Vol. 5 No. 3, Fall 2000 (#19)

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Wang Ping

interviewed by Lewis Warsh


Richard Brautigan by Eric Lorberer

Trial and Gender: Women in Prison by Josie Rawson

Harsh Punishment Sandy Cook & Susanne Davies, eds.

Gendered Justice in the American West Anne M. Butler

Prisoners in Paradise Theresa Kaminski

All This Hell Evelyn M. Monohan & Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee

Till My Tale is Told Simean Vilensky, ed.

Women on the Row Kathleen O'Shea

James Laughlin

essay by Doug Nufer

Mitch Cullin: three books

  Whompyjawed,   Branches, &   Tideland
  reviewed by Peter Ritter


The Writer Reads:   Michael Perkins on William Bronk

Widely Unavailable:     Skyblue the Badass Dallas Wiebe   by Aaron Kunin

The New Life:   a comic by Gary Sullivan

Critical Issues:   humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



The Book of Prefaces   Alasdair Gray   by David Auerbach

Narralogues   Ronald Sukenick   by Aaron Kunin

Into the Looking-Glass Wood   Alberto Manguel   by Robert Baker

Cool Rules   Dick Pountain & David Robins   by Jon Rodine

Ragged Lion   John Bennett, ed.   by Mark Terrill

Rogue Messiahs   Colin Wilson   by Kelly Everding

Apocalypse Culture II   Adam Parfrey, ed.   by Richard Murphy

On Writing   Stephen King   by Jonathan Shipley

Yesterday, Tomorrow   Nuruddin Farah   by Rudi Dornemann

Struggles for Representation   Phyllis R. Klotman & Janet K. Cutler, eds.   by Christopher Luna

Into and Out of Dislocation   C. S. Giscombe   by Amy England

Flophouse   David Isay & Stacy Abramson   by C.K. Hubbuch

The Idea of Culture    Terry Eagleton   by Amy E. Borden

The Music of Frederick Sommer   Frederick Sommer   by Kelly Everding

Another Water   Roni Horn   by Kelly Everding

Flaming Classics    Alexandra Doty   by Melissa Maerz

It's Not Mean If It's True    Michael Thomas Ford   by Vincent Kovar

Driving Mr. Albert   Michael Paterniti   by Eric J. Iannelli

Kurosawa   Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto   by Jack Granath

Genetic Engineering, Food, and Our Environment   Luke Anderson   by Jason Fischbach


The Royal Family   William T. Vollmann   by Steven Moore

Punk Rockwell   Michael Rothenberg   by Jeremiah McNichols

Contagion   Brian Evenson   by Melissa Maerz

Brilliant Silence   Spencer Holst   by Karen Donovan

How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life    John Fahey   by Brett Ralph

Pastoralia   George Saunders   by Stephen Clair

His Monkey Wife   John Collier   by Alan Deniro

The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break   Steven Sherrill   by Carolyn Kuebler

Out of Nowhere   Keith Botsford   by Eric J. Iannelli

When I was Five I Killed Myself    Howard Buten   by Kelly Everding

Orlo and Leini   Rafael Alvarez   by Matt Dube

Wyoming   Barry Gifford   by John Olson

The High Traverse   Richard Blanchard   by Alan DeNiro

What We Don't Know About Children   Simona Vinci   by Lucinda Ebersole

Glory Goes and Gets Some    Emily Carter   by Peter Ritter

The Recess   Sophia Lee   by Kris Lawson

The Return of Felix Nogara   Pablo Medina   by Mary Sarko


Cyberspace & Nitesoil   Kenward Elmslie   by Eric Lorberer

Fidget   Kenneth Goldsmith   by Christopher Fischbach

At Dusk Iridescent   Thomas Meyer   by Robert Kelly

Medicine   Amy Gerstler   by Melanie Figg

R-Hu   Leslie Scalapino   by Justin Maxwell

Serenade   Bill Berkson   by Chris McCreary

The Theory and Function of Mangoes   George Kalamaras   by Helen Stein

All in All   Laura Chester   by Kim Fortier

Echo Regime   John Olson   by Brian Beatty

Practicing Amnesia   Heather Thomas   by Patrick Pritchett

The Blessing   Richard Jones   by Brett Ralph

Selected Poems   Fanny Howe   by Jeffrey Shotts


Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid in the World   Chris Ware   by David Logan

Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 3   Chris Oliveros, ed.   by Eric Lorberer

Comic Book Culture   Matthew J. Pustz   by John Eisler

Comic Book Culture   Ron Goulart   by John Eisler

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