Vol. 7 No. 2, Summer 2002 (#26)

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Ann Lauterbach

by Tim Peterson


Sigrid Undset:

The Kristin Lavransadatter trilogy   by Laura Sims

Lemony Snicket:

A Series of Unfortunate Events & Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography
   by Persimmon Wrench and Simon P. Cherwin

A Lovely Chap: books by and about Giacomo Casanova

Casanova's Return to Venice by Arthur Schnitzler; Casanova: A Study in Self-Portraiture by Stefan Zweig; Casanova in Bohemia by Andrei Codrescu; The Story of My Life by Giacamo Casanova
   by Tosh Berman

Jan Potocki

The Manuscript Found in Saragossa   by David Wiley

Marshall McLuhan

The Medium is the Massage & War and Peace in the Global Village   by Jeremy Smith


The New Life comic by Gary Sullivan

Trial & Error Letters from Prison by Milan Simecka & Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos    by Peter Ritter

The Writing Self "Purposes" by Richard Kostelanetz

The Last Laugh humor by Louis Phillips



Into Woods    Bill Roorbach    by Felicia Parsons

City: An Essay    Brian Lennon    by Daniel Nester

America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction John Steinbeck    by Ryder W. Miller

The Dream of the Audience & Dictée    Theresa Hak Kyung Cha    by Kim Fortier

Janet Cardiff    Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev    by Stephen Mohring

I Am Not This Body    Barbara Ess    by Eric Lorberer

The Russian Avant-Garde Book    Margit Rowell & Deborah Wye    by Brent Cunningham

The Secret Life of Puppets     Victoria Nelson    by Chris Fischbach

Reading the Vampire Slayer    Roz Kaveney, ed.    by Steven Moore

Fighting the Forces     Rhonda V. Wilcox & David Lavery, eds.    by Steven Moore

Telling It Slant     Mark Wallace & Steven Marks, eds.    by Chris McCreary

Seeing Shelley Plain    Robert A. Wilson    by Eric Lorberer

Tonight at Noon    Sue Graham Mingus    by Christopher Luna

Enough About You    David Shields    by Thomas Haley

The Black Veil    Rick Moody    by Jason Picone

Dying in America    Richard Lichtman    by Carrie Mercer


Under the Frangipani     Mia Couto    by Kevin Carollo

Living Parallel    Alexandr Kliment    by Tricia Cornell

Arc: Cleavage of Ghosts    Noam Mor    by Rod Smith

Flesh and Bone    Cydney Chadwick    by Jennifer Coleman

Little Casino    Gilbert Sorentino    by Doug Nufer

Life in the Damn Tropics    David Unger    by Jay Miskowiec

Luisa and the Silence    Claudio Piersanti    by Sarah Fox

Dolce Agonia Nancy Huston    by Amy Havel

The Impossible Birds    Patrick O'Leary    by Alan DeNiro

Six Kinds of Sky     Luis Alberto Urrea    by Dawn Michelle Baude

Italian Stories    Joseph Papaleo    by Dennis Barone

The Mask Maker     Diane Glancy    by Amy Havel

He Kills Coppers    Jake Arnott    by Kris Lawson

The Grand Hotels (of Joseph Cornell)    Robert Coover    by Dobby Gibson

The Anarchist    Daniel A. Coleman    by Carrie Mercer

It Doesn't Have To Be Me    Carole Rosenthal    by Lynnell Edwards


Psychological Corporations    Garrett Kalleberg    by Jeffrey Jullich

Telepathy    Devin Johnston    by Alan Gilbert

Without a Trace    Eli Goldblatt    by Kevin S. Fitzgerald

For the Century's End    John Haines    by Robert Zaller

The Roads Have Come To An End Now    Rolf Jacobsen    by Joel Weishaus

Moments Without Names    Morton Marcus    by John Bradley

Good Morning-Midnight     Kim Rosenfield    by Arielle Greenberg

Vulgar Exhibitions     Jerry McGuire    by Ronald Donn

Nietzsche's Horse     Christopher Kennedy    by Mark Tursi

Rehearsal in Black     Paul Hoover    by Fred Muratori

The Despaires    Cid Corman    by Darrin Daniel

The Balloonists    Eula Biss    by Thomas Wiloch


Cellophane     Marc Wellman    by Justin Maxwell

Vera of Las Vegas     Paul Muldoon    by Justin Maxwell


Krazy & Ignatz    George Herriman    by Stephen Burt

To Afghanistan and Back    Ted Rall    by Eric Lorberer

Scatterbrain    Phil D. Amara & Scott Stuart Allie, eds.    by Kelly Everding

Pictures That Tick    Dave McKean    by Rudi Dornemann

Uzumaki    Junji Ito    by Natalie Polano

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