Vol. 3 No. 4, Winter 1998/1999 (#12)

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interviewed by Eric Lorberer


interviewed by Rain Taxi


Mary Butts

From Chimney-Piece to Altar
essay by Carolyn Kuebler

The Oulipo

An Introduction
essay by Marc Lowenthal

Press Profile: Nazraeli Press

essay by Eric Lorberer

Sortilege: On Mary Caponegro: Two Fictions

essay by Rikki Ducornet


Adversaria:   Quotations courtesy of Rick Moody

Widely Unavailable:   The Asiatics by Frederic Prokosch   reviewed by Brad Zellar

The Writer Reads:   Samuel R. Delany on Vincent Czyz

The New Life:   a comic by Gary Sullivan



Serendipities   Umberto Eco   by Jason Kuykendall

Keeping Literary Company   Jerome Klinkowitz    by Jason Kuykendall

Mad to be Saved   David Sterritt   by Jack Granath

Alien Dawn & The Books in My Life   Colin Wilson    by Ted Brown & Kelly Everding

Francesca Woodman   Hervé Chandès    by Randall Heath

Jenny Holzer   David Joselit, Joan Simon, Renata Salecl    by Emily Streight

The Last Avant-Garde   David Lehman    by Chris Fischbach

Your Vigor for Life Appalls Me   R. Crumb    by Chase Madar

The Continual Pilgrimage   Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno    by Mark Terrill

Open Me Carefully   Emily Dickinson    by S. P. Healey

Of Time & Change   Frank Waters    by Quay Grigg

The Kingdom of Zydeco   Michael Tisserand    by Jon Rodine

Chokecherry Places   Merrill Gilfillan    by Paul Bogard

Fugitive Poses   Gerald Vizenor    by Heid Erdrich

Off the Reservation   Paula Gunn Allen    by Heid Erdrich

The Cold-and-Hunger Dance   Diane Glancy    by Heid Erdrich

Trans Liberation   Leslie Feinberg    by E. J. Leby

Yours in Sisterhood   Amy Erdman Farrell    by Margaret Lazarus Dean


Ill Lit   Franz Wright    by Brett Ralph

Haiku   Richard Wright    by Sarah Fox

The Forgiveness   Parade Jeffrey McDaniel    by William D. Waltz

Routine Disruptions   Kenward Elmslie    by Gary Sullivan

There are Three   Donald Revell    by Brian Beatty

Quarry   Joanna Rawson    by Juliet Patterson

Jackknife & Light   Michelle Murphy    by Leola Abraham

Forms of Prayer at the Hotel Edison   Kevin Bowen    by Brian Foye

Smokes   Susan Wheeler    by Juliet Patterson

Things are Happening   Joshua Beckman    by S. P. Healey

A Season in Granada   Federico García Lorca    by Frank Johnson


Cartesian Sonata   William H. Gass    by David Auerbach

The Last Voyage & Other Stories   James Hanley    by Robert Zaller

Flight of Angels   Ellen Gilchrist    by Lucinda Ebersole

Missing Women and Others   June Spence    by Lucinda Ebersole

Soft!   Rupert Thomson    by Brad Zellar

Billy Verité   Rick Harsch    by Kris Lawson

Fetish Lives   Gail Jones    by Nikki Dillon

The Last Rock Star Book   Camden Joy    by Steven Moore

The Tattooed Soldier   Héctor Tobar    by Brian Schwartz

Lenoir   Ken Greenhall    by Sarah Ball Taylor

Early Sorrows   Danilo Kis    by David Auerbach

Jungle Wedding   Joseph Clark    by Phil Presby

Father of Lies   Brian Evenson    by Xandra Coe

The Double   Don Webb    by Peter Plate

The Best of Crank!   Bryan Cholfin, ed.    by Barth Anderson

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt   Aimee Bender    by Anne Ursu

Darkest Desire   Anthony Schmitz    by Christopher Tinney

And a Body to Remember With   Carmen Rodriguez    by David Kissinger

A New & Glorious Life   Michelle Herman    by Carolyn Kuebler

Highway Trade   John Domini    by Phil Presby


Cages   Dave McKean    by Rudi Dornemann

Stardust   Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess    by Rudi Dornemann

Comics: Between the Panels   Steve Duin & Mike Richardson    by Dave Kettering


Lolita   Vladimir Nabokov, performed by Jeremy Irons    by Amy Halloran

This issue is sold out.

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