Vol. 7 No. 4, Winter 2002/2003 (#28)

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Sam Hamill

by Justin Maxwell

Jonathan Carroll

by Alan DeNiro and Kelly Everding

Susan Howe

by Grant Jenkins


The Mind-Bending Fiction of Carol Emshwiller

by Kevin Carollo

"With The Horn of Your Choice" the work of Nathaniel Mackey

by Nick Moudry

The Obsessive Force: Tristan Tzara's Surrealist Activity

by Jen Besemer


Trial & Error Prophets Without Honor William M. Strabala and Michael J. Palecek    by Peter Ritter

The New Life comic by Gary Sullivan

The Last Laugh humor by Louis Phillips



Separate Parts    Martha King    by John Olson

Writings    Vilém Flusser    by Daniel Sumrall

The Gatekeeper    Terry Eagleton    by Brian Charles Clark

The Ghost in the Universe    Taner Edis    by H. E. Everding

What is Ancient Philosophy?     Pierre Hadot    by John Toren

Why Orwell Matters    Christopher Hitchens    by Paul McLeary

Linked    Albert-László Barabási    by N. N. Hooker

Breaking Open the Head     Daniel Pinchbeck    by Steven Beeber

Street With No Name     Andrew Dickos    by Brian K. Bergen-Aurand

The Rush For Second Place     William Gaddis    by Vincent Czyz

Jazz Modernism    Alfred Appel, Jr.    by Christopher Luna

Vectors     James Richardson    by Hank Lazer

Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey    edited by Karen Wilkin    by David Cozy


Alfred and Guinevere     James Schuyler    by Philip Routh

The Human Country    Harry Mathews    by Gregory Farnum

The Circus of Dr. Lao    Charles G. Finney    by Thomas Wiloch

Spare Parts Plus Two     Gail Scott    by Charisse Gendron

Big If    Mark Costello    by Stephen E. Abbott

The Wished-For Country    Wayne Karlin    by Kris Lawson

Seed    Mustafa Mutabaruka    by Kevin Carollo

Between Two Deserts    Germaine Shames    by Lisa Schechtman

The Double    Greg Boyd    by Anitra Budd

Liam's Going     Michael Joyce    by Rudi Dornemann

Stories of Your Life and Others    Ted Chiang    by Jeremy Smith

Homecoming     Natasha Radojcic-Kane    by Kevin Carollo

Stories in the Worst Way     Gary Lutz    by Catherine Kaspar

Down to a Soundless Sea    Thomas Steinbeck    by Jonathan Shipley

Lofting    Alma Marceau    by Corwin Ericson


Six Girls Without Pants Paisley Rekdal    by Julie Drake

Arcady Donald Revell    by Dan Beachy-Quick

Me With Towering Animal Albert Mobilio    by Mark Tursi

Frozen Spring Margo Stever    by David Lenson

In Solitary Lynne Sharon Schwartz    by Daniela Gioseffi

India Poem India Radfar    by Juliana Spahr

The Laugh We Make When We Fall Susan Firer    by Cindra Halm

Egypt Dawn Michelle Baude    by Rebecca Weaver

Stream of Tongues Gearóid Mac Lochlainn    by Thomas Rain Crowe

Ogress Oblige Dorothy Trujillo Lusk    by rob mclennan

A Girl's Life Johanna Drucker & Susan Bee    by Corinne Robins

Irons in the Fire Nor Hall    by Christopher Fischbach

Praeder's Letters James Baker Hall    by Lynnell Edwards

Selected Poems: 1950-2000 Nathaniel Tarn   by Dale Smith


The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill    by Stepan Chapman

Blood Song Eric Drooker    by Eric Lorberer

Louis: The Clown's Last Words Metaphrog    by David Kennedy Logan

Three Fingers Rich Koslowski    by Natalie Polano


Autopilot Carsten Nicolai    by Rod Smith

Two Plays For Voices Neil Gaiman    by John Eisler

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