Vol. 7 No. 3, Fall 2002 (#27)

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Interview with Geoffrey O'Brien

by Aaron Kunin


Music of a Life: the Fiction of Andreï Makine

essay by Jason Picone

Spectator, Spectre, Sitter: the Art of Antonin Artaud

essay by Clayton Eshleman

Knowledge as Delight: the Fiction of Guy Davenport

essay by David Cozy

Trial & Error: Hard Time: Voices from a State Prison, 1849-1914 edited by Ted Genoways    by Josie Rawson

The New Life comic by Gary Sullivan

A Personal View: My Life in Heavy Jet Lag: How I (More or Less) Survived My Two-Month Reading Tour     by Steve Almond

The Last Laugh humor by Louis Phillips



Barbed Wire     Olivier Razac    by Brian Evenson

Grave Matters     Mark C. Taylor    by Steve Healey

Surrealism and the Sacred    Celia Rabinovitch    by George Kalamaras

Zig Zag Zen    Allan Hunt Badiner & Alex Gray, eds.    by Sarah Fox

The Mays of Ventadorn    W. S. Merwin    by John Toren

Drawing the Line     Steven M. Wise    by Sue Rich

Negotiating with the Dead    Margaret Atwood    by Brian Charles Clark

Transforming History    William Irwin Thompson    by Jaye C. Beldo

The Great Remembering    Peter Forbes    by John Colburn

History of the Surrealist Movement     Gerard Durozoi    by Jen Besemer

The Poet and the Murderer    Simon Worrall    by Mark Terrill

Octavio Paz: a meditation    Ilan Stavans    by Thomas Haley

Czech Photographic Avant-Garde    Vladimír Birgus    by Mark Wojahn

Bruce Nauman     Robert C. Morgan, ed.    by Brian Bergen-Aurand

The Story of My Typewriter    Paul Auster & Sam Messer    by Kelly Everding

Marcel Duchamp    Alice Goldfarb Marquis    by Tosh Berman

Edward Dorn    Tom Clark    by Mark Terrill

Gnostic Contagion    Peter O'Leary    by Dan Featherston

World on Fire     Michael Brownstein    by Thomas Haley

Paratextual Communities    Susan Vanderborg    by Grant M. Jenkins

'Pataphysics    Christian Bök    by Bonnie Blader


Mad Toy    Roberto Arlt    by Mary Sarko

Youth     J. M. Coetzee    by Eric J. Iannelli

The Contortionist's Handbook    Craig Clevenger    by Jennifer Gieseking

The Metal Shredders    Nancy Zafris    by Anitra Budd

Touch Wood    Joe Ashby Porter    by Carrie Mercer

Courting Laura Providencia     Jack Pulaski    by Wayne F. Burke

The Fortune Catcher     Susanne Pari    by Michelle Reale

Exit Strategy    Douglas Rushkoff    by Doug Nufer

The Book of Illusions    Paul Auster    by Laird Hunt

Nectar    Lily Prior    by Carol Ann Sima

You're an Animal, Viskovitz!    Alessandro Boffa    by Jonathan Shipley

Simply Separate People    Lynn Crawford    by Aaron Kunin

City of Saints and Madmen    Jeff VanderMeer    by Rudi Dornemann

Cries in the New Wilderness    Mikhail N. Epstein    by Tricia Cornell

I.    Stephen Dixon    by Eric Lorberer


Never & All Things    Jorie Graham    by Cole Swensen

Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You    Juliana Spahr    by Ken Rumble

A Border Comedy    Lyn Hejinian    by Robert Baker

Extreme Directions     Alice Jones    by Helen Ruggieri

Apparation Hill & Among the Musk Ox People     Mary Ruefle    by Arielle Greenberg

Arbor Vitae    Jane Augustine    by Daniela Gioseffi

Writing To Be Seen    Bob Grumman & Craig Hill, eds.    by Jeff Hansen

Spar    Karen Volkman    by Daniel Sumrall

The Evening Sun     David Lehman    by Brent Terry

Hip Logic    Terrance Hayes    by Lynnell Edwards

Some Vague Wife    Kathy Lou Schultz    by Rebecca Weaver


What the Wine-Sellers Buy    Ron Milner    by Justin Maxwell


My Name is Captain, Captain     Judd Morrissey & Lori Talley    by Lance Olsen


Summer Blonde    Adrian Tomine    by john Eisler

PopImage Volume I: The Time of Change     Christopher Butcher, ed.    by Eric Lorberer

The Language of Comics     Robert Varnum & Christina T. Gibbons, eds.    by Eric Lorberer

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