Vol. 5 No. 2, Summer 2000 (#18)

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Bill Knott

interviewed by Brian Beatty

Ursule Molinaro

by Bruce Benderson

Lyn Hejinian & Bob Perelman:

On Language Poetry Then and Now
by Eric Lorberer


Anne Carson: A Dream Logic

Men in the Off Hours & Economy of the Unlost
reviewed by Carolyn Kuebler

Barbara Guest: Now Leaving Modernity

Rocks on a Platter, The Confetti Trees, & Quill: A Solitary Apparition
reviewed by Aaron Kunin


The Writer Reads:   Clayton Eshleman on Michael Palmer

The New Life   comic by Gary Sullivan

Widely Unavailable:   Paola Mantegazza    by Carolyn Kuebler

Critical Issues:   humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Othermindedness   Michael Joyce   by Rudi Dornemann

The End of Books-or Books Without End?   J. Yellowlees Douglas   by Rudi Dornemann

You Can't Win   Jack Black   by Cristopher Fischbach

Live at the Fillmore East   Amalie R. Rothschild   by Thomas Rain Crowe

Like It Was   James Koller   by Thomas Rain Crowe

The Best of Myles and Further Cuttings from Cruiskeen Lawn   Flann O'Brien   by Brian Evenson

The Arcades Project   Walter Benjamin   by Amy Borden

A Postcard Memoir   Lawrence Sutin   by C.K. Hubbuch

Extreme Exposure   Jo Bonney, ed.   by Anne Ursu

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales   Jack Zipes, ed.   by Kelly Everding

Kenneth Patchen: Rebel Poet in America   Larry Smith   by Brian Beatty

Borges and His Fiction   Gene H. Bell-Villada   by David Wiley

The Spirit of Britain   Roy Strong   by Kris Lawson

Learning to Glow: A Nuclear Reader   John Bradley, ed.   by Josie Rawson

Screen Tests, Portraits, Nudes 1964-1996   Gerard Malanga   by Elizabeth Culbert

Chaining the Sun: Portraits by Jeremiah Gurney   Christian A. Peterson   by Randall Heath


Being Dead   Jim Crace   by Robert Baker

Ravelstein   Saul Bellow   by Eric Iannelli

The Sky Unwashed   Irene Zabytko   by Tim Brown

Evolution's Darling   Scott Westerfield   by Alan DeNiro

The Robber   Robert Walser   by Stephen Clair

The Toy Collector   James Gunn   by James Ritter

Renato's Luck   Jeff Shapiro   by Sarah Fox

Little Novels of Italy   Giovanni Verga   by Sarah Fox

Temple of the Rat   Dennis Barone   by Catherine Kasper

Up the Junction   Nell Dunn   by Robert Stout

Manhattan Loverboy   Arthur Nersesian   by Paul D. Dickinson

Modern Love and Other Tall Tales   Greg Boyd   by Christopher Tinney

Outline of My Lover   Douglas A. Martin   by Astra Taylor

The Silk Road   Jane Summer   by Brad Jacobson

Body Work   Hollis Seamon   by Meleah Maynard

A Place Called Milagro de la Paz   Manlio Argueta   by Mary Sarko

The Chinese Garden   Rosemary Manning    by Charisse Gendron

The Feast of Love   Charles Baxter   by Joseph Clark

Paradiso   José Lezama Lima   by David Auerbach


Enola Gay   Mark Levine   by Steve Healey

The Garrett Caples Reader   Garrett Caples   by Max Winter

Catafalques and Ghost Light   Eric Basso   by Samuel Appelbaum

Cloud-Net   Cecilia Vicuña   by Maria Damon

Grace   John Barr   by Alan DeNiro

Point and Line   Thalia Field    by Kim Fortier

HIV, Mon Amour   Tory Dent   by Melanie Figg

Marriage: A Sentence   Anne Waldman   by Chris McCreary

Freud in Brooklyn   Joanna Fuhrman   by John Olson

One Above and One Below   Erin Belieu   by Michael Opperman

Post Meridian   Mary Ruefle   by Steve Healey

Carolina Ghost Woods   Judy Jordan   by Fred Schmalz


Safe Area Gorazde   Joe Sacco    by Safe Area Gorazde

The Aesthetics of Comics   David Carrier   by John Eisler

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