Vol. 5 No. 1, Spring 2000 (#17)

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Quincy Troupe: Bebop Wordsmith

interviewed by Fred Schmalz

Duncan McLean: "New" Scottish Writing

interviewed by Alexander Laurence


Francesco Clemente: Poetics of Portraiture
Francesco: A Portrait & Life is Paradise: the Portraits of Francesco Clemente

by Sarah Fox

W. G. Sebald: History as Memoir

by David Auerbach

Press Profile: The Post-Apollo Press

by John Olson

Marjorie Welish: Annotated Art
Signifying Art & The Annotated "Here" & Selected Poems

by Harriet Zinnes


Widely Unavailable:   Conjure by Ishmael Reed   reviewed by Brian Beatty

The New Life   a comic by Gary Sullivan

Critical Issues   humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Arcana   John Zorn, ed.    by William D. Waltz

Writing Jazz   David Meltzer   by Steve Healey

As Serious As Your Life   Valerie Wilmer   by Brian Engel

Infinite Variety   Scot D. Ryersson, Michael Orlando Yaccarino   by Rod Smith

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius   Dave Eggers   by Brad Zellar

Dreams Within a Dream   Michael Bliss   by Amy Borden

A Woman Who . . .    Yvonne Rainer   by Lucinda Ebersole

Local News   Diane Keaton, ed.   by Steve Healey

Monument   Lynn Davis   by Eric Lorberer

Mike Kelley   John C. Welchman, Isabelle Graw, Anthony Vidler   by Stephen Mohring

The Objectivist Nexus   DuPlessis and Quartermain, eds.   by Darrin Daniel

Caws & Causeries   Anselm Hollo   by Eric Lorberer

Avant Gardening    Peter Lamborn Wilson, Bill Weinberg, eds.   by Jason and Chris Fischbach

A Reporter at Large   A. J. Leibling   by Josie Rawson

Wandering Time   Luis Alberto Urrea   by Jeffrey Shotts

Over the Lip of the World   Colleen J. McElroy   by Todd Matthews

No More Prisons   William Upski Wimsatt   by Todd Matthews

Interviews with Icons   Lisa Law   by Thomas Rain Crowe


The Dress Lodger   Sheri Holman   by Brad Jacobson

Dreams at the End of the Night   Ewald Murrer   by Catherine Kasper

Chronicles of Air and Dreams   Rosa Martha Villarreal    by Mary Sarko

City Sister Silver   Jachym Topol   by Peter Ritter

Never to Return   Esther Tusquets   by Carolyn Kuebler

Time For Robo   Peter Plagens    by David Wiley

Aliens & Anorexia   Chris Kraus   by Randi Hoffman

Scar Vegas and Other Stories    Tom Paine   by Joseph Clark

Mysticus   Randall Silvis   by Alan DeNiro

Two Moons   Thomas Mallon   by Christopher Tinney

Jack, The Lady Killer   H. R. F. Keating   by Kris Lawson

The Fly-Truffler   Gustaf Sobin   by Catherine Kasper

Mambo Hips and Make Believe   Wanda Coleman   by Elizabeth Millard

The Book of Franza & Requiem for Fanny Goldman   Ingeborg Bachmann   by Elizabeth Millard

The Inland Sea   Steven Varni   by Jonathan Shipley

The Truly Needy   Lucy Honig   by Meleah Maynard

Other People's Mail   Gail Pool, ed.   by Cristopher Tinney

The Case of the Pederast's Wife   Clare Elfman   by Catherine Kasper

The Boys Across the Street   Rick Sandford   by Thomas Fagan

Bios   Robert Charles Wilson   by Ted Brown


Loteria Cards and Fortune Poems   Artemio Rodriguez, Juan Felipe Herrera   by Kikki Ducornet

Hotel Imperium   Rachel Loden   by Fred Muratori

Cultural Evidence   Catalina Cariaga   by Jen Hofer

Beautiful Wreckage   W. D. Ehrhart   by John Bradley

Selected Poems of Max Jacob   William Kulik, ed.   by Kelly Everding

The Constructor   John Koethe   by Max Winter

Poems from Naltsus Bichidin   Carl Thayler   by Mark Wallace

Totem and Shadow   Paul Hoover   by John Olson

Species   Michael Friedman   by Patrick Pritchett

Nostos   V. Penelope Pelizzon   by Sarah Fox

Art Poetic   Olivier Cadiot   by Kim Fortier

H.J.R.   Pierre Joris   by Christopher Fischbach

Plasticville   David Trinidad   by Juliet Patterson

The Cartographer's Vacation   Andrea Cohen   by Josie Rawson


300   Frank Miller & Lynn Varley   by Rudi Dornemann

Goodbye, Chunky Rice   Craig Thompson   by Eric Lorberer

Dear Julia   Brian Biggs   by Eric Lorberer

Dori Stories: the Complete Dori Seda   Don Donahue & Kate Kane, eds.   by John Eisler


A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard    Paul Bowles   by Eric Lorberer

A Coney Island of the Mind   Lawrence Ferlinghetti   by Scott Bohr

Exploring the Art and Science of Stopping Time   Harold E. Edgerton   by Rudi Dornemann

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