Vol. 6 No. 3, Fall 2001 (#23)

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James Tate

interviewed by Eric Lorberer

Dorothea Tanning

interviewed by Kelly Everding


Notes of a Former Rabelaisian

essay by David Wiley


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan

Trial & Error: When the State Kills     by Austin Sarat

   reviewed by Peter Ritter

Last Laugh: humor by Louis Phillips



Blues for a Black Cat    Boris Vian    by James Sallis

Black Lace    Barbara Henning    by Thomas Haley

Cold Water Burning    John Straley    by Alan DeNiro

Silent Extras    Arnon Grunberg    by Kyla Jones

A Nurse's Story and Others    Peter Baida    by Julie Madsen

Stranger Things Happen    Kelly Link    by Kelly Everding

Mirabilis    Susann Cokal    by Kris Lawson

The Televisionary Oracle    Rob Brezsny    Rob O'Brien

Here Lies    David Gilbert & Karl Roeseler, eds.    by Rudi Dornemann

Where the Rocks Started    Marc Atherton    by John Olson

Choke    Chuck Palahniuk    by Trevor Dodge

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things    J T Leroy    by Douglas A. Martin

Among the Missing    Dan Chaon    by Jonathan Shipley

Chum    Mark Spitzer    by Jennifer Kohnhorst


The Straight Line & Poems I Guess I Wrote    Ron Padgett    by Gregory Farnum

The History of the Invitation    Tony Towle    by Steve Healey

Song of the World Becoming    Pattiann Rogers    by Cindra Halm

The Vulnerability of Order    Martine Bellen    by Jeffrey Shotts

Savage Baggage    Roger Mitchell    by Dobby Gibson

Alpha Ruins    Charles Borkhuis    by John Olson

Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions    Maurice Manning    by Ben Lytal

Animal Soul    Bob Hicok    by William D. Waltz

Tremolo    Spencer Short    by Noah E. Gordon

Satellite    Matthew Rohrer    by Josie Rawson

Bed Hangings    Susan Howe & Susan Bee    by Ken Rumble

Hard Evidence    Timothy Liu    by Charisse Gendron

Poasis    Pierre Joris    by Jen Hofer


Ann the Word     Richard Francis    by Josie Rawson

Propaganda and the Public Mind    David Barsamian & Noam Chomsky    by John Colburn

Pure Immanence     Gilles Deleuze    by Jason Picone

Snow in the Kingdom    Ed Webster    by Henry Everding

Mariners, Renegades, & Castaways     C. L. R. James    by Theodore Pelton

Surrealist Experiences    Penelope Rosemont    by George Kalamaras

Surrealist Painters and Poets    Mary Ann Caws, ed.    by Marc Lowenthal

The Look of Architecture     Witold Rybczynski   by Carrie Mercer

Halls of Fame    John D'Agata    by Kim Fortier

The Accidental Adventurer    Barbara Washburn with Lew Freedman    by Carrie Mercer

Starry Night    David H. Levy    by Ryder W. Miller

Ex Libris    Ralph Gibson    by Tim Peterson

Raymond Pettibon    Robert Storr, Dennis Cooper, Ulrich Loock, eds.    by Arielle Greenberg

Birds    Jim Dine    by Eric Lorberer

Close Friends    Andrew Wyeth    by Will Clemens

Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads    Stephen T. Asma    by Allison Slavick

Water from a Bucket    Charles Henri Ford    by Charles Plymell

J. R. R. Tolkien    Tom Shippey    by Brad Jacobson

Vow to Poetry    Anne Waldman    by Maria Damon

Affectionately, Marcel The Selected Correspondence Of Marcel Duchamp    Francis M. Naumann & Hector Obalk, eds.   by Mark Wojahn

Beerspit Night and Cursing: The Correspondence Of Charles Bukowski & Sheri Martinelli, 1960-1967    Steven Moore, ed.    by Rebecca Weaver

The Book of Changes     Kristine McKenna    by Melissa Maerz


Come in Alone    Warren Ellis    by Rudi Dornemann

Marbles in my Underpants     Renée French    by Gary Sullivan

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