Online Edition: Summer 2002


A Conversation with Andrew Schelling

Poet, translator, and essayist, Andrew Schelling teaches poetry, Sanskrit, and wilderness writing at Naropa University. Here he discusses everything from Tantric texts to poetry's role in the "grand ecology theater." Interviewed by Shin Yu Pai


The Gathering Spirit of Jane Bowles

Where is Jane Bowles buried-and why did they move her grave? Essay by Jon Carlson

Publish Lifeboat

This essay explores the stormy history of John Steinbeck's novella Lifeboat, made into a motion picture directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Essay by Ryder W. Miller



The Guns and Flags Project
Geoffrey G. O'Brien

Written in a stark, impersonal tone and resisting any easy intimacies, O'Brien's first book of poems distills a rare elemental language in this age of hype and consumerism. Reviewed by Steve Healey

Book of My Nights
Li-Young Lee

In this long-awaited third volume of poetry, Lee collects 35 lyrical nocturnes that mark a shift to a more hermetic mode of expression. Reviewed by M. L. Schuldt

Airs, Waters, Places
Bin Ramke

The genuine world-the ontological world-is nowhere and in all things, hidden and ubiquitous at once. Ramke's latest offering discovers a world in which we strike for wisdom where we can. Reviewed by Dan Beachy-Quick

The Fiddler's Trance
Floyd Skloot

Floyd Skloot is revealed again as a poet of strong narrative and formal command, best when imaging the myth and history of the almost modern artists and aristocracy of the 19th and early 20th century. Reviewed by Lynnell Edwards

Hank Lazer

In his latest collection of poems, a series of ten-line poems written almost daily over the course of a year, Lazer once again pushes the boundaries of genre. Reviewed by Cynthia Hogue

And Things Happen for the First Time
Iztok Osojnik

Author of more than 16 books, Slovenian poet Iztok Osojnik writes imagistic poems that develop a direct vision of life's ironies, paradoxes, and contradictions. Reviewed by Susan Smith Nash


When Eve Was Naked
Josef Skvorecky

Approaching 70, with nearly 20 books behind him, this Czech dissident and émigré publisher has been telling the story of his life through his characters for more than four decades. Reviewed by Tricia Cornell

Jim Krusoe

Krusoe's first novel delights in the surreal, "the bloated, spongy butterflies of lungs, the shy parenthesis of kidneys, the lurid exclamation marks of livers, the cheerful blimps of stomach..." Reviewed by Carrie Mercer

Rouse Up O Young Men of the New Age!
Kenzaburo Oe

A perfect introduction to this Nobel Prize-winning Japanese author's sometimes bizarre but always humanist fiction, Rouse Up follows the story of K who uses passages of Blake's poetry to teach his severely retarded son about life and death. Reviewed by Jason Picone

Ghost of a Flea
James Sallis

Hardboiled detective and washed up writer Lew Griffin becomes embroiled in a series of mysteries, the greatest of which is the question: What happened to his life? Reviewed by Kris Lawson

False Positive
Harold Jaffe

Each "story" in this new collection is a newspaper article that Jaffe has "treated," which is to say, blasted, uncovered, ruptured, expanded, exposed, scrutinized, and/or fictionalized to reveal an often insidious subtext. Reviewed by Mark Tursi

Burning the Sea
Sarah Pemberton Strong

In this debut novel, Strong explores the idea that all politics originate in the physical and personal body. Reviewed by Rebecca Weaver


Digital Poetics
The Making of E-Poetries

Loss Pequeño Glazier

The standard definition of hypertext has grown too narrow, but a "useful definition of e-writing" may not be so desirable. Reviewed by Joel Weishaus

The Long Prison Journey of Leslie Van Houten
Karlene Faith

Recently denied parole, Van Houten continues to pay her debt to society. Learn more about her involvement with the Manson murder spree and what she did, or rather did not, do. Reviewed by Meleah Maynard

East Toward Dawn
Nan Watkins

Unafraid of any new adventure, Watkins shares her extreme experiences in this part memoir/part travel journel. Reviewed by Carrie Mercer

Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies

edited by Russ Kick

Buckle your seat belt for a high speed ride into the land of occultism, conspiracy theory, deviant sexuality, and government wrongdoing-a.k.a. the good old U. S. of A. Reviewed by Christopher Luna

Our Posthuman Future
Francis Fukuyama

Biotechnology has trumped philosophy, and scattershot experiments with the stuff of life are now driving history. With natural law no longer being debated but rewritten, can Fukuyama handle the pressure? Reviewed by N. N. Hooker

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