Vol. 7 No. 1, Spring 2002 (#25)

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Charles Bernstein

by Jeff Hansen

Paul West

by Vincent Czyz


Aimé Césaire

Notebook of a Return to the Native Land   by John Olson

The Great Tzotzil Dictionary

of San Lorenzo Zinacantán   Essay by Doug Nufer

W. G. Sebald 1944-2001:

An Emigrant Remembered   Essay by Laird Hunt

Lewis Warsh:

The Origin of the World & Touch of the Whip   by Peter Bushyeager


The New Life comic by Gary Sullivan

Trial & Error Inside Apartheid's Prison by Raymond Suttner    by Kevin Carollo

The Last Laugh humor by Louis Phillips



The Complexities Of Intimacy    Mary Caponegro    by Mark Doten

The School For Atheists    Arno Schmidt    by Steven Moore

Notable American Women    Ben Marcus    by Lance Olsen

Summer in Baden-Baden     Leonid Tsypkin    by Tricia Cornell

Déjà vu And The Phone Sex Queen    Michael McIrvin    by Tim Brown

The Gourmet Club    Jun'ichiro Tanizaki    by Jason Picone

Samuel Johnson Is Indignant    Lydia Davis    by Carolyn Kuebler

My Mother's Island    Marnie Mueller    by Amy Havel

3 To Kill    Jean-Patrick Manchette    by James Sallis

In Pursuit Of A Vanishing Star    Gustaf Sobin    by Chris McCreary

A Cold Spring    Edra Ziesk    by Amy Havel

Parzival And The Stone From Heaven    Lindsay Clarke    by Kris Lawson

Insect Dreams     Marc Estrin    by Alan DeNiro

Crawling At Night    Nani Power    by Steve Healey

The Bathhouse    Farnoosh Moshiri    by Michelle Reale

The Complete Tales Of Ketzia Gold     Kate Bernheimer    by Adriana Grant

The Yellow Sailor     Steve Weiner    by Stacey Levine


Essential Brakhage    Stan Brakhage    by Arielle Greenberg

My Business Is Circumference    Stephen Berg, ed.    by Kim Fortier

Wild Earth    Tom Butler, ed.    by Meleah Maynard

Selkirk's Island    Diana Souhami    by Carrie Mercer

Wittgenstein's Poker    David Edmonds and John Eidinow    by M. J. Fitzgerald

Imaging Her Erotics     Carolee Schneemann    by Carolyn Kuebler

The Architect's Brother     Robert ParkeHarrison    by Kelly Everding

Privileged Moments    Jeffrey Meyers    by Richard Kostelanetz

The Tramp In America    Tim Cresswell    by Peter Ritter

The Tribe    Jean-Michel Mension    by Tosh Berman

The Scene Of My Selves    Terence Diggory and Stephen Paul Miller, eds.    by Robert Baker

Jerusalem Calling    Joel Schalit    by Christopher Luna

A Gathering Of Fugitives    Diana Anhalt    by Jay Miskowiec

Considerations On The Assassination of Gérard Lebovici    Guy Debord    by Marc Lowenthal

Modern American Queer History    Allida M. Black, ed.    by Charisse Gendron

The Erotomaniac     Ian Gibson    by Thomas Wiloch


Autobiography Of So-And-So    Maurice Kilwein Guevara    by John Bradley

The Keep    Emily Wilson   by Aaron McCollough

Walking With the Wind    Abbas Kiarostami   by Jack Granath

Something I Expected To Be Different     Joshua Beckman   by Max Winter

Standing Naked    Jim Heynan   by Ken Rumble

My Favorite Apocalypse     Catie Rosemurgy   by Arielle Greenberg

Torn Awake    Forrest Gander   by Kim Fortier

The Angel Hair Anthology    Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh, eds.    by Mark Terrill

Hymns Of St. Bridget & Other Writings    Bill Berkson and Frank O'Hara   by Chris Fischbach

As Umbrellas Follow Rain     John Ashbery   by Eric Lorberer

Notes On The Possibilities And Attractions of Existence, Selected Poems 1965­2000 & rue Wilson Monday    Anselm Hollo   by Greogory Farnum

A Purchase In The White Botanica    Piero Heliczer   by Larry Sawyer

The Love Suicides At Sonezaki     Siri von Reis   by Catherine Daly

Poems From The Akashic Record     Ira Cohen   by Jason Weiss

The World's Tallest Disaster     Cate Marvin   by John Erhardt

Small Gods Of Grief     Laure-Ann Bosselaar   by Daniel Sumrall


Atlantis And Other New York Tales    Samuel R. Delany   by David Cozy


Artists Respond to 9-11:    by John Eisler

9-11 Emergency Relief

9-11 Artists Respond

9-11 World's Finest Comic Book Writers and Artists Tell Stories To Remember

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