Vol. 6 No. 4, Winter 2001/2002 (#24)

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Joanne Kyger

by Chris McCreary

Richard Hell

by Eric Lorberer


The Beat Goes On:

A round-up of Beat Books    by Steven Moore

Philip Pullman:

His Dark Materials   by Stephen Burt

Steve McCaffery:

Poet and Critic   by Brian Kim Stefans


The New Life comic by Gary Sullivan

Trial & Error Comfort Woman Speak edited by Sangmie Choi Schellstede
   by Josie Rawson

The Last Laugh humor by Louis Phillips



Romancer Erector    Diane Williams    by Laura Sims

The Binding Vine    Sashi Deshpande    by Susan Muaddi Darraj

On Wooden Tablets: Apronenia Avitia    Pascal Quignard    by Marc Lowenthal

The Savage Girl    Alex Shakar    by Julie Madson

Ella Minnow Pea     Mark Dunn    by Chris Fischbach

Da Word     Lee A. Tonouchi    by Maria Damon

Three To See The King    Magnus Mills    by Corwin Ericson

Erasure and Grand Canyon, Inc.    Percival Everett    by Brian Evenson

Arresting God In Kathmandu    Samrat Upadhyay    by Adrian Lucia

I Am Om    Veena Damle    by Michelle Reale

Drowning In Fire    Craig S. Womack    by Thomas Fagan

Niagara Falls All Over Again    Elizabeth McCracken    by Rumaan Alam

The Blue Guide To Indiana    Michael Martone    by Kevin Carollo

Bloodlines    Fred D'Aguiar    by Brian Evenson

The Best Known Man In The World    Daniel Pearlman    by Alan DeNiro

A Larger Sense Of Harvey    Dimitri Anastasopoulos    by Vincent Czyz

The Fantasic Ordinary World Of Lutz Rathenow    Lutz Rathenow    by Justin Maxwell

Distance No Object    Gloria Frym    by Keith Abbott


San Francisco Beat    David Meltzer, ed.    by Thomas Rain Crowe

The Wild West Wind: remembering allen ginsberg    Susan Edwards    by John Olson

The Aztec Treasure House    Evan S. Connell    by Thomas Wiloch

Torso    Steven Nickel    by Kris Lawson

Mammoth    Robert Stone    by Nicole Duclos

The Evening Crowd At Kirmser's    Ricardo J. Brown    by Brad Jacobson

Shoes Outside The Door    Michael Downing    by Charisse Gendron

Sizzling Chops And Devilish Spins     Jerome Charyn    by Carrie Mercer

The Author Of Himself    Marcel Reich-Ranicki    by Elaine Margolin

Modern Pagans    V. Vale & John Sulak    by Christopher Luna

Jay's Journal Of Anomalies    Ricky Jay    by C.K. Hubbuch

The Donald Richie Reader    Arturo Silva, ed.    by Eve Kushner

Borrowed Finery    Paula Fox    by Barbara Riley

Happening    Annie Ernaux    by Carolyn Kuebler

Cold Snap As Yearning    Robert Vivian    by Rebecca Weaver

Listening To Reading    Stephen Ratcliffe    by Dawn Michelle Baude

Spin Cycle    Chris Stroffolino    by Aaron Benjamin Kunin


Luca: discourse on life and death     Rochelle Owens    by Susan Smith Nash

Everlasting Quail    Sam Witt    by G.E. Patterson

Circassian Girl    Michelle Mitchell-Foust    by Daniel Sumrall

The Selected Poetry Of Robinson Jeffers    Tim Hunt, ed.    by Brett Ralph

Posthumous Diary    Eugenio Montale    by Steve Healey

The Autochthon Poems    Simon Perchik    by Mark Terrill

Zoop    Carol Szamatowicz    by John Olson

Antebellum Dream Book    Elizabeth Alexander    by Gabrielle Civil

Approaching The Center    Myronn Hardy    by Susie Meserve

Eunoia    Christian Bök    by Doug Nufer

Why The Ships Are She    Terri Ford    by Janet McCann

Twice Removed    Ralph Angel    by Dobby Gibson

Fly-Over States Of Mind    Susan Smith Nash    by Dallas Wiebe

Homeless At Home    Gloria Frym    by Keith Abbott


Spy Vs. Spy    Antonio Prohias    by Rudi Dornemann

Box Office Poison    Alex Robinson    by John Eisler

The Golem's Mighty Swing    James Sturm    by John Eisler

Odds Off    Matt Madden    by John Eisler

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