Vol. 5 No. 4, Winter 2000/2001 (#20)

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Samuel R. Delany

by Rudi Dornemann and Eric Lorberer


Frank O'Hara: The Passionate Spectator

essay by John Yau

Denton Welch: Particulars Remembered

  Maiden Voyage,   In Youth is Pleasure,   A Voice Through a Cloud
   reviewed by Rod Smith

Clark Coolidge: three new books

  Alien Tatters reviewed by Gregg Biglieri
  On the Nameways reviewed by Thomas Fink
  Now It's Jazz reviewed by Chris Fischbach

Fairies and Nymphs: the Fiction of Francesca Lia Block

  Nymph,   The Rose and the Beast,   Fairy Tales Retold
   reviewed by Steven Moore  

Bowles or Gysin: The Murky Waters of The Pool

  essay by Jon Carlson & Dave Cardeiro


Trial & Error:   Voices from a Southern Prison   Lloyd C. Anderson   by Peter Ritter

  Mountjoy   Tim Carey   by Peter Ritter

The New Life:   a comic by Gary Sullivan

Widely Unavailable:   Impressions of Africa   Raymond Roussel by Amy England

Critical Issues:   humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Mary Wollstonecraft   Janet Todd   by Kris Lawson

Power: Essential Works of Michel Foucault, Vol. 3     by Ramex Qureshi

Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley   Lawrence Sutin   by Justin Maxwell

Stardumb   Dave Hickey & John deFazio   by Steve Tomasula

Lesbian Art in America   Harmony Hammond   by Charisse Gendron

A Curious and Ingenious Art   Melissa Banta   by Nicole Duclos

Photography of Alfred Stieglitz   Therese Mulligan, ed.   by Will Clemens

Laudanum   Tracey Moffatt   by Elizabeth Culbert

Inherit the Earth   Sheila Metzner   by Kelly Everding

Philosophical Shakespeares   John J. Joughin   by Robert Baker

Shakespeare's Language   Frank Kermode   by Robert Baker

Extraordinary Measures   Lorenzo Thomas   by Dale Smith

The Room Lit by Roses   Carole Maso   by Amy Halloran

Derek Jarman   Tony Peake   by Thomas Fagan

Facing the Congo   Jeffrey Tayler   by Jon Rodine

Home and Exile   Chinua Achebe   by Rudi Dornemann

The Century of the Gene   Evelyn Fox Keller   by Nicole Duclos

Voices from the Summit   Bernadette McDonald & John Amatt, eds.   by Henry Everding

The Beat Hotel   Barry Miles   by Mary Sands


The Powerbook   Jeanette Winterson   by Rebecca Weaver

Doubting Thomas   Atle Næss   by Sarah Fox

Dark Spring   Unica Zürn   by Douglas Messerli

Tisch   Stephen Dixon   by Aaron Kunin

Freaknest   Lance Olsen   by Tim Brown

Shopgirl   Steve Martin    by Kelly Everding

The Case of Doctor Sachs   Martin Winckler   by Matt Dube

Blue   Benjamin Zucker   by Michael Perkins

Little Tales of Family and War   Martha King   by John Olson

Well-Founded Fear   Tom LeClair   by Jason Picone

Throwing Knives   Molly Best Tinsley   by Matt Dube

Endorsed by Jack Chapeau   Theodore Pelton   by Doug Nufer

Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream!   James Chapman   by Melissa Maerz

Stories and Remarks   Raymond Queneau   by Steven Moore

Modern Art   Evelyn Toynton   by Lucinda Ebersole

The Meaning of Lunch   Dan Leone   by Max Winter

The House of Breathing   Gail Jones   by Nathan Leslie


Paper Head Last Lyrics   Andrew Levy   by Patrick F. Durgin

Nude Memoir   Laura Moriarty   by Kim Fortier

Porno Diva Numero Uno   Stephen Berg    by Eric Lorberer

Readiness / Enough / Depends / On   Larry Eigner   by Robert Kelly

Mouth of Shadows   Charles Borkhuis   by Peter Ritter

In the Time of the Present   Maurice Kenny   by Heid Erdrich

Spring Essence   Hô` Xuân Hu'o'ng   by Brian Foye

Black Mayonnaise   Donna Cartelli   by Tim Scannell

Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire   Carolyne Wright   by Sean Thomas Dougherty

The Body's Response to Famine   Dana Curtis   by Alan DeNiro

Revenants   Mark Nowak   by John Olson

Body & Soul   Sharon Doubiago   by Thomas Rain Crowe


Promethea   Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, & Mick Gray    by Rachel Pollack

The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip    George Saunders & Lane Smith   by Kelly Everding

Pit's Letter   Sue Coe   by Kelly Everding


Two Lectures   Nick Cave   by Brett Ralph

Charles Bukowski Uncensored     by Eric Lorberer

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