black Umbrella Stories     Nicolette de Csipkay    by Kathleen Anderson

Timoleon Vieta Come Home     Dan Rhodes    by Matt Dube

The Man of Feeling     Javier Marías    by Alan Tinkler

State of Siege     Juan Goytisolo    by Mary Sarko

Deafening     Frances Itani    by Scott Esposito

Second Watch     Lowen Clausen    by Kris Lawson

Kissing You     Daniel Hayes    by Weston Cutter

The Golden Age & The Phoenix Exultant     John C. Wright    by Kelly Everding

Vas: An Opera in Flatland     Steve Tomasula    by Matthew Roberson

Long For This World     Michael Byers    by Sarah Fay

Cypress Grove     James Sallis    by Kevin Carollo

Suicidal Tendencies     T. Alan Broughton    by William Bush

A Number     Caryl Churchill    by Jessica Bennett


Apprehend     Elizabeth Robinson    by Patrick Pritchett

Transparence of the World     Jean Follain    by Tom Sanfilip

North True South Bright     Dan Beachy-Quick    by Cindra Halm

One-Legged Dancer     Pamela Uschuk    by Jim Heynen

Dreaming the Miracle     Max Jacob, Francis Ponge, Jean Follain    by David Huntsperger

Across the Line / Al Otro Lado: Poetry from Baja California     Harry Polkinhorn and Mark Weiss, eds.    by Bill Marsh

Treadwinds     Walter K. Lew    by Jane Sprague

When the Time Comes: Contemporary Belgian Prose Poetry     Gian Lombardo, ed.    by Karl Krause

Casino of the Sun     Jerry Williams    by Clay Matthews

The Lightning Field     Carol Moldaw    by Arielle Greenberg

There's A Word!     Ray Manzarek and Michael McClure    by Larry Sawyer

Complete Poems     Howard McCord    by Michael Perkins

Adrift on Blinding Light     Paul Pines    by Neil Kozlowicz

Your Ancient See Through     Hoa Nguyen    by Jeff Hansen

Sanskrit of the Body     W. B. Keckler    by Aaron McCollough

Pollen Memory    Laynie Browne    by Sun Yung Shin

The Cloud of Unknowable Things     Elaine Equi    by James Feast

Tomie's Chair     Josey Foo    by Sun Yung Shin

What Kind     Martha Zweig    by Arielle Greenberg


Blankets     Craig Thompson    by David Kennedy-Logan

The Frank Book     Jim Woodring    by Eric Lorberer

Paul Has A Summer Job     Michel Rabagliati    by James Feast

Finder: Vols. 1-4    Carla Speed McNeil    by Stephen Burt

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